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High-volume customer service screening made easy

Quickly test hundreds of candidates for role-specific skills, soft skills, and more with our talent assessments. Get to know your best candidates with custom video questions.

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Resumes and CVs don’t go deep enough

Your team spends hours sifting through resumes to screen for good customer service candidates.

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Relying on resumes leads to painful mis-hires that can hurt your brand and culture.

reduced mishires

More mis-hires mean more burnout, understaffing, and, worst of all— unhappy customers.

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The tools to test for any skill

Build multi-skill assessments for well-rounded hires. Test for customer service skills, language skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and more.

Be confident in culture fit

Culture add tests, personality tests, and your own custom questions allow you to find skilled applicants that fit your team’s culture.

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One-way interviews make hiring easier

Custom video questions let candidates show off their unique personalities. Get a glimpse at how they deal with customers, just like in a real interview.

Assess and shortlist candidates directly from your ATS

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Hire your customer service team in three easy steps

Hiring managers can now focus on the candidates with the best fit.

Create your assessment by choosing skill tests from our library of 400+ tests, covering account management to communications.

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"(While hiring for support) We’ve saved thousands of dollars and many, many hours. It’s just a lot of time and money we could use for other things, such as offering better hourly wages, instead of putting that money into an expensive testing platform."

Orit Stern, Papaya Gaming’s Head of Support

Call Center Representative

This Call Center Representative test evaluates a candidate’s ability to provide support to customers while consistently delivering a great customer experience. This screening test will help you hire call center representatives with the critical soft skill
10 min

Customer Service

This Customer Service test evaluates candidates’ ability to interact appropriately and determine appropriate solutions. It will help you hire experts who can enhance your CS operations by improving customer satisfaction and avoiding negative impressions.
10 min

Zendesk CS

This Zendesk CS test evaluates candidates’ ability to manage access, security settings, workflow implementation, and analyze activity. This screening test will help you hire experts who can streamline your CS operations, and enhance customer support.
10 min

English C1 (Advanced)

The English C1 (Advanced) test evaluates a candidate’s knowledge of the English language at the C1 level of the CEFR framework. This test will help you hire employees who can participate in demanding professional and social conversations in English.
12 min

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