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Future-proofing your business with a skills-based workforce featured image

What is a skills-based workforce? The key to future-proofing your business

At TestGorilla, we believe the future of hiring is skills-based. But that’s only the beginning. Organizations wanting to future-proof their workforces shouldn’t stop at skills-based hiring. They must also place skills at the center of building and managing their workforces. This approach creates a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and innovation throughout your organization, benefiting both the business and your employees.  In this article, we make the case for an approach to hiring

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azure data analyst job description

How to write an Azure data analyst job description

A skilled Azure data analyst can transform raw data into insights that can supercharge your company. However, a vague or unfocused job description can attract the wrong crowd, putting you at risk of hiring someone who might turn in lackluster analysis and cause potential strategic blunders. It's essential to get your Azure data analyst job description just right, and that's no small feat. The job calls for a rare combination of technical prowess and a keen understanding of how to use the Azure p

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Ocean Outdoor UK Case Study Feature Image

Ocean Outdoor UK revamps its hiring and screens candidates faster using TestGorilla

With TestGorilla, the team at Ocean Outdoor can focus their attention on people who demonstrate the work ethic, critical thinking skills, and practical ability that Ocean Outdoor UK needs from new hires in their finance team. As a result, they have been able to drastically reduce mis-hires.

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How to support ENTP personality types in the workplace  featured image

How to support ENTP personality types in the workplace

ENTPs are innovative and creative, known for their ability to spark lively discussions. They have a knack for seeing the big picture and can devise strategic plans to achieve organizational goals. This, along with their quick thinking and enthusiasm, makes them a great addition to any brainstorming session.  However, this personality type is known as the “Debater” and their argumentative nature could lead to clashes in the workplace. Their big picture focus can also lead to them overlooking impo

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How to support INTP personality types in the workplace featured image

How to support INTP personality types in the workplace

INTP personality types – also called Logicians – are known for their innovative thinking and keen analytical skills. They excel at dissecting complex issues and often drive creative solutions in the workplace. However, their preference for in-depth analysis can sometimes slow down decision-making processes. They may also find it challenging to navigate team dynamics due to their independent nature. In this article, we explore the INTP personality type and provide insights on how to support INTP

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How to write a generative AI engineer job description

How to write a generative AI engineer job description

Given the rapid evolution of generative AI technology, writing a job description for a generative AI engineer can be uniquely challenging. The required skill set for the role is constantly changing by the nature of evolving tech.  Distinguishing between essential and preferred skills is also tricky because the technology and its applications are so specialized. A great job description must also look beyond technical skills and appeal to the highly creative individuals in the field. In this artic

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7 ways to tackle barriers to social mobility at work featured image

7 ways to tackle barriers to social mobility at work

Despite women making up nearly half of the US workforce, they hold only a third of executive roles in the S&P 500. [1] Ethnic minorities are also greatly underrepresented in leadership and executive positions, and there’s hardly any data on how many leaders come from a low socioeconomic background. [2] This information alone highlights that social mobility at work needs some serious work. In fact, only 9% of companies think about it at all in their diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) initia

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How to support INFP personality types in the workplace featured image

How to support INFP personality types in the workplace

Innovative, passionate, and flexible, INFPs or “Mediators” bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions to their work. At the same time, they’re focused on maintaining harmony, making them excellent agents of change.  However, like the other types from the 16 Personalities test, INFPs have their own set of limitations. The wrong environment may lead to a lack of focus, haphazard working, and a fear of confrontation, hindering progress.  In this article, we explain how to support your Mediator

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How to write a QuickBooks bookkeeper job description featured image

How to write a QuickBooks bookkeeper job description

Hiring a QuickBooks bookkeeper with the right blend of accounting skills and QuickBooks proficiency begins with writing a strong job description. This can help you find qualified candidates who can enhance financial accuracy and boost overall operational efficiency in your organization. Writing a QuickBooks bookkeeper job description that accurately captures the specific skills, responsibilities, and qualifications necessary for the role is tricky. A vague description can hinder interest or draw

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Learning management systems: A guide for HR professionals building a culture of development

Learning management systems: A guide for HR professionals building a culture of development

A study by Culture Amp shows that 54% of immediate employee retention stems from companies demonstrating an investment in employee development.[1]  The responsibility for constructing these development programs often falls on HR leaders – but with so many duties to juggle, they aren’t always able to devote enough time to the task. Learning management systems offer a solution to the problem by serving as a central repository for an organization’s training and development initiatives, which employ

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Contentoo Feature Image

Contentoo makes data-driven hiring decisions with TestGorilla

At Contentoo, the primary goal isn't just to hire quickly, but to hire the right people. With TestGorilla, the company has successfully grown its sales and customer success teams as it expanded over the past few years. Here's how they did it.

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blog feature image - 25 bookkeeping basic interview questions

How to support ISFPs personality types in the workplace

ISFP personality types, also known as Artists, are among the most caring and creative workers in an organization. They bring empathy and adaptability to their teams, fostering supportive and harmonious work environments. Like all personality types in the workplace, though, Artists have weaknesses. They often struggle to assert themselves, can be overly sensitive, and aren’t the greatest long-term planners.  With the right guidance, however, ISFPs can make your workplace shine. In this article, w

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