How TestGorilla transformed Digital Care’s hiring process

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How TestGorilla transformed Digital Care’s hiring process

featured image of a case study about Digital Care and how they benefited from TestGorilla

Digital Care is a South African business process outsourcing (BPO) company working with large enterprise clients in the telecommunications industry. 

Francois Allison, Digital Care’s Operational Manager, is responsible for talent acquisition and recruiting. He and his team were looking for ways to improve their hiring process to find the best candidates for their open roles.


Digital Care had made some mis-hires in the past. While some newly hired employees seemed to be a good fit, their skills were not always on par with the company's expectations. 

The company’s recruitment process consisted of the following:

  1. Post a job listing on the CEO’s LinkedIn profile
  2. Have applicants fill out a Google form and submit a CV
  3. Screen CVs and conduct a brief phone interview with selected applicants 
  4. Offer a position to the most suitable candidate based on the interview and their CV 

Francois found that this approach was not producing the results Digital Care’s team needed.

More specifically, the brief phone interview didn’t allow them to accurately assess candidates’ skills and qualifications or get a good feeling of their personalities. This led to hiring some agents who weren’t suitable for the role. 

The recruitment process was not optimal and needed improvement. Francois was looking for a way to screen candidates more thoroughly and accurately.

He began searching for a platform that would help Digital Care:

  • Understand candidates’ personalities better
  • Accurately assess their skills and qualifications
  • Improve the hiring process and make better hires


Francois chose TestGorilla because of its simplicity and ease of use. He appreciated the fact that he could easily set up assessments that catered to their requirements and liked its single score ranking system. 

In addition to making it easier to identify top talent, Francois could see that TestGorilla also helped improve the employer brand and professional image of Digital Care and enhanced the overall candidate experience. 

Francois used TestGorilla to implement a new and improved hiring process. Digital Care’s hiring process is now as follows: 

  1. Place an ad on a career website, for which they receive 1000+ CVs
  2. Francois then makes an initial selection of approximately 25 candidates and sends them a link to an assessment on TestGorilla
  3. Invite applicants who score 40% to an interview (usually around 12)
  4. Hire the best 5-8 candidates or place them on a shortlist for future openings


TestGorilla helped Francois optimize Digital Care’s hiring process by making it more efficient, accurate, and objective.

One of the platform's key benefits is that it helped Francois’s team eliminate blind spots and biases that previously led to suboptimal hiring decisions. 

“TestGorilla has been my go-to platform with every intake so far,” Francois said. “Now, we have empirical data that helps us save time by focusing only on candidates with the skills we need.”

So far, Digital Care has saved over $1500 with TestGorilla, helping the company avoid going into debt. 

The assessments helped Digital Care evaluate candidates objectively and allowed the company to filter out applicants whose profiles otherwise looked promising, based on their experience and CV alone, but whose skills weren’t the right match. 

Additionally, TestGorilla allows Digital Care to understand their candidates’ personalities better and evaluate their potential beyond their experience and qualifications.

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