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About the Business ethics & compliance test

How a company is perceived is determined by the choices its managers and employees make. When these choices are unethical, the company’s reputation can be negatively impacted, and the company or employee may face additional consequences, such as loss of customers, or legal entanglements. When those choices are ethical, not only will the company’s reputation improve externally, but the company will be stronger internally trusting in the decisions of both its leadership and employees at all times.

This screening test evaluates a candidate’s ability to recognize and avoid conflicts of interests, understand policy and legal violations, comprehend the impact of ethical issues on a business or personal reputation, and observe anti-harassment and anti-discriminatory policies. The test uses everyday situations that employees may encounter in their careers to test the candidates’ judgment in each scenario.

Candidates who perform well on this test will have a strong understanding of business ethics and how their role and behavior can impact both internal and external company situations and relationships.

The questions on ethics and compliance in this screening test follows US business standards.

business ethics & compliance test

The test is made by a subject-matter expert

Werner B.

Compliance consultant and advisor Werner expertly guides companies through the complexities of business ethics in fintech, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency. A Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and ICBA Certified Community Bank Compliance Officer, Werner has worked globally on regulatory and compliance issues in money laundering, financing of terrorism, and information security.

On top of consulting and advising, Werner has written and updated an entire library of compliance policies.

Crafted with expert knowledge

TestGorilla’s tests are created by subject matter experts. We assess potential subject-matter experts based on their knowledge, ability, and reputation. Before being published, each test is peer-reviewed by another expert, then calibrated using hundreds of test takers with relevant experience in the subject. Our feedback mechanisms and unique algorithms allow our subject-matter experts to constantly improve their tests.

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business ethics tests

Hire the right expert with our Business Ethics and Compliance test

Are you hoping to hire someone with top business ethics knowledge fast and efficiently? Choosing the candidate to make the right ethical decisions for your business isn’t easy. But by selecting our Business Ethics test created by TestGorilla’s experts, you’ll be able to say goodbye to complex recruitment problems or impossible hiring decisions.

Use our Business Ethics and Compliance test as part of your hiring process to test promising applicants and confirm that their knowledge matches your requirements.

Hiring a professional without hesitation is no longer a distant dream. You’ve got test questions written by our experts, which will help you find your business ethics professional in just a few clicks.

Our Business Ethics and Compliance test ensures your hires can make ethical business decisions

To ensure your business makes an excellent first impression on your clients, there’s a critical factor you must consider. Clients, new employees, and stakeholders want to know that your business makes ethical choices. That’s why you need a business ethics expert on your side.

There’s always a consequence of unethical business choices – you’ll make a bad impression on your customers, and your company's reputation won’t last. You may also drive customers away and end up losing revenue.

You may be concerned about your business’s ethical choices or that you lack a professional with business ethics knowledge. But here’s some positive news: Hiring an expert in business ethics knowledge for your business will make it easier to achieve success. You’ll ensure your team members can follow complex company policies and your business ethics leader can confidently lead your team using their knowledge.

What’s the easiest method for assessing your applicants’ business ethics knowledge? This Business Ethics test is the answer you’ll need.

Assess these skills with our Business Ethics and Compliance test

Searching for a candidate who knows how to avoid conflicts of interest isn’t easy. Finding an expert who knows the ins and outs of legal violations, the critical importance of anti-discriminatory and anti-harassment policies, and how ethical issues impact a business is challenging. It can be time-consuming, and your time-to-hire metrics may be high.

But the search for a business ethics expert doesn’t have to last months – you can cut down your time to hire by using our Business Ethics and Compliance test to find a professional.

Our Business Ethics test will guarantee your new hire consistently follows ethical procedures. If you’ve ever encountered challenges when hiring business ethics experts for your team, ensure your next hire can use their business ethics knowledge to impact the client-business relationship positively.

Use our Business Ethics and Compliance test to hire superior talent

From senior management to middle managers, from company directors to directors of operations, and from supervisors to operations managers, our Business Ethics and Compliance test will ensure you identify leaders who fully understand the importance of business ethics for your organization.

You’ll be able to focus on hiring applicants for any leadership role and assessing your applicants’ business ethics knowledge without any challenges.

Why your business should select our Business Ethics and Compliance test

Did you know that having the right business ethics knowledge on your team can draw in more investors, enhance customer loyalty, increase the reputation of your business, contribute to staff retention, and ensure you avoid legal issues? All it takes is hiring top talent who understand business ethics, and you can achieve great business success.

You may also have other goals for your business, such as keeping your employees motivated and increasing employee morale, enhancing productivity, or avoiding financial losses. To achieve these, simply hire someone with the right business ethics knowledge for your company and start turning your business reputation around. Hire talent with our Business Ethics and Compliance test to save time and avoid mis-hires.

There’s another handy advantage of our test. If you want to develop training sessions for your existing leaders or team members, you’ll find it much easier when you ask them business ethics test questions.

It doesn’t matter if your goal involves hiring internally or evaluating applicants you’ve sourced from your job ad, the Business Ethics and Compliance test is the ideal way to hire great talent.

No other option makes hiring business ethics experts so easy. Choose TestGorilla for your hiring process.

business ethics tests
business ethics tests

Use our Business Ethics and Compliance test the right way to hire top talent

Complete the hiring process using the right skills-testing method

One of our top tips for using our Business Ethics and Compliance test effectively is to ensure you test applicants instantly. Start the skills-testing process the second they’ve applied.

Since resume screening is a traditional hiring method, we know it might be tempting to evaluate your applicants based on their CVs. But consider our next tip: Forget resume screening and replace it with skills testing. Use the Business Ethics and Compliance test alongside other pre-employment tests instead of resume screening and ensure your hiring process is objective.

Choose five tests to create a complete assessment, then watch the results roll in. Gauge your applicants’ skills and select the top candidates for the interview stage.

In summary

Our reliable assessments make hiring effortless. The best experts in business leadership and ethics have created TestGorilla’s business ethics tests. There’s no stopping you from hiring exceptional talent and achieving your business goals.

One final bit of great news: Your applicants will have no problems accessing the assessment because they can complete the tests on a tablet, mobile, or desktop.

Forget complex hiring: Hire an expert with our Business Ethics and Compliance test. Whether you want to enhance your business’ reputation, increase the morale of your existing employees, or hire a business ethics expert internally, you’ve got the answer you’ll need.

Find out how simple hiring can be by choosing our Business Ethics and Compliance test. Hire a professional for your team today with TestGorilla.


What is the difference between an assessment and a test?
An assessment is the total package of tests and custom questions that you put together to evaluate your candidates. Each individual test within an assessment is designed to test something specific, such as a job skill or language. An assessment can consist of up to 5 tests and 20 custom questions. You can have candidates respond to your custom questions in several ways, such as with a personalized video.
Can I add my own questions to an assessment?
Yes! Custom questions are great for testing candidates in your own unique way. We support the following question types: video, multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Besides adding your own custom questions, you can also create your own tests.
How do video questions work?
A video question is a specific type of custom question you can add to your assessment. Video questions let you create a question and have your candidates use their webcam to record a video response. This is an excellent way to see how a candidate would conduct themselves in a live interview, and is especially useful for sales and hospitality roles. Some good examples of things to ask for video questions would be "Why do you want to work for our company?" or "Try to sell me an item you have on your desk right now." You can learn more about video questions here.
Can you explain how the other custom question types work?
Besides video questions, you can also add the following types of custom questions: multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Multiple-choice lets your candidates choose from a list of answers that you provide, coding lets you create a coding problem for them to solve, file upload allows your candidates to upload a file that you request (such as a resume or portfolio), and essay allows an open-ended text response to your question. You can learn more about different custom question types here.
Can I customize an assessment with my company logo and color theme?
Yes! You can add your own logo and company color theme to your assessments. This is a great way to leave a positive and lasting brand impression on your candidates.
What type of support do you offer?
Our team is always here to help. After you sign up, we’ll reach out to guide you through the first steps of setting up your TestGorilla account. If you have any further questions, you can contact our support team via email, chat or call. We also offer detailed guides in our extensive Help & Inspiration Center.
What is the cost for using the Business ethics & compliance test?
You can find our pricing packages here. Sign up here to try TestGorilla today.
Can I combine the Business ethics & compliance test with other tests?
Yes. You can add up to five tests to each assessment.
Where in my recruitment process should I use the Business ethics & compliance test?
We recommend using our assessment software as a pre-screening tool at the beginning of your recruitment process. You can add a link to the assessment in your job post or directly invite candidates by email. TestGorilla replaces traditional CV screening with a much more reliable and efficient process, designed to find the most skilled candidates earlier and faster.
Which situational judgment tests do you offer?
We offer the following situational judgment tests: Leadership & People Management, Business Ethics & Compliance, Business Judgment, and Negotiation.

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