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EXOGROUP screens faster and engages top-tier sales talent with TestGorilla

EXOGROUP, a fast-growing leader, leverages TestGorilla to accelerate screening and engage top-tier sales talent in digital advertising.

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Solid Solutions Management hires future engineering talent with TestGorilla

As a company that prides itself on hiring for potential, Solid Solutions Management needed a more objective way to assess candidates and find the future engineering talent. With TestGorilla, they can hire professionals and placement students with the skills to succeed and the motivation to grow their careers at the company.

Click&Boat case study feature image

Click&Boat sets the standard for high-quality candidates with TestGorilla

Click&Boat is Europe’s leading online boat rental platform that helps boat owners rent their vessels to sailing enthusiasts and holidaymakers. The app boasts nearly 1 million users and is available in over 50 countries.

Pilgrims' Friend Society Feature Image

Pilgrims' Friend Society finds high-caliber applicants with TestGorilla

Pilgrims' Friend Society provides community care services for elderly residents across the UK. But the company was struggling to find high-caliber talent to fill senior management and administrative roles. Here's how TestGorilla helped boost the quality of their hires.

Contentoo Feature Image

Contentoo makes data-driven hiring decisions with TestGorilla

At Contentoo, the primary goal isn't just to hire quickly, but to hire the right people. With TestGorilla, the company has successfully grown its sales and customer success teams as it expanded over the past few years. Here's how they did it.

Ocean Outdoor UK Case Study Feature Image

Ocean Outdoor UK revamps its hiring and screens candidates faster using TestGorilla

With TestGorilla, the team at Ocean Outdoor can focus their attention on people who demonstrate the work ethic, critical thinking skills, and practical ability that Ocean Outdoor UK needs from new hires in their finance team. As a result, they have been able to drastically reduce mis-hires.

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Nexus HR hires with confidence thanks to TestGorilla

HR services provider NexusHR caters to companies' comprehensive recruitment and people management requirements on an international scale. This means solveing a variety of HR challenges for customers experiencing quite varied use cases. With TestGorilla they're equipped to hire faster in every industry and location with maximum confidence.

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Orbit Technologies reduces bias and improves new hire retention by 50% with TestGorilla

Orbit Technologies relies on its team of highly skilled engineers to deliver solutions for clients around the globe in regions such as the United States, Asia, and Europe. But finding the right people to grow this high-performing team has proven difficult. Orbit Technologies needed a hiring tool to help them validate the full spectrum of candidates’ abilities to find the best talent for the role and not just the best interviewees. In doing so, they hoped to improve new hire attrition rates and overall performance levels across departments. Orbit Technologies needed a hiring tool to help them validate the full spectrum of candidates’ abilities to find the best talent for the role and not just the best interviewees. In doing so, they hoped to improve new hire attrition rates and overall performance levels across departments.

TestGorilla Feature Image

TestGorilla cuts hiring time by 34% and secures top engineering talent

At TestGorilla, we get the maximum benefit from our product by positioning it at the very beginning of the application process. On average, our advertised job roles received thousands of applications from around the world. This method helps us focus on quality candidates, streamline our hiring, and provide applicants with a great experience.

SDWorx Feature Image

SD Worx reduces hiring time and improves candidate experience using TestGorilla

See how end-to-end HR services provider SD Worx reduced their time-to-hire and improved candidate experience by switching to TestGorilla's talent assessment platform.

Dyninno Feature Image

Dyninno Group improves recruitment productivity by 400% using TestGorilla

Dyninno is a group of companies,  providing products and services in the travel, finance, entertainment, and technology sectors in more than 50 countries. Founded in 2004, now the company has 25 offices with total headcount of 5,000 employees.   Since the start of 2022, Dyninno Group has rapidly expanded its business across multiple companies and divisions, and as a result, needed to recruit more than 2,000 employees in less than six months in 2023. However, Pavel Bahu, Global human resources director at Trevolution (travel division of Dyninno), faced the challenge of effectively screening the increased number of candidates without diminishing the efficiency of their current hiring process – especially as they continue to hire 100s of candidates each month in different locations.

Lilab Feature Image

LILAB boosts new employee retention up to 90%

Based in Peru, Lima Innovation Lab (LILAB) is a leading software company dedicated to creating innovative digital solutions. From the start, their team of over 100 people has been committed to providing the best service in the digital technology field. We spoke with Dayana Castro, recruiter at LILAB.

Design Pickle Feature Image

Design Pickle boost applicant completion rate 25% using TestGorilla

Design Pickle is a subscription-based creative services platform from Scottsdale, in the United States, that has a remote-first workforce in 14 countries. Since their beginning eight years ago, their mission has been to deliver reliable, affordable, and scalable content to any business.  With a growing team of more than 500 employees around the world, Design Pickle was in need of a scalable recruitment solution to help validate creative quality from creatives with more efficiency than time-consuming traditional methods like checking resumes and portfolios.   Cailean Bailey, Design Pickle’s Head of Global Talent Acquisition, is responsible for the company’s talent acquisition and recruiting.

Revolut Feature Image

Revolut hires 40% faster with TestGorilla

Revolut is a global leader in the financial services industry. Since the organization was founded in 2015, its team has worked tirelessly to close the gap between traditional banking and modern fintech which has the potential to change the world. In just a few years, Revolut has grown from a simple cash-management app to a fully-fledged European bank with more than 20 million personal customers and 950,000 business customers in more than 200 countries.  Julia Panchenko, the services recruitment manager at Revolut, faced the challenge of building high-functioning multi-lingual teams to serve a truly global enterprise.

TruTrip Feature Image

TestGorilla helps TruTrip save money and improve the employee experience

TruTrip is a Singapore-based company that aims to take the stress out of business travel management and make it more intuitive, useful, straightforward, and accessible. To achieve this, the company combines the latest travel technology with Southeast Asia’s travel ecosystem into a simple and affordable travel-management tool for businesses of all sizes. Hugh Batley, the founder of TruTrip, needed a way to reliably assess candidates’ skills when hiring and avoid mis-hires that cost the organization time and money – and had negatively affected teamwork in the past.

Digital Care Feature Image

How TestGorilla transformed Digital Care’s hiring process

Digital Care is a South African business process outsourcing (BPO) company working with large enterprise clients in the telecommunications industry.  Francois Allison, Digital Care’s Operational Manager, is responsible for talent acquisition and recruiting. He and his team were looking for ways to improve their hiring process to find the best candidates for their open roles.

SiddhiSai Feature Image

How TestGorilla reduced time to hire for SiddhiSai Web Solutions

SiddhiSai Web Solutions is a software development company providing web and mobile development services to businesses around the world since 2011.  SiddhiSai’s team has successfully developed websites and web applications for complex client projects, including online shopping, payment, commissions, communications and membership platforms, and CMS for iOS and Android.  Pramit J, SiddhiSai Web Solutions’ owner, was looking to speed up and improve the hiring process and make it more objective and data-driven. 

TreviPay Feature Image

TreviPay scales its hiring process with TestGorilla

TreviPay is a global B2B payments company that facilitates transactions for customers in over 190 countries. TreviPay’s embedded payment solution helps businesses enter new markets and become truly global by streamlining their payments and improving cash flow. In 2021, Tapas Samantaray, the then Director of Product and Technology at TreviPay, needed an online testing solution that would bring objectivity into the hiring process and allow the hiring team to test for a wide range of skills. 

Estrin Legal Staffing Feature Image

Estrin Legal Staffing makes more placements faster with TestGorilla

Estrin Legal Staffing is an L.A.-based company that provides staffing services for legal roles nationwide. To address the staffing needs of law firms and other clients, the company works with experienced attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, and other legal professionals.  Chere Estrin, the chief executive officer of Estrin Legal Staffing, needed an affordable platform that would allow her to test the skills and knowledge of the applicants she works with. 

Feature image Visionaries LLC

Game development and publishing studio saves 15 hours per hire

Visionaries FZ-LLC is a game development and publishing studio based in Dubai, UAE. They specialize in designing business simulation games for all platforms. Their goal is to simplify business concepts to a level that can be understood by a wide audience and make games that entertain and inspire players to start real-life businesses. Kunal Oogorah is the Founder and Director of Visionaries. He was looking for a way to create a more objective hiring process in which hiring decisions would be based on empirical data rather than interview performance and recommendations. 

Axelerated Solutions Feature Image

How Axelerated Solutions improved quality of hire with TestGorilla

Axelerated Solutions is a Saudi Arabian IT & business consulting company that helps organizations optimize their day-to-day operations by building tailored solutions for the challenges they face. Their areas of expertise include IT infrastructure, cyber security, managed services, and system integrations.  Their team of experts has extensive experience in different sectors and industries: telecom & service providers, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, military, and retail, as well as in the public sector. Haitham Babeyeh, Axelerated’s Operations Manager, is responsible for running the company’s Managed Services department and the Project Management Office (PMO) department and was looking to optimize the company’s hiring process.

How skills assessments improved quality of hire at MedX

MedX is a medical billing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Its team has years of experience in financial services and practice management, helping medical professionals streamline their billing and account management. Kim Marr is MedX’s Director and Co-founder and is responsible for hiring new employees. She needed a solution that could help her accurately assess candidates’ skills and suitability for the job and the team. Signing up to TestGorilla provided Kim’s team with both a more accurate understanding of candidates for vacant roles and a streamlined hiring process, allowing MedX to focus resources on maintaining its high standards.

Hydroemission Feature Image

TestGorilla helps Hydroemission cut hiring time by 80%

Hydroemission is a leading provider of controlled release technology for environmental applications, specializing in agriculture and public health. The company is headquartered in Singapore, with R&D and manufacturing operations in Johor, Malaysia.  Hydroemission’s main focus is research & development and the manufacturing of controlled release consumer and industrial consumables.  Paolo Nalin is the Managing Director of Hydroemission and was looking for a solution that’d allow the company to test the cognitive abilities of job applicants and optimize the recruitment process. 

IDP Feature Image

TestGorilla helps IDP Education make the right hires

IDP Education is a study abroad consultancy company and global leader in international education services. With offices in 32 countries and partnerships with more than 650 leading universities, its team of experts offers assistance to students worldwide. Lara Mendoza is a Country Marketing Manager at IDP. After a series of unsuccessful hiring decisions, the marketing team needed to make new hires, so they were looking for a solution that’d help them accurately test candidates’ skills and personality fit. 

Papaya feature image

How TestGorilla helped Papaya Gaming build a robust hiring process

Papaya Gaming is a mobile games company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Papaya Gaming team turns the most exciting and popular games into real money, skill-based tournaments.  Orit Stern is Papaya Gaming’s Head of Support. She and her team often hire customer support roles remotely and needed a reliable way to vet candidates. 

TakeFortyTwo Feature Image

TestGorilla helps TakeFortyTwo rebuild their hiring process

TakeFortyTwo is a digital agency working in the intersection of design, technology, marketing, consulting, and strategy. They deliver end-to-end solutions for rapidly growing companies in the US and UK.  Santiago Melluso is TakeFortyTwo’s Co-Founder and CEO. He and his team were in the process of reviewing their entire HR process to support the company’s growth.  They were looking for a tool that would allow them to evaluate candidates’ proficiency in different coding languages and assess their culture match potential, eliminating the risk of hiring the wrong people. 

7 Systems Feature Image

How TestGorilla helps 7Systems predict job performance

7Systems GmbH is a German company that develops software and hardware solutions for the safety industry, with a special focus on fire detection and alarm systems. Jürgen Vogel is 7Systems GmbH’s Managing Director. 7Systems’ team had open positions for software developers and needed to accurately and reliably assess candidates’ skills.

Jigsaw feature image

Technical skills assessment simplify hiring for Jigsaw Business Solutions

Jigsaw Business Solutions helps retailers launch, manage and drive profitable gift card programs. Its expert retail advisers work with clients to create, implement and market innovative B2B and B2C gift card programs. Anna Farrow, the Director of People at Jigsaw Business Solutions, manages the company’s recruitment process and was looking for a reliable way to assess candidates’ technical skills. 

INMATEC makes faster hiring decisions for complex roles

INMATEC GasTechnology FZC is an international market leader in the production of on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators. Developed and produced in Germany, their systems are used by businesses all around the world.  Morgan Meinecke is the Managing Director of INMATEC GasTechnology FZC. He was searching for a skills testing solution to optimize the hiring process and make it faster, more efficient, and more objective.

McGillicuddy Hospitality rebuilds its hiring funnel for rapid talent screening

McGillicuddy Hospitality is a team of hospitality operations consultants working with top international hotel and cruise brands to build world-class service programs.  Darragh McGillicuddy is the Managing Director of McGillicuddy Hospitality and was looking for a smart solution that would help him and his team scale their hiring funnel efficiently. 

Gardenvity Feature Image

Gardenvity reduces recruitment costs by up to 80% using TestGorilla

Milda Jasinskiene is the co-founder and Chief Customer Experience Officer at Gardenvity, a company that manufactures and sells wood-fired hot tubs that blend in harmoniously with customers’ gardens. Gardenvity’s mission is to create well-designed, functional, and durable garden hot tubs for the ultimate outdoor spa experience.  As the company grew, Milda and her colleagues sought to improve the hiring process to make it more efficient. 

mDevz feature image

mDEVZ reduces hiring costs by 30% with TestGorilla

mDEVZ is a software development company that helps businesses across the globe build the software they need. mDEVZ can handle end-to-end projects, jump on a running project, or work alongside clients’ design teams. The mDEVZ team has more than 10 years of experience and has worked with companies such as Autodesk and Electronic Arts. They have experience in many different domains, from videogames, multimedia, and desktop applications, to mobile applications and web systems. Mauro Lopez is the Founder and Director of mDEVZ and needed a reliable way to test candidates’ coding skills.

Studio le Pera feature image

TestGorilla helps Studio Le Pera save €2,000 in hiring costs

Studio Le Pera (SLP) Commercialisti Associati is a Milan-based accounting firm with more than 30 years of experience in providing accounting, tax, and business consulting services to clients in Italy.  Over the years, the firm has become the point of reference for numerous clients in Milan and beyond. Thanks to its extensive expertise and wide network of professionals, it offers all-around support for Italian businesses.  Mosè Begotti, the owner of the company, needed a reliable way to test candidates’ technical skills for a specific role he was looking to fill. 

Redfish Feature Image

TestGorilla helps Redfish avoid costly hiring mistakes

Redfish is an online marketing agency that specializes in YouTube ads. The Redfish team develops entertaining video ads with data-driven storytelling that generate powerful results for their clients. They handle the whole process, from video production to bid placement, and all their decisions are backed by data to drive results. Noah Cinquini is the CEO of Redfish and was looking for a way to accurately assess candidates’ skills and avoid mis-hires. 

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