Design Pickle boost applicant completion rate 25% by using TestGorilla

Design Pickle boost applicant completion rate 25% by using TestGorilla
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Design Pickle is a subscription-based creative services platform from Scottsdale, in the United States, that has a remote-first workforce in 14 countries. Since their beginning eight years ago, their mission has been to deliver reliable, affordable, and scalable content to any business. 

With a growing team of more than 500 employees around the world, Design Pickle was in need of a scalable recruitment solution to help validate creative quality from creatives with more efficiency than time-consuming traditional methods like checking resumes and portfolios.  

Cailean Bailey, Design Pickle’s Head of Global Talent Acquisition, is responsible for the company’s talent acquisition and recruiting.

The challenge

Before TestGorilla, Design Pickle was already using assessments to evaluate applicants for all creative roles within the company. The problem? This was a very arduous, manual process that felt lengthy and time-consuming both for the company and the candidates.

Once they started growing the team and recruiting for a broader range of roles, this way of doing things was no longer scalable. Ongoing globalization enabled Design Pickle to expand their talent pool and their range of services offered. This meant that new processes and assessments were required. Lots of tabs open with resumes, portfolios, and assessments made it difficult to evaluate candidates properly.

To add to this, the assessment completion rate was low, with lots of candidates dropping off after starting an assessment, and the hiring process was taking too long. All of this added to the hiring team's difficulties in trying to find the best fit for a role.

The solution

“Because of the way that we've been able to set it up and customize it [TestGorilla], the hiring process has been much faster for candidates. And there's data to support a faster application time leads to more applications and a higher completion rate. It has increased our hiring speed while also improving and/or maintaining the quality of hire.”

With TestGorilla, Cailean and his team found the right tools to streamline the process of hiring and make it easier, both for them and the candidates.

Some of the features that have helped Design Pickle drive a successful strategy are:

  • English proficiency tests, as it’s the main language for internal and external communication.

  • Motivation and Culture add tests, to understand candidates’ fit for their strong company culture.

  • Custom questions, help them tailor the assessment to each open role.

  • ATS integration, it was important that TestGorilla could integrate with an ATS.

Aside from using TestGorilla for hiring, Design Pickle also found the product helpful when training newly hired employees:

“Once you pass our hiring process, and you get that start date, you go through two weeks of an onboarding program, where our instructional design team is putting people through a lot of TestGorilla assessments and using the timing feature pretty frequently. Because when we're delivering assets to clients, there's typically a time component, so we're measuring candidates on pacing as well as quality, and all of that is measured and automated inside TestGorilla.“

The results

TestGorilla has become key in Design Pickle’s recruitment strategy, helping them establish an optimized assessment-based process for everyone involved.

“Excellent feedback from our leadership team about the quality of candidates that we've been pushing through. In the almost six months that we've had TestGorilla, there's been a noticeable improvement.”

Here are some ways that TestGorilla has improved Design Pickle’s hiring process:

  • 25% increase in application completion rate

  • Improved customer feedback rating due to improvement on the quality of deliverables

  • Improved customer retention rates due to a more robust and standardized creative hiring process

  • Improved creative team retention

  • 15% save on job board spend due to better validation of job board sourcing.

TestGorilla has provided Design Pickle with the resources to solve to an arduous process, and at the same time, it has helped improve the quality of the company’s hires. Cailean and his team are now able to focus on what really matters, confident that they’ll be able to assess all the information clearly and in the same place.

Does hiring cost you too much time and money? Try TestGorilla

Skills-based hiring and pre-employment testing have numerous benefits, including being more accurate predictors of job success than traditional resumes. As this case study shows, you save time and resources during the hiring process by making the switch.

Take a product tour or book a free demo to learn more, you can also check out some of our other case studies for more info.

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