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What we value

Our values are the underpinning for all that we do at TestGorilla. They are the guiding principles for our behaviors and how we make decisions day to day.

What this means: We bring a positive attitude to work. We help each other when stuck. We challenge each other in constructive ways. We celebrate wins as a team.

How to apply this value:

  • When we face challenges, I ask “how can I help” vs. I say “it’s not my job”
  • We propose, not oppose
  • “I’m proud of the work my colleagues do and challenge them in positive ways to do even better” vs. “I remain disengaged from the work of others or I only point out what’s not working.”

What this means: We’re bold in our ambition and dare to create new things. We know what we’re capable of and learn from our mistakes.

How to apply this value:

  • “I think big and without restraints even if the idea seems impossible at first” vs. “I think about what’s possible given our size and starting point.”
  • “I have the courage to propose crazy ideas and discuss them openly” vs. “I only propose things that will work out of fear I’ll look bad if my ideas aren’t viable”
  • “I’m creative and adaptable and can find solutions along the way” vs. “I want to have the perfect plan laid out before I take the first step.”

What this means: We own the outcome of our work and do whatever necessary to improve it–including soliciting feedback and asking for help when we get stuck.

How to apply this value:

  • “I make decisions to move projects forward independently.” vs “I wait to get approval on everything.”
  • “I understand what requires shared ownership (long-term vision, big hairy goals) and bring it to the team for discussion.” vs “I decide on everything individually for the sake of speed, convenience, and independence.”
  • “When I receive feedback, I improve with it” vs. “When I receive feedback, I get defensive.”
  • “I rely on others doing their part of the job” vs. “I need to check up on everyone and everything.”

What this means: We hold ourselves to high standards and work hard to increase our competencies.

How to apply this value:

  • “I deliver great work that I’m proud of.” vs. “I settle for good enough.”
  • “I look for ways to improve every day.” vs. I operate from a place of know-it-all.”
  • “I know when incremental effort isn’t improving results in a meaningful way (80/20 principle).” vs. “I keep going until something is perfect.”

What this means: We’re straight shooters and take our word seriously. We treat each other, our customers, and our collaborators with respect and empathy.

How to apply this value: 

  • “I put the interests of the team over my own” vs. “I do what’s best for me personally.”
  • “I use my authority to do what’s best for everyone in each situation” vs. “I use my authority for my own gain.”
  • “I advise prospective customers on the best solution for them” vs. “I try to sell them the biggest plan, even if they don’t need it”
  • “I treat others how I want to be treated” vs. “I bend the rules to my advantage”

What this means: We all have different ways of living and working. We all find our own point of balance, respect our differences, and accommodate each other’s style and preferences.

How to apply this value:

  • “I set my own expectations and boundaries around work and respect those of others” vs. “I expect everyone to work in the same way I do.”
  • “I take care of myself to be able to take care of business” vs. “I neglect my personal wellbeing and end up burned out and unhappy.”
  • “I take into consideration how others like to work and what they need from me” vs. “I do things the way it best suits me.”