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How companies use TestGorilla

To screen candidates based on real skills, not resume claims—across industries, use cases, and job roles.

Industry: BPO & Outsourcing

Screen high volumes of applicants to interview only the most skilled talent.

Industry: Finance

Identify top talent most suited for roles in finance companies.

Industry: Technology

Screen tech talent for technical and non-technical roles from one platform.

Use for: Technical hiring

Screen for skilled engineering talent without relying on resume claims.

Use for: Volume hiring

Quickly identify interview-ready talent from a high volume of applications.

Illustration representing employees liking skills-based hiring

Use for: Validating skills

Verify skills using talent assessments and not resume claims.

Hire for: Software engineers

Assess coding skills with auto-scored tests, not lengthy coding challenges.

Hire for: Customer support

Screen high volumes of candidates for top talent in customer support.

High quality assessments

Hire for: Sales

Screen for sales skills based on skill tests, not resume claims.

Implement science-backed, skills-based hiring today

Start using TestGorilla today, or discuss your hiring challenges with us—and learn how TestGorilla can be customized to solve them.