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Struggling to find high-performing finance professionals?

Candidates can't show their spreadsheet skills or market knowledge in a resume

Hiring managers stuck in multi-round interviews in an effort to vet technical skills

The longer your recruitment cycle the greater the risk of losing in-demand talent

Assess technical expertise and identify elite candidates

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Use science-backed tests to evaluate everything from financial reporting and decision-making skills to proficiency with the latest BI and analytics tools.

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Save interview hours with custom questions

Use custom essay and video questions to gain a 360-degree view of your candidates. Enable your hiring managers to spend their time on the best fits.

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Instantly see your candidates ranked by skill and quickly identify ones with the right technical profile and characteristics.

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Create high-quality assessments fast with TestGorilla's easy-to-use assessment platform. See candidates ranked and quickly shortlist those with the greatest potential. Combine role-specific skill tests with soft skill tests to get a full picture of what your candidates can do.

Create your assessment by selecting role-specific skill tests from our library of more than 400+ tests.

TestGorilla Test Library

We use assessments to see if candidates can explain industry terminology and understand financial systems. I can send the same assessment to the Director of Finance so she can try it out, and then we can set a benchmark. Because the assessment is quite difficult, we know candidates who clear that bar are likely to be of higher quality.

Camilla Fitsum, HR and Recruitment Officer, Pilgrims’ Friend Society

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Close the skills gap with over 400 tests

You need finance talent with the expertise to drive growth and innovation at your company. With our extensive test library you can make sure your next hire possesses the vital skills you need, including accountancy skills, communication, software skills, critical thinking, and more.

Financial accounting (US GAAP)

This financial accounting (US GAAP) test evaluates candidates’ ability to record, classify, and summarize accounting transactions according to US GAAP. This screening test will help you to hire experts with practical financial accounting skills.
10 min

Accounting (Intermediate)

This Accounting (Intermediate) test evaluates a candidate’s ability to record financial transactions in the relevant books of accounts. This hiring test will help you hire accounting experts who can interpret and communicate financial information.
10 min

Accounts Receivable

This test evaluates candidates’ skills in identifying, recording, and managing accounts receivable. The test helps you identify accountants who have the skills required to work in accounting and maintain records for accounts receivable.
10 min


This Xero test evaluates candidates’ proficiency in the software, including their ability to navigate the system, maintain company lists, process transactions, generate reports, prepare reconciliations, and other key accounting functions.
10 min

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