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How to support INTJ personality types in the workplace

How to support INTJ personality types in the workplace

INTJs, or “Architects” are one of the only 16 Personality Types that bring both long-term vision and the ability to meticulously see it through. They have a deep-rooted desire for improvement—of processes, systems, and people, including themselves, and take great lengths to ensure efficiency and high-quality work.  But this perfectionism can get in the way of progress, leading to slowdowns as they over-analyze a project or problem. Additionally, their high standards and confidence can come acros

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Compensation management software featured image

Compensation management software: A guide for HR professionals

Compensation errors significantly affect employee experience. In fact, 44% of employees would consider leaving their jobs due to incorrect pay.[1] These errors can also cause a dip in team morale and a fracture in the cohesion that fuels organizational success. So, how do you prevent them?  Compensation management software automates complex compensation tasks and avoids the pitfalls of manual calculations.  In this guide, we discuss the benefits of a compensation management platform, explain how

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How to assess and attract logistician ISTJ candidates featured image

How to attract and assess Logistician (ISTJ) candidates

Logistician personalities (ISTJs) are the reliable workhorses of any team, known for their dedication, integrity, and practical approach. They thrive on organization and are often the unsung heroes ensuring operations run smoothly. Failing to identify a Logistician might result in passing over a candidate who can provide your team with exceptional organization and a keen eye for detail. And if you don’t fully evaluate their innate strengths and weaknesses, you may bring on board someone whose pr

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How to Support INFJ Personality Types at Work featured image

How to support INFJ personality types in the workplace

INFJ personality types, also called Advocates, are empathetic visionaries. They’re drawn to roles that resonate with their values – like social work, education, or healthcare roles. They excel in creating harmonious work environments and leading with strategic vision and creativity.  But INFJs have difficulty translating their ideals into actionable plans and can experience burnout in high-stress situations. This can lead to reduced productivity, withdrawal from teamwork, and a diminished sense

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employee onboarding software featured image

Employee onboarding software: A guide for HR professionals looking to improve staff experience

Onboarding is an employee’s first impression of your company.  It’s their first time meeting colleagues, working in your system, and performing their tasks. If hiring processes are slow and inefficient, new hires are bound to think that it’s business as usual at your organization. Further, outdated onboarding processes don’t have solid ways to capture and analyze data, making it difficult to improve your practices. Employee onboarding software is an essential piece of HR technology that has shif

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How to support ISTJ personality types in the workplace featured image

How to support ISTJ personality types in the workplace

Known for their reliability, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail, Logistician personalities (ISTJs) are the backbone of many teams. They thrive on structure and are exceptional at creating and maintaining organized systems, making them invaluable in any workplace. However, their strong preference for structure and routine may lead to challenges adapting to new methods or ideas, potentially causing friction in dynamic team settings. In this article, we discuss ISTJs' 16-personalities t

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How to support ENFJ personality types in the workplace featured image

How to support ENFJ personality types in the workplace

Renowned for their charisma, empathy, and organizational prowess, the Protagonist personalities (ENFJs) of the 16 Personalities test are the cornerstone of numerous teams. They excel in creating harmonious environments and inspiring others to reach their full potential, making them indispensable in any workplace.  But their unwavering commitment to established routines may pose difficulties when they’re confronted with new approaches or concepts, potentially hindering collaboration in dynamic te

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Compensation-management-softwar-A-guide-for-efficiency-driven-HR-professionals featured image

How to write a Snowflake developer job description

A poorly crafted Snowflake developer job description can deter qualified developers, while a well-written one can be a magnet for top talent.  But crafting an effective job description requires you to pinpoint the specific skills and responsibilities unique to managing Snowflake's data platform, which can be a tough nut to crack. You should also know how to balance technical requirements with soft skills. Striking this balance can be difficult, as you don’t want to be too technical or vague – or

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How to attract and assess virtuoso ISTP candidates featured image

How to attract and assess Virtuoso (ISTP) candidates

ISTPs, the Virtuosos, are a powerhouse of adaptability and hands-on expertise, essential for teams that value practical solutions.  However, they may become unhappy if they feel hemmed in by rigid schedules or protocols, hindering their problem-solving flair. And their knack for improvisation and efficiency might be underused in roles that don't align with their hands-on approach.  Skipping in-depth evaluations of their skill set can also result in a disconnect between how they prefer to tackle

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Why you should ask candidates to take the DISC test featured image

Why you should ask candidates to take the DISC test

DISC tests provide valuable insights into how candidates work, communicate, collaborate, and handle challenges in the workplace.  Leaving DISC tests out of your pre-employment assessments could mean hiring a candidate who doesn’t align with your company culture or team. Mis-hiring has negative impacts on business, such as lost resources and unsatisfactory employee turnover rates.  DISC tests offer valuable insights that help you to understand how candidates integrate and interact within a team,

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How to Support INFJ Personality Types at Work featured image

How to write a Heroku developer job description

Hiring a skilled Heroku developer means you can deploy and manage apps that perform seamlessly in the cloud. Meanwhile, hiring a Heroku developer with a poor understanding of Heroku's platform and best practices can lead to suboptimal application performance. The developer may write inefficient code, resulting in increased server costs and slow response times. They might also introduce security vulnerabilities. Crafting a great job description can help you attract top applicants. However, pinpoi

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food and beverage manager job description featured image

How to write a food and beverage manager job description

Hiring the wrong food and beverage manager can significantly disrupt your hospitality business, leading to lost revenue, diminished customer satisfaction, and a tarnished brand reputation.  A well-crafted job description is crucial for attracting the right candidates for the food and beverage manager role.  However, writing an effective food and beverage manager job description is no small feat. Specifying the need for generalized skills across food, beverage, and management – without being inun

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