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11 customer service job titles and descriptions


Customer service specialists are the smiling faces of your business. They’re on the front lines of call centers, restaurants, retail stores, and more. Because they often give customers the first impression of your brand, their interactions can set the tone for the entire customer journey and play a pivotal role in shaping perceptions and loyalty.

However, understanding the differences between various customer service roles can be confusing. And not understanding the differences between these roles – and failing to hire the right person for each role – can have far-reaching consequences. This includes reduced customer satisfaction, damaged brand reputation, and financial repercussions.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Below, we provide a detailed list of popular customer service job titles that includes the skills you should look for in candidates. 

What is customer service in a nutshell?

Customer service is the care and support an organization or business provides to its customers. It usually involves: 

  • Resolving customer issues 

  • Handling complaints

  • Providing the services offered by the business

  • Answering customer questions

  • Ensuring a positive customer experience

Effective customer service involves actively listening, showing empathy, and taking timely action to fulfill customer requests. Clear communication, quick problem-solving, and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations are characteristics of strong customer service employees. 

Overall, good customer service enhances business satisfaction, builds customer loyalty, and develops long-term relationships between customers and businesses. 

What is the difference between customer support and customer success?

Customer service specialists focus on customer success and customer support, which are two sides of the same coin. However, customer support is concerned with the short-term goals of the customer, while customer success is concerned with a customer’s journey through your business.

For example, your customer support team might resolve a complaint or answer a customer’s question. On the other hand, customer success is about getting to know the customer as an individual and strategically guiding them through all interactions with your company. 

Each customer service role is responsible for customer support, customer success, or both.

11 customer service job titles and descriptions

There are a wide range of customer service job titles, each with their own specialist skills and capabilities. Customer service jobs usually sit in a “hierarchy” that reflects the diverse demands of modern businesses. The roles at the top of the hierarchy are higher-level positions with more influence over business operations and long-term strategy, while the roles at the bottom are lower-level positions focused on short-term objectives.

Below are some general and specific customer service job titles – from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy – along with their required skills and average salaries. We also show you how to identify these skills in your job candidates.

VP of customer service titles

Vice presidents (VP) and senior vice presidents (SVP) of customer service handle strategic planning, high-level decision-making, and overseeing the entire customer service division. 

SVP of customer experience

A senior vice president of customer experience is a high-level professional with a wealth of experience in enhancing the customer experience. Charged with customer success, they’re responsible for overseeing and developing an organization’s overall customer experience strategy, initiatives, and operations. 

Skills to look out for:
  • Strong business judgment 

  • A robust understanding of business ethics and compliance

  • Ability to handle and manipulate data comfortably

  • Customer relationship management

How to identify these skills:
  • TestGorilla’s Business Judgment test helps you understand a candidate’s ability to make effective business decisions by balancing relevant pros and cons. 

  • Our Business Ethics and Culture Add tests ensure the candidate is a good culture fit and shares the same values as your company. 

  • Our Working with Data test shows whether the candidate is comfortable using and interpreting data, which gives insight into their ability to make data-driven decisions. 

Average annual salary
  • $150,000-$300,000

VP of client services

The vice president (VP) of client services handles the high-level management of customer relationships. This role – which focuses on customer support and success – ensures customers receive exceptional service, achieve their goals, and feel satisfied with the company. 

Skills to look out for:
  • Strategic planning

  • Problem-solving

  • Customer relationship management

  • Leadership and people management

How to identify these skills:
Average annual salary
  • $100,000-$200,000 

Director of customer service job titles

Directors of customer service usually report to the VP or SVP. They manage teams of customer service managers, develop operational procedures, and ensure consistent service quality. 

Restaurant director

A restaurant director is a senior leader focused on customer success and overseeing all aspects of restaurant management. They manage employees, address high-level complaints, and provide great service. 

Skills to look out for:
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized

  • Robust experience in the service industry 

  • Data-driven approach to problems 

  • Team leadership 

How to identify these skills:
  • TestGorilla’s Restaurant Management test measures a candidate’s experience in all aspects of restaurant management. This includes financial management, food safety standards, and managing employees. 

  • Our Hospitality Skills assessment measures how well candidates navigate customer communication, situational judgment, and employee management. 

Average annual salary
  • $50,000-$90,000 

Retail sales director

A retail sales director – who’s usually most concerned with customer success – manages all aspects of sales and employee management within a retail environment. This role helps drive revenue, achieve sales targets, and enhance the customer experience through strategic business decisions. 

Skills to look out for:
  • Strategic leadership

  • Deep understanding of the retail landscape

  • Confidence with data analysis 

  • Strong business judgment 

How to identify these skills:
  • TestGorilla’s Retail Sales test helps you understand how a candidate communicates, assesses customer needs, and maintains relationships with colleagues. 

  • Use our Business Judgment test to gather insight into how candidates consider positive and negative outcomes to make business decisions.

Average annual salary
  • $80,000-$150,000 

Customer service manager titles

Customer service managers are mid-level managers who report to customer service directors. They oversee daily operations, manage customer service teams, meet targets, and ensure quick and efficient resolutions to customers’ issues.

Customer relationship manager

A customer relationship manager (CRM), typically concerned with customer success, develops the relationship between your business and its customers. The CRM aims to ensure a positive customer experience, build customer loyalty, and drive business growth. 

Skills to look out for:
  • Specialist software skills

  • Customer service skills

  • Data management

  • Sales management skills

How to identify these skills:
  • Measure a candidate’s current knowledge in the customer relationship management software you use – for example, Salesforce or HubSpot. A candidate who already possesses these skills requires less training than one who doesn’t. 

  • TestGorilla’s Customer Service test can show you how well your candidate communicates with customers and handles customer complaints. 

  • Our Account Executive (B2B Sales) test measures how well your candidate can manage an existing stakeholder relationship, prepare new deals, and close sales. 

Average annual salary
  • $50,000-$80,000

Customer service manager 

A customer service manager is a key player in your customer support team. They recruit, train, and support the customer service team. By building positive relationships with your customer service employees, these managers ensure excellent service for customers, too.

Skills to look out for:
  • Problem-solving skills

  • Communication skills

  • Leadership and people management

  • Training and development

How to identify these skills:
Average annual salary
  • $40,000-$80,000 

Job titles for customer service leaders

Customer service leaders are usually supervisors or lower-level management professionals. They directly supervise and guide teams of customer service representatives, monitoring performance and providing coaching and training. Sometimes, they’re responsible for hiring new team members. 

Customer support supervisor

The customer support supervisor oversees day-to-day operations and guides the customer support team through any complaints or challenges that arise. 

Skills to look out for:
  • Conflict resolution 

  • Customer service skills

  • Empathy

  • Time management 

How to identify these skills:
  • TestGorilla’s Verbal Reasoning test provides insight into a candidate’s analytical and conflict resolution skills. 

  • With our Time Management test, you can evaluate candidates’ ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and prioritize tasks well.

  • Use our BIG 5 (OCEAN) personality test to measure your candidates’ empathy, openness, and conscientiousness.

Average annual salary
  • $35,000-$43,000 

Individual contributor customer service titles

Individual contributor customer service professionals are usually customer service employees with specialized skills – for example, IT support specialists or complaints specialists. They’re responsible for their own set of tasks. However, overarching tasks include addressing customer inquiries, working with other service professionals to achieve common goals, and improving processes for customers. 

Support engineer

A support engineer provides technical support to customers experiencing issues with their internet, computers, phones, software, or any other technology your business sells. This role focuses on customer support and success. It involves a combination of technical expertise, empathy, problem-solving skills, and excellent communication to ensure that customers receive the support they need. 

Skills to look out for:
  • Technical expertise with your service area

  • Problem-solving skills 

  • Communication skills

  • Empathy

How to identify these skills:
Average annual salary
  • $60,000-$100,000 

Billing and accounts coordinator

A billing and accounts coordinator processes transactions, manages customer invoices, and resolves any payment queries your customer may have. This customer support position requires effective communication, attention to detail, and a strong understanding of financial operations. 

Skills to look out for:
  • Attention to detail

  • Financial literacy

  • Strong typing skills

  • Communication skills

How to identify these skills:
Average annual salary
  • $35,000-$55,000 

Entry-level customer service job titles

Employees in entry-level customer service positions handle routine customer service questions, provide information about products or services, and create positive interactions with customers.

Live chat support associate

A live chat support associate provides real-time customer assistance and support through online chat platforms. This role requires excellent communication skills, quick typing abilities, and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service while adhering to company policy. 

Skills to look out for:
  • Empathy

  • Excellent typing skills

  • Prior experience working with company policy

  • Computer literacy 

How to identify these skills:
Average annual salary
  • $30,000-$45,000 

Call center agent

A call center agent is a customer support professional who handles inbound and outbound calls from customers or clients. They provide support, answer questions, manage complaints, and resolve issues while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Skills to look out for:
  • Customer service skills

  • Effective communication

  • Call center experience

  • Confidence using a telephone 

How to identify these skills:
  • Our Customer Service test covers customer service technique, customer service operations, and customer communication skills. 

  • TestGorilla’s Call Center Representative test assesses a candidate's ability to speak on the phone, communicate with ‌colleagues, and deliver a great customer experience. 

Average annual salary
  • $25,000-$40,000

What are the most important qualities to look for?

The most important qualities for each role vary based on the job descriptions and role requirements, as the list above shows. However, the following skills are essential for every customer service role.

What are the most important qualities to look for graphic

Customer service skills 

Of course, anyone in this profession should demonstrate a track record of exceptional customer service. 

Communication skills 

Candidates should be able to articulate themselves clearly and effectively through both written and verbal communication. 

Conflict resolution 

Navigating challenging situations with customers professionally and empathetically is vital to maintaining strong, positive relationships with customers and a good company reputation.

Problem-solving abilities 

These not only contribute to efficient conflict resolution but also demonstrate a candidate's capability to adapt, learn, and continuously improve.

Time management skills 

Candidates should be able to address customer inquiries and issues promptly and efficiently and prioritize their responsibilities well.

Positive attitude

Interactions with customers should be positive and uplifting, and customers should feel that your employees value and respect them. 

How to assess customer service candidates effectively

TestGorilla offers various tests to help hiring managers and recruiters evaluate candidates’ customer service, time management, and conflict resolution skills – plus so much more. Each of our 300+ pre-employment tests are scientifically validated, backed by subject matter experts, and provide valuable insights into candidates’ capabilities.  

The process is quick and straightforward. First, you can use a pre-made test or build custom assessments by selecting and combining up to five tests for your role. There’s also an option to add your own questions to assessments. 

Next, ask candidates to take your assessment on our mobile-friendly platform (each test takes about 10 minutes to complete, with most assessments taking under an hour total). TestGorilla provides detailed results reports for each candidate and enables you to rank them based on results. Using these insights, you can identify top talent to invite for in-person or one-way video interviews.

With TestGorilla, you can confidently make informed hiring decisions and build a team that delivers exceptional customer experience. 

Hire top customer service employees with TestGorilla

Customer service specialists require various skills to succeed in their roles, and you must understand the differences between the various customer service roles to hire the right candidates. 

Although you can assess candidates with resumes and interviews, using the range of pre-employment tests available on TestGorilla is much more efficient. These help you identify candidates who possess not only the technical skills required for the role but also the right personality traits. Whether you’re hiring a customer service manager or a customer support supervisor, we have the tools you need to find your ideal candidate. 

Not sure which tests to use before your next customer support interview? Check out the many customer service tests in our test library. You can also get started with our free plan and begin assessing candidates today. 


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