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How to hire a brand ambassador and build a strong online presence featured image

How to hire a brand ambassador and build a strong online presence

Traditional digital marketing strategies, such as inbound marketing, ads, social media marketing, and SEO are some of the cornerstones of a successful online presence – but might not be sufficient for building a truly memorable brand. One effective way to create true connections with potential customers is by enlisting the services of brand ambassadors.  Brand ambassadors serve as the face and voice of your brand in front of different communities, most often on social media (for example in Insta

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How to build emotional capacity in the workplace and how to hire for it featured image

How to build emotional capacity in the workplace (and how to hire for it)

John struggles to perform in a hectic startup environment despite his technical brilliance. Funding rejections take a toll, leading to stress-induced burnout and impacting both his performance and team cohesion. In contrast, Lisa thrives amidst the chaos. When another funding opportunity falls through, she adapts and starts to innovate. Her focus and dedication during late-night coding sessions inspire her team and unite it under a shared goal. What, exactly, sets these two employees apart? Unli

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Diversity in the workplace Leverage this talent retention strategy to show your values featured image

Diversity in the workplace: Leverage this talent retention strategy to show your values

Diversity in the workplace is an emerging talent retention strategy with a myriad of related benefits, including increased innovation and problem-solving. Moreover, not only underrepresented groups need a workplace where they can feel accepted and safe – nearly 80% of American employees want to work for a company that values diversity and inclusion.[1] Because workplace diversity is essential for an efficient, happy workforce, you should go beyond setting DE&I targets and take action to build an

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Similarity bias in the workplace: What it is and how to avoid it featured image

Similarity bias in the workplace: What it is and how to avoid it

Bias is an instinct that helps humans make decisions by automatically choosing what we believe to be the best option.  It has its uses in the wild, but using bias to hire in a modern business environment can lead to unfair hiring. Similarity bias is a type of bias that makes us prefer things similar to ourselves. For example, a hiring manager could shortlist two candidates because they went to the same college. People don’t intend bias to be harmful, but it can damage organizations by preventing

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how to improve quality of hire featured image

Decoding quality of hire: What recruiting teams need to know

Did you know top-performing employees generate 400 percent more output [1] than your average employee?  This statistic sounds great but comes with a downside — one in five high-performing employees will likely leave the company in the next six months.  Often, an employee leaving is just a natural cycle for high-performers who are leaving the company to take a different opportunity and there isn’t much you can do to prevent it. Sure, you can (and will) work on your employee experience, onboardin

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Professional woman preparing to shortlist candidates for an interview

Simplify candidate shortlisting in 7 steps (with scorecard and examples)

Does this scenario look familiar to you?  After posting your job listing last week, you have now over 500 applications in your inbox. This is a great response but this also means that you have a lot of work to do. Your next step is to shortlist the best candidates for an interview. Now, where exactly do you start with your candidate shortlisting process? And how can you make sure that you're making fair and unbiased hiring decisions? This guide will help make your shortlisting process as objecti

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Employee promotions How talent assessments help strengthen the promotion process featured image

Employee promotions: How talent assessments help strengthen the promotion process

Employee promotions are an effective way to retain top talent and send a motivating signal to employees that strong performance is recognized and rewarded. But that’s if promotions are done fairly, transparently, and objectively. A McKinsey report showed that 35% of employees voluntarily leave their jobs due to a lack of development and promotion opportunities.[1] At a time when many industries face skills gaps, it’s more important than ever to recognize and retain your top team members, and avo

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10 succession planning best practices for transition triumph featured image

10 succession planning best practices for transition triumph

How long have your company leaders and senior staff members held their positions within your organization?  However long it may be, you can bet they won’t be there forever (unless they’ve discovered a fountain of youth we don’t know about).  Enter the succession plan.  A succession plan shouldn’t just be in the back of your mind as an HR professional; it should be something you’re constantly improving and enhancing so that when the moment comes to hand over to a new staff member, your organizati

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the pros and cons of a non compete agreement featured image

The pros and cons of a non-compete agreement

Businesses often use non-compete agreements to safeguard trade secrets and confidential information. While they can be a valuable tool, non-competes aren’t straightforward.  Complex legal issues make it challenging to draft enforceable non-compete agreements. Plus, overly restrictive agreements can discourage potential hires, delaying the hiring process or even deterring top applicants from accepting positions.  This article looks at the pros and cons of non-compete agreements to help you consid

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EVP vs. employer brand: what’s the difference featured image

EVP vs. employer brand: what’s the difference?

It can take as little as 30 seconds to form a first impression. And that doesn't just mean face-to-face meetings — candidates make their first judgments of your employer brand from a skim read of your website and job descriptions. In this short window, candidates form a first impression about your company culture, values, and what it would be like to work for your business. It's crucial to have a strong employer brand and a high-quality employee value proposition (EVP)to help attract top talent,

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How to write an employee value proposition EVP featured image

How to write an employee value proposition (EVP) (+ examples)

Crafting an employee value proposition (EVP) is more than just an administrative task. It’s an important part of the recruitment process that strengthens your employer brand, helps you attract and retain top talent, and ensures your business stays competitive in a changing job market. A strong EVP will make your business stand out from competitors and ensure your team feels recognized. However, a poor EVP will cause resentment within your team, increase employee turnover, and ultimately hinder y

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professional development plans featured image

Professional development plans: How to leverage this talent retention strategy and support loyal employees

You need more than competitive salaries to win your employees’ loyalty. Up to 94% of workers stay longer with companies that invest in their learning and development and support their career growth.[1] And 45% of workers leave organizations searching for better professional development.[2] If your employees feel they’re purely filling seats, it’s only a matter of time before they go elsewhere – so you need a plan to support their professional growth and development. That’s where professional dev

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