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What is a contract of employment featured image

What is a contract of employment?

Many HR managers wonder whether to onboard a new hire with a handshake, an offer letter, or a formal employment contract. Employment contracts benefit some hires, but they aren’t always necessary. Moreover, they often include confusing legal jargon that can intimidate anyone not well-versed in US contract law.  Should you offer your new hire a contract of employment? Making the wrong choice can jeopardize your employment relationship before it begins. When you decide an employment contract is th

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17 interaction designer interview questions and answers featured image

17 interaction designer interview questions and answers

An interaction designer plays a critical role in connecting your company with customers through digital platforms. They create seamless digital experiences on your website and other online products. With an interaction designer who knows the ins and outs of the job, you can avoid losing customers to competitors. Asking the right interview questions during hiring helps you find interaction designers who can elevate your company’s digital products. Interaction designers need more than just UI/UX

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Tell me if this hurts: How the gender pain gap affects your employees and business

Forty-eight percent of people believe there is a "gap" in the identification and treatment of pain between genders. Often, this is due to women’s pain not being taken seriously.[1] This “gender pain gap” can negatively impact women and feminine-presenting employee’s well-being, confidence, attendance, productivity, and career opportunities. For Black women, the issue is further compounded by the racial healthcare gap and stereotypes that Black people feel less pain.[2]  In this piece, we’ll look

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Why sexual harassment in the workplace should be seen as a DE&I issue

Why sexual harassment in the workplace is a DE&I issue

No matter how well you think your organization deals with sexual misconduct, measures like regular training and strict policies may not be enough to prevent it. Anything from inappropriate workplace relationships to crude jokes can create a hostile work environment where your employees don’t feel comfortable, which is why it’s essential to start at the root of the issue – the inclusiveness of your company.  This is because sexual harassment is ultimately a DE&I issue, with these incidents dispro

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How to keep AI's gender biases out of hiring

How to keep AI's gender biases out of hiring

Generative language models like ChatGPT have quickly become an integral part of our working lives, with 43% of workers having already used an artificial intelligence (AI) tool for work. As you’d expect, this includes HR departments and automating parts of the hiring process.[1]  However, since AI tools are fed with publicly available information, their results can sometimes perpetuate biases and discriminatory attitudes – particularly when it comes to gender.  For example, a user was experimenti

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How skills-first onboarding benefits your employees and organization

The benefits of skills-first onboarding

Thirty percent of people quit a new job within the first three months.[1] This is a huge waste of hiring resources, especially as it can cost $4,683-$28,329 to fill those gaps in your workforce.[2]  This means a new employee’s initial experience with your company is crucial for retention.  Effective onboarding programs can make a big difference to employee productivity and their sense of belonging. Yet many companies still cram onboarding into a few days or weeks and focus only on the practical

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From recruitment to retention: A skills-based approach to the employee lifecycle

From recruitment to retention: A skills-based approach to the employee lifecycle

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce isn’t just a box-checking exercise or something to feel morally proud of. Diverse teams come up with better ideas to solve customers’ problems and make companies more innovative, productive, and profitable.[1]  The value businesses see in diversity is evidenced in the 91% of Fortune 500 companies that have now adopted nondiscrimination policies with gender identity protection.[2] However, achieving true diversity and inclusion (D&I) goes beyond recruiti

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How to prevent your women leaders falling off the glass cliff

Crystal clear? How to prevent your women leaders from falling off the glass cliff

In 2012, Yahoo appointed Marissa Mayer as its new chief executive, a move which, at the time, seemed like a step forward for women in leadership.  This was, of course, before it became clear that Yahoo was doomed to lose the battle against Google.   The upshot? Mayer was left teetering at the edge of a “glass cliff” with an impossible job to do and no parachute.  The "glass cliff" refers to the phenomenon of appointing women like Mayer to leadership positions during times of crisis or difficulty

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What does Ban the Box mean and why is it important featured image

What does Ban the Box mean and why is it important?

Ban the Box laws prohibit employers from asking about criminal convictions and arrests on job applications. These laws vary from state to state, across counties and cities, so it can be tricky to know exactly what to do to comply. It's also a rapidly changing area of law, with considerable efforts being made to pass legislation on a national scale. You can face hefty fines if you have unfair hiring practices that violate any Ban the Box requirements. This guide explores what Ban the Box means f

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Maximizing multi rated feedback 5 tips for managers featured image

Maximizing multi-rater feedback: 5 tips for managers

Giving timely and constructive feedback to your employees is essential for building a high-performing workforce. However, relying solely on spontaneous or manager-led feedback can cause the feedback to feel one-dimensional, biased, or even counterproductive. Feedback that feels unfair or uninformed can demotivate employees or erode their trust in managers. To prevent this, you should use a comprehensive feedback approach like multi-rater feedback. This feedback style uses multiple feedback chann

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6 best assessment tools for educators featured image

Hiring exceptional teachers: 6 best assessment tools for educators

Whether you're hiring elementary school teachers or college educators, selecting strong candidates is a must. Mis-hiring educators is costly and can hurt students’ educational success, lower your institution’s academic performance, and create extra work for your existing staff. Assessment tools help you hire the right educators by providing unbiased, data-based insights into your candidates' skills and knowledge. The best assessment software delves even deeper, helping you understand candidates’

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​​Employee personality profile: Definition and best tests for recruitment featured image

​​Employee personality profile: Definition and best tests for recruitment

Creating a high-performing team is about more than hiring candidates with the right skills and qualifications for the job. You must also find candidates whose personalities complement those of your team members and who will uphold your organizational values. Not doing this can lead to interpersonal clashes, diminish team productivity, and create the need to replace employees. Determining a candidate’s personality traits from their resume is impossible. Instead, you can use employee personality p

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