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45 system engineer interview questions (+ sample answers) to hire top professionals featured image

45 system engineer interview questions (+ sample answers) to hire top professionals

System engineers (or systems engineers) are responsible for designing, integrating, and managing complex systems and infrastructure. For this, they integrate hardware, software, and processes to ensure systems function effectively.  This role requires a combination of technical expertise, systems thinking, and project management skills – so, evaluating candidates’ skills in depth before making a hire is key if you want to recruit top talent. The best way to do this is by using skills tests and i

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45 intern interview questions featured image

45 intern interview questions to evaluate fit and skills

With the right internship program, interns can play a vital role in your organization.   Most interns are fresh out of college and eager to learn more, making them an asset to any team that needs extra support and fresh perspectives. They can provide insights that aren’t readily apparent to more experienced employees – and are generally in tune with new trends in their fields. Internship programs can also serve as a strategic talent pipeline for future full-time roles. By hiring interns, you get

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Enneagram vs. DISC vs. 16 Personalities: Which is best for assessing candidates?

Personality tests are a great way to learn more about candidates. They can help you make a more confident hiring decision and ensure your hire integrates smoothly with your existing team.   But with multiple personality tests out there – including the popular Enneagram, DISC, and 16 Personalities tests – it can be difficult to know which one to choose.  To help, we describe these three personality tests and their areas of focus. We’ll also suggest what each can reveal about a candidate and share

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45 secretary interview questions featured image

30 medical assistant interview questions (and sample answers)

Medical assistants play a key role at any healthcare facility, acting as a connection between patients, doctors, and administrative staff. They keep things running smoothly and ensure patients receive the best care. Finding the right medical assistant for your practice is essential – but it’s not an easy task. The ideal candidate would need a blend of clinical and administrative skills to perform well at their job – but identifying them amidst a sea of resumes can be a daunting task, and not the

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40 HR assistant interview questions to hire skilled HR staff featured image

40 HR assistant interview questions to hire skilled HR staff

The human resources (HR) department is one of the most crucial divisions of any organization and HR assistants play an important role in it.  They help ensure that different HR activities are executed successfully. They handle a wide array of tasks including scheduling and organizing interviews, assisting with payroll, coordinating employee onboarding, and handling inquiries from employees and management. To hire the best HR assistant, it’s important to evaluate candidates’ skills objectively an

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Pilgrim's Friend Society Case Study Feature Image

Pilgrim’s Friend Society finds high-caliber applicants with TestGorilla

Pilgrims' Friend Society provides community care services for elderly residents across the UK. But the company was struggling to find high-caliber talent to fill senior management and administrative roles. Here's how TestGorilla helped boost the quality of their hires.

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How To Hire With Confidence featured image

HR tech stack: What tools to include for streamlined people processes

A study by ADP Research Institute shows that HR-to-staff ratios are on the rise, with the average company having 2.6 HR staff for every 100 employees. Here’s the problem: More HR staff isn’t a guarantee of effectiveness.  The Global Talent Climate report found that the average time-to-hire is increasing across industries despite larger HR teams. If you experience this issue, chances are, you don’t lack talent acquisition skills – what you lack is efficiency in talent management processes. Using

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Why you should ask candidates to take the 16 Personalities test featured image

Why you should ask candidates to take the 16 Personalities test

Good recruiters know that hiring for only skills and experience isn’t enough. You must consider candidates’ core traits and attributes to get a complete picture of their suitability for a role.  Otherwise, you could, for example, hire an experienced developer as a team lead, only to find out they lack empathy and prefer working alone. This kind of mis-hiring can lower productivity, damage team morale, and cost you time and money in re-hiring and replacing employees.  The 16 Personalities test is

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How To Hire With Confidence featured image

How to hire with confidence: 5 effective strategies

We’ve all been there – questioning our recruiting decisions and fearing the consequences of mis-hiring.   But today’s landscape has seriously exacerbated hiring anxieties. You’re dealing with a challenging job market that’s riddled with high competition, skills shortages, and more – making recruitment more daunting than ever.  In this article, we show you how to hire with confidence despite all this. We look closely at what’s eroding your confidence and equip you with five simple strategies to h

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45 secretary interview questions featured image

45 secretary interview questions (+ sample answers) to help you hire skilled admin staff

Secretaries are some of the most underrated yet important people in the organization. They take care of all the administrative tasks so that business leaders can focus on developing the business and not waste time answering inbound calls or scheduling meetings. Hiring the right secretary will help you maintain productivity and professionalism within the workplace. However, a resume alone doesn’t provide any indication of a candidate’s actual ability to handle diverse administrative tasks. It’s i

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sales engineer interview questions featured image

30 sales engineer interview questions to uncover top talent

A sales engineer is a professional who sells complex technological products or services, usually in the B2B sector.  The skill set of B2B salespeople and sales engineers should include:  Deep technical knowledge of the product or solution they sell A strong understanding of clients’ specific needs and wants Expert negotiation and communication skills Hiring the best talent requires using a mix of pre-employment skills tests and carefully curated sales engineer interview questions. After all, you

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How to write a Microsoft Access developer job description featured image

How to write a Microsoft Access developer job description

Crafting the right job description for a Microsoft Access developer is key to finding the candidate who can tackle your database challenges with ease.  This task, however, can feel daunting. You want to draw in those who know Access inside and out – from building advanced queries to whipping up custom macros – so you have to know which skills to highlight. Also, for positions as nuanced as this one, you need to avoid pitfalls that put you at risk of mis-hires. In this guide, we’ll teach you the

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