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TestGorilla vs Toggl hire comparison

TestGorilla vs. Toggl Hire

Pre-employment screening is the best way to test a candidate’s proficiency and ensure they are the right fit for your organization.  You can use skills-based tests to remove human bias from the hiring process and consistently hire the best candidates for open positions. The right pre-employment screening software can help you assess candidates effectively and make data-driven hiring decisions. This guide compares TestGorilla and Toggl Hire so you can choose the best platform for your recruitment

TestGorilla vs. HackerRank

Pre-employment screening helps you make bias-free, data-driven hiring decisions. It lets you accurately evaluate a candidate’s true abilities and significantly reduces mis-hires compared to resume screening. Pre-employment screening services offer tests to help you evaluate job-specific skills, cognitive ability, culture add, and more. This way, you’re always hiring the perfect candidate for your open roles – with less time and money spent during the recruitment process. With many pre-employmen

55 data engineering interview questions (+ sample answers) to hire top engineers

55 data engineering interview questions (+ sample answers) to hire top engineers

For any organization that works with big data extensively, hiring skilled data engineers is a must. This means that you need to evaluate applicants’ abilities accurately and objectively during the recruitment process, without bias.  But how can you achieve that?  The best way to assess candidates’ skills is to use a pre-employment talent assessment featuring skills tests and the right data engineering interview questions.  Here are some skills tests you can use to evaluate your next data enginee

7 essential skills for a network administrator featured image

7 essential skills for a network administrator

Finding a network administrator with a complete skill set can be a bit of a puzzle. That’s because candidates for this role need more than expert technical skills. They need to be able to navigate the maze of network security, troubleshoot software and hardware issues, and be up to date on emerging tech – all while keeping connectivity seamless across platforms. Getting the right person on board can really push your company forward in today's tech-driven marketplace, supercharging your organiza

How to conduct an interview: A step-by-step guide

Surely, conducting an interview is a case of just asking job-seekers the right questions and grading their answers, right? Well… not exactly. Conducting interviews is a golden opportunity to show off your company and culture and prioritize applicants with the skills the role needs. You can’t do that with cookie-cutter questions and resume checks. It’s time to bring skills testing and active listening into the mix. In this guide, we explore how to conduct an interview, what to include in your int

14 Essential Skills for Hospital Administrators

14 essential skills for hospital administrators

Hiccups and inefficiencies in a hospital’s operations can quickly escalate into life-or-death situations. That's why having the right hospital administrator is so important. This key player makes sure everything runs smoothly and that your staff is well-equipped to provide world-class healthcare. Achieving this requires an individual with a unique mix of skills. Not sure what those skills are? Picking the wrong candidate for this role could lead to serious operational bottlenecks and put patient

10 benefits of hiring a top virtual assistant

10 benefits of hiring a top virtual assistant

The curse of being a busy professional is that when your career takes off, managing your schedule becomes a job on its own. It doesn’t matter how good your problem-solving skills are. Fielding emails, fitting in meetings, chasing status updates and progress reports from your employees – it all takes time you don’t have if you want to focus on the high-value work you’re passionate about. Hiring a virtual assistant can be a great solution, removing time-consuming administrative work so you can foc

60 dental assistant interview questions to hire talented staff for your dental clinic featured image

60 dental assistant interview questions to hire talented staff for your dental clinic

Dental assistants play a crucial, yet often overlooked role in dental healthcare. They support dentists in providing top patient care and help ensure a smooth and efficient workflow at the clinic.  When looking to hire a skilled dental assistant, it's not just about finding someone with the right qualifications. You need to find the best candidate with the right blend of skills, dedication, and empathy required for the role.  How do you do this, though? The best way to identify the top candidate


13 essential skills for school administrators

The first step to creating an environment where students and teachers can thrive is choosing the right school administrator. But finding the right person for the job is tough because they need the right combo of skills to keep the school running smoothly. Not sure which skills we're talking about? Then you might end up with someone who’s not quite up to snuff. As a result, your school might face some real headaches – like disorganized programs, unhappy parents and teachers, or students without t

10 essential skills for office administrators featured image

10 essential skills for office administrators

Office administrators are the backbone of any well-run office. They seamlessly juggle various tasks to keep everything from scheduling to supplies in check.  But here’s the issue: finding someone who can handle this variety isn’t easy. It’s pretty challenging to pinpoint the exact skills needed for such a broad role, and one wrong hire can lead to more than just a few missed calls – it can disrupt your entire business flow.  Scary, huh? Well, don’t sweat it. We’ve got your back. In this article

TestGorilla vs. Criteria

Pre-employment testing streamlines recruitment processes and helps eliminate bias in hiring decisions. By using pre-employment testing, your organization can adopt a skills-focused recruitment strategy. This approach evaluates candidates on objective abilities and competencies instead of relying solely on a resume. There are many platforms on the market, and choosing the right one for your business can be a challenge. This article breaks down the differences between TestGorilla and Criteria, t

How To Hire A Receptionist featured image

How to hire a receptionist: A step-by-step guide

Does your organization struggle with first impressions and administrative overload?  Then, it’s time to hire a receptionist. If you’re not sure where to start, our step-by-step guide has you covered.  In our guide on how to hire a receptionist, we discuss: What a receptionist is Where to find the best receptionists Top skills needed for receptionists How much receptionists cost Sample interview questions to hire a receptionist Plus, we provide a receptionist job description template and tools t

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