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How to hire a medical director

Finding the right medical director is crucial for your healthcare facility’s success. You need someone who can steer your team, manage patient care standards, and make sure everything runs smoothly. Hiring a skilled medical director can level up your patient care quality and operational efficiency. On the other hand, a bad hire can result in chaos and inefficiencies. We’ve got you covered. This guide will help you navigate the process of hiring the right person – so your team gets the leadership

13 essential call center skills (and how to assess them)

Poor customer service can lead to customer frustration and damage your brand reputation. When a customer calls for help and receives unprofessional or unhelpful responses, it drives them away. That’s why agents require a range of call center skills, from empathetic listening to problem-solving. The best way to evaluate call center representative skills is to forget about resumes and use talent assessments. In this article, we share useful tips and strategies to help you identify, measure, and im

17 critical thinking interview questions to find the perfect candidate

Critical thinking is an important skill in any role, and its significance only increases the more complex responsibilities employees have. The best way to ensure your candidates have the skills to tackle sophisticated problems is to screen applicants using a Critical Thinking skills test and create a shortlist of quantifiably competent interviewees. The next step is to ask thought-provoking interview questions. This interview process is tricky, but to help you out, we’ve created a list of 17 cri

TestGorilla vs. Symphony Talent

Pre-employment testing platforms evaluate candidates’ job-specific skills, soft skills, cognitive abilities, and even alignment with your company culture. They enable you to reduce the bias that comes with reviewing resumes and ensure the best fit for your organization every time. Saving time with pre-employment screening starts with finding the right platform. Read this in-depth comparison to find out more about TestGorilla and Symphony Talent, two popular pre-employment testing platforms.

25 tough interview questions and answers to help you hire talent

Hiring managers want nothing more than for the interviewee sitting in front of them to be the right person for the job. Tough job interview questions aren’t designed to catch candidates out for the sake of showing their weaknesses. Rather, they give them another opportunity to show their critical thinking skills in action. These are less open-ended and require more creativity than common interview questions like “Can you tell me about yourself?” or “Why should we hire you?” They also help you di

TestGorilla vs Xobin featured image

TestGorilla vs. Xobin

Pre-employment testing is one of the best ways to determine whether a candidate will be a good fit for your organization. These tests enable you to see beyond your candidates’ resumes to their objective skill sets. You can measure a candidate’s motivation, personality, language skills, critical thinking skills, and so much more. Pre-employment tests can also eliminate bias from the recruitment process and make it easier to find the best candidate for every role.  This article compares the featur

How to hire a communications manager featured image

How to hire a communications manager

Hiring the right communications manager is tough. You need someone who’s creative, a pro at handling crises, and a digital whiz. But, they must also be a strategic thinker with great management skills. And they should be able to easily switch between thinking creatively, making data-driven decisions, and leading a team. Hiring the wrong person for this role could lead to confused messaging – resulting in wasted time, poor team performance, or even a damaged company reputation. This article gui

TestGorilla vs. Sales Candidate Assessment comparison

TestGorilla vs. Sales Candidate Assessment

Pre-employment testing helps to remove bias from the hiring process, streamline interviews, and assess whether a candidate will be a good culture add. Pre-employment screening gives you a greater understanding of how a candidate will behave in the workplace, helping to reduce employee turnover. This is achieved by testing a candidate’s skills, personality type, motivations, and much more.  However, with so many pre-employment testing tools on the market, how can you know which is right for your

59 great questions to ask interviewees featured image

59 great questions to ask interviewees

Are you a hiring manager looking to fill some open positions? If so, you likely have several interviews lined up and want some good questions to ask job interviewees.  Though you may already have questions specific to the available role, it’s also important to prepare more generic questions to ask interviewees to get a better feel for the candidates. We have compiled 59 top candidate interview questions – 20 of which we discuss in detail –for you to use alongside talent assessments such as cogni

Top 9 must-have consulting skills and how to assess them featured image

Top 9 Must-Have Consulting Skills (and How To Assess Them)

Hiring a consultant can be a great force multiplier for your team or a huge headache if you pick the wrong candidate.  With each job posting attracting so many candidates, it can be challenging to sift through the pile of resumes and find the right talent. But with a winning strategy (that kicks resumes to the curb), you can hire for the top consulting skills and set your organization up for success.  In this post, we share the top 9 must-have skills for consulting, show you how to nurture those

Entity framework interview questions featured image

60+ Entity Framework interview questions to hire top developers

If your development team relies on Entity Framework for data management in .NET applications, finding the right talent is key. To help you find and hire the best candidates who know Entity Framework (EF) inside out, we've put together a list of more than 60 Entity Framework interview questions. To make the candidate evaluation process easier for you, even if you’re not an EF expert, we’ve also included sample answers to 20 of them.  These questions will help you assess the technical proficiency

55 supply chain interview questions to assess candidates’ skills featured image

55 supply chain interview questions to assess candidates’ skills

Looking to hire top supply chain managers or skilled supply chain specialists? Assessing candidates’ skills quickly and accurately is a must. To help you evaluate candidates, we’ve prepared a list of the best 55 supply chain interview questions you can use to gain a better understanding of their skills, knowledge, and expertise. You’ll also find answers to the most important 25 questions, enabling you to assess candidates’ responses, even if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of supply ch