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15 basic JavaScript questions and answers featured image

15 basic JavaScript questions and answers

Basic JavaScript is the foundation of web interactivity. It involves understanding fundamental concepts like variables, loops, functions, and events. When hiring for roles requiring JavaScript, you’re aiming for candidates who grasp these principles.  Hiring a web developer without proficiency in JavaScript can lead to glitches, sluggish sites, and frustrated users. This can deter potential customers, damage your brand's reputation, and result in lost sales and revenue for your business. This gu

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How to create an employment contract templates for each state featured image

How to create an employment contract plus templates

You’ve reviewed resumes, conducted interviews, and run your pre-employment testing to find the perfect person for the job. The next task? Crafting a legally compliant employment contract.  Employment contracts are an excellent way to protect the rights of both the employer and employee, ensuring a smooth employment relationship. However, you must prepare these documents properly to be fair to the employee, or you risk having an unenforceable contract, which could lead to costly legal conflicts. 

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How to hire a sales manager featured image

How to hire a sales manager – and boost sales performance

Hiring a skilled sales manager is critical to ensuring that your sales team lives up to its true potential. Often, businesses prefer to hire for this role internally, because this helps them make sure that their future sales leader will already have learned the ropes and built relationships across the company. At the same time, hiring externally can bring a fresh perspective on the risks and growth opportunities that your sales department faces.  An effective sales manager needs to have a succes

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How to assess basic Python skills and hire a developer featured image

How to assess basic Python skills and hire a developer

Hiring developers who have the relevant basic Python skills to complete projects for your business can take time. Candidates need a combination of soft skills and programming knowledge in Python to write flawless code and collaborate with team members. The hiring process can be expensive and time-consuming, so finding the right candidate off the bat is vital. With our expert-created Python tests, you can create an assessment to ensure your candidates have the skills to complete web, game, or app

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Best recruitment management software featured image

The best recruitment management software for your business

Recruitment managers and hiring professionals need to use all the relevant recruitment tools available to attract and retain top talent. High-quality recruitment management software collates these tools to deliver a single platform that you can use to manage your hiring efforts. However, not all recruitment management software is equal, and using the wrong program can leave you at a distinct competitive disadvantage when it comes to employing new talent, such as overlooking top-level applicant

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How Ban the Box affects your recruitment process featured image

How Ban the Box affects your recruitment process

Employers are losing out on top candidates because of a single checkbox on application forms that asks applicants to disclose their criminal history and enables employers to conduct background checks. However, a marked checkbox alone is often enough to end an applicant’s prospects in the hiring journey.   Ban the Box policies have been implemented to remove this discriminatory barrier during the application process, giving all candidates a fair chance, and encouraging employers to use bias-free

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What does Ban the Box mean and why is it important featured image

37 states with Ban the Box laws: Employer’s guide

Many states and cities in the US have Ban the Box laws. You must understand which ones apply to you and what your obligations are as an employer. Failure to do so can result in discriminatory hiring practices and penalties, including fines.  Ban the Box regulations can be complex, and multiple laws may apply to you at the state and local levels. Our state-by-state guide to Ban the Box laws will help you understand how to avoid unfair hiring practices and comply with relevant regulations.

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How to write a UX designer job description featured image

How to write a UX designer job description

User experience (UX) designers design and adjust products and services to offer users the best possible experience. They’re essential to creating solutions that your customers and clients love – but finding skilled UX designers to join your team isn’t always easy.  To attract top talent, you need an outstanding UX designer job description. Without one, you could end up with applications from individuals who aren’t a good fit for the job – or, worse yet, with too few applications to make a hire a

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How to hire an apprentice the right way featured image

How to hire an apprentice the right way

An apprenticeship program can be very beneficial for your company: You'll attract highly motivated individuals who are likely to stick around, potentially for years to come – and you’ll be able to train them to do the job exactly as you need it done.  Trade businesses are burgeoning and there's a shortage of qualified and hard-working talent in many lines of work. So, to streamline your apprentice hiring process and attract the best people, you need to first determine your company’s goals and ne

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How to avoid unfair internal hiring practices + common examples featured image

How to avoid unfair internal hiring practices + common examples

Internal hires can increase employee satisfaction, fill job openings faster, and reduce your recruitment costs. However, many companies struggle to reap the benefits from internal hiring because they rely on unfair internal hiring practices. These practices negatively impact your employees and erode trust in your business. Ensuring fairness in your internal hiring processes is not only the right thing to do; it’s a necessary step for protecting your business image and avoiding unnecessary turnov

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Inclusive hiring: How to leverage this talent acquisition strategy featured image

Inclusive hiring: How to leverage this talent acquisition strategy

Diversity and inclusion in the hiring process are imperative for companies. Research shows that 85% of executives believe an inclusive workforce is critical to increasing innovation.[1] Unfortunately, traditional hiring practices, such as requiring college degrees, do the opposite of what companies need and exclude thousands of potential candidates. Inclusive hiring is proactively opening your hiring process to every qualified candidate, and it’s one of the most powerful talent acquisition strat

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Diversity hiring: How talent assessments help bring different people together featured image

Diversity hiring: How talent assessments help bring different people together

Diversity hiring is the act of recruiting a wide range of people from different backgrounds. This strategy is proven to increase a company’s innovation, productivity, and profitability. However, traditional hiring practices make it difficult to achieve true diversity. Challenges like unconscious bias and exclusivity gradually create a homogenized environment, no matter how hard you’re trying to increase diversity in hiring. How do you build an effective diversity and inclusion hiring strategy? 

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