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How To Hire With Confidence featured image

How to hire with confidence: 5 effective strategies

We’ve all been there – questioning our recruiting decisions and fearing the consequences of mis-hiring.   But today’s landscape has seriously exacerbated hiring anxieties. You’re dealing with a challenging job market that’s riddled with high competition, skills shortages, and more – making recruitment more daunting than ever.  In this article, we show you how to hire with confidence despite all this. We look closely at what’s eroding your confidence and equip you with five simple strategies to h

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45 secretary interview questions featured image

45 secretary interview questions (+ sample answers) to help you hire skilled admin staff

Secretaries are some of the most underrated yet important people in the organization. They take care of all the administrative tasks so that business leaders can focus on developing the business and not waste time answering inbound calls or scheduling meetings. Hiring the right secretary will help you maintain productivity and professionalism within the workplace. However, a resume alone doesn’t provide any indication of a candidate’s actual ability to handle diverse administrative tasks. It’s i

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sales engineer interview questions featured image

30 sales engineer interview questions to uncover top talent

A sales engineer is a professional who sells complex technological products or services, usually in the B2B sector.  The skill set of B2B salespeople and sales engineers should include:  Deep technical knowledge of the product or solution they sell A strong understanding of clients’ specific needs and wants Expert negotiation and communication skills Hiring the best talent requires using a mix of pre-employment skills tests and carefully curated sales engineer interview questions. After all, you

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How to write a Microsoft Access developer job description featured image

How to write a Microsoft Access developer job description

Crafting the right job description for a Microsoft Access developer is key to finding the candidate who can tackle your database challenges with ease.  This task, however, can feel daunting. You want to draw in those who know Access inside and out – from building advanced queries to whipping up custom macros – so you have to know which skills to highlight. Also, for positions as nuanced as this one, you need to avoid pitfalls that put you at risk of mis-hires. In this guide, we’ll teach you the

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How to support ESFP personality types in the workplace featured image

How to support ESFP personality types in the workplace

Celebrated for their charisma, empathy, and spontaneous nature, ESFP personality types are the “Entertainers” of the 16 Personalities test framework. They infuse teams with energy, excel in building connections, and uplift others, invigorating any workplace. However, their inclination towards spontaneity may sometimes clash with structured routines, potentially impacting collaboration in fast-paced environments. They can also struggle to stay focused without engaging, creative projects to work o

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8 underrated soft skills and their benefits

For over 100 years, employers have known that the strongest employees possess a variety of soft skills [1]. This is still true today, and employers are increasingly recognizing the need for these skills in their workforces. For instance, in TestGorilla’s 2023 State of Skills-Based Hiring research, 91% of responding employers told us that soft skills are more important now than they were five years ago.  Most companies are familiar with classic soft skills, like time management and communication

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How to write a shift coordinator job description featured image

How to write a shift coordinator job description

A shift coordinator is essential in organizations with shift-based work, including hospitals, hotels, and manufacturing plants. Hiring someone qualified for this role begins with crafting an effective job description.  Unfortunately, this is tricky since you must accurately capture the hard and soft skills needed for the role while giving candidates a realistic understanding of the shift coordinator’s duties. Even seasoned HR professionals can struggle with this. And ineffective job descriptions

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How to support ESTP personality types in the workplace featured image

How to support ESTP personality types in the workplace

ESTP personality types, or “Entrepreneurs,” are known for being energetic, spontaneous, adaptable, and resourceful. They’re also quick thinkers who excel at hands-on work and thrive in dynamic workplaces.  However, their impulsive tendencies may clash with more structured workplaces, leading to possible friction. While Entrepreneurs excel under pressure, their dislike for routine can create further disruptions. In this article, we explore ESTPs’ strengths and weaknesses and show you how to suppo

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How to support ISFJ personality types in the workplace featured image

How to support ISFJ personality types in the workplace

ISFJs, or “Defenders” are a 16-personalities type that brings kindness and loyalty to the workplace, thriving when they contribute to collective goals. With their practicality, detail orientation, and work ethic, they also make dependable team members suited to hands-on tasks. That said, a tendency toward perfectionism coupled with difficulties saying “no” to requests can lead to Defenders burning out. They may also resist change, which can create team friction. However, you can reduce the likel

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Top 30 financial analyst interview questions to evaluate applicants’ skills featured image

Top 30 financial analyst interview questions to evaluate applicants’ skills

Financial analysts play a key role in maintaining an organization’s financial health. For this, they dissect complex financial data, extract insights, and craft strategies that help steer the enterprise toward growth and stability. Therefore, hiring the right financial analyst is not just about filling a position – it's about finding a strategic partner who can shape the financial future of your organization. Relying solely on resume screening and unstructured interviews can introduce unconsciou

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How to support ESTJ personality types in the workplace featured image

How to support ESTJ personality types in the workplace

ESTJs, also called “Executives,” are one of the 16 Personalities test types. They’re known for their practicality, assertive nature, and methodical approach to work. As natural-born leaders and sticklers for rules, they’re capable of inspiring and motivating others to achieve common goals. However, their need for order and structure can be perceived as stubbornness or inflexibility, hindering collaboration and causing friction with team members. This article explores how to engage ESTJ personali

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Top 33 hiring manager interview questions featured image

The best 33 hiring manager interview questions to assess candidates’ skills

Hiring managers are responsible for filling open job positions at your company – so it’s easy to see why making the right hire is essential for your organization’s long-term success.  Every hiring manager should have managerial experience, be an excellent communicator, and have expert negotiation skills to get the best deal for your company and your new employee.  How do you evaluate those skills, though?  Thankfully, the answer is simple: With the help of skills testing and the right interview

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