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Screen all candidates, hire the best

Cut through the pile of paper-thin resumes with talent assessments. Confidently screen candidates, shortlist the best, and find the skills your BPO company needs to succeed.

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Save time screening and find quality candidates


of organizations saw a reduction in mis-hires with skills-based hiring


of employers reduced cost-to-hire when using skills-based hiring


of employers report a quicker hiring process with skills-based hiring

Assess more candidates, discover better talent

Create high-quality assessments fast with TestGorilla's easy-to-use assessment platform. See candidates ranked and quickly shortlist those with the greatest potential. Combine role-specific skill tests with soft skill tests to get a full picture of what your candidates can do.

Find candidates who have the skills needed to excel at the job.

Select role-specific skill tests from our library of more than 400+ tests. Including these tests in your assessments lets you identify top performers early on in the recruitment process.

10 000+ companies are hiring with TestGorilla

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TestGorilla has been my go-to platform with every intake so far. Now, we have empirical data that helps us save time by focusing only on candidates with the skills we need.

Francois Allison, operational manager at Digital Care

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Champion a data-driven HR culture

Focus on skills and become a leader in the global shift towards a more data-focused HR culture. Use accurate data to easily sort and rank large pools of candidates based on their abilities.

Call center representative

This call center representative test evaluates a candidate’s ability to provide support to customers while consistently delivering a great customer experience. This screening test will help you hire call center representatives with the critical soft skill
10 min

Customer Service

This Customer Service test evaluates candidates’ ability to interact appropriately and determine appropriate solutions. It will help you hire experts who can enhance your CS operations by improving customer satisfaction and avoiding negative impressions.
10 min

English C1 (Advanced)

The English C1 (Advanced) test evaluates a candidate’s knowledge of the English language at the C1 level of the CEFR framework. This test will help you hire employees who can participate in demanding professional and social conversations in English.
12 min

Numerical reasoning

This numerical reasoning test evaluates candidates’ general aptitude with numbers and their skill in interpreting them for a wide range of applications. This test will help you identify candidates with strong numerical skills.
10 min
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Quality time for quality candidates

Stop wasting time on endless resume screening and pre-qualifying interviews.

TestGorilla will automatically grade and rank your candidates, so you can quickly screen thousands of applications and spend your time on the ones that matter the most.

BPO companies scale their hiring with TestGorilla

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Dyninno Group improves recruitment productivity by 400% using TestGorilla

Dyninno is a group of companies,  providing products and services in the travel, finance, entertainment, and technology sectors in more than 50 countries. Founded in 2004, now the company has 25 offices with total headcount of 5,000 employees.   Since the start of 2022, Dyninno Group has rapidly expanded its business across multiple companies and divisions, and as a result, needed to recruit more than 2,000 employees in less than six months in 2023. However, Pavel Bahu, Global human resources director at Trevolution (travel division of Dyninno), faced the challenge of effectively screening the increased number of candidates without diminishing the efficiency of their current hiring process – especially as they continue to hire 100s of candidates each month in different locations.

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How TestGorilla transformed Digital Care’s hiring process

Digital Care is a South African business process outsourcing (BPO) company working with large enterprise clients in the telecommunications industry.  Francois Allison, Digital Care’s Operational Manager, is responsible for talent acquisition and recruiting. He and his team were looking for ways to improve their hiring process to find the best candidates for their open roles.

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Revolut hires 40% faster with TestGorilla

Revolut is a global leader in the financial services industry. Since the organization was founded in 2015, its team has worked tirelessly to close the gap between traditional banking and modern fintech which has the potential to change the world. In just a few years, Revolut has grown from a simple cash-management app to a fully-fledged European bank with more than 20 million personal customers and 950,000 business customers in more than 200 countries.  Julia Panchenko, the services recruitment manager at Revolut, faced the challenge of building high-functioning multi-lingual teams to serve a truly global enterprise.

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Hire top talent in a fraction of the time

Finding talent in a sea of resumes can be huge drain on resources. With TestGorilla, it doesn't matter if you need to screen 10 or 10,000 candidates, you can create any assessment in a matter of minutes.

And we´ve got the numbers to back it up, our report on the State of Skills-Based Hiring showed that 19% of companies managed to reduce their time-to-hire by over 51%.

BPO companies choose us for a reason

TestGorilla is an exceptional performer in the G2 Mid-Market Grid®. We’re a top choice for mid-market companies, earning high praise from customers.