10 Mettl alternatives for assessing your candidates

10 Mettl alternatives for assessing your candidates

Mettl alternatives assessing candidates

Finding the best pre-employment assessment platform can be difficult. Every skills-assessment platform, including Mettl, claims to have the best assessments, so you may wonder which one is the most reliable or suitable for your business. 

What’s the best way to find the right testing platform for your hiring process? Comparing the leading platforms is one of the best methods. 

If you find it challenging to find all the information you need, this article is for you. In it, you’ll find all the details about the different Mettl alternatives out there, so that you can make an informed choice. 

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What are the top Mettl alternatives you should consider?

Below, you’ll find a list of the top 10 Mettl alternatives that are currently available. Continue reading the article for more information about each one.

Top mettl alternatives consider
  1. TestGorilla
  2. eSkill
  3. Wonderlic
  4. iMocha
  5. Testinvite
  6. Criteria
  7. Employment Technologies
  8. Vervoe
  9. Xobin
  10. Harver

A quick look at Mercer Mettl vs. other pre-employment testing software

If you need to quickly compare all the alternatives at a glance, check out our comparison table in this section for a condensed summary of the details of each platform:

PlatformPriceTop featuresDisadvantagesFree plan option?Customer support & knowledge base
TestGorillaForever free plan available with limited access to the assessments
Pay-as-you-go: $300 per year
Scale: $3,600 per year
Business: $24,000 per year
200+ pre-employment tests for a wide range of skills and cognitive abilities;
Asynchronous video interviews;
Automated test scoring for real-time results;
Automatic candidate rankings;
The possibility to add custom questions and create custom tests;
Custom branding for a better candidate experience;
Anti-cheating features;
Easy integrations with many ATS and HRIS tools
Live video not availableYesLive customer chat;
Request submission option; Help center with detailed guides and answers to most questions;
Video resources
eSkillSmall business: $1200 per year
Staffing, basic, premium, and enterprise options: Prices available upon request
Hundreds of subject-based assessments and multi-subject tests;
Customizable tests;
Video questions; s
A dedicated Assessment Expert who can advise you on your hiring;
Custom branding
No coding simulation questions;
Results dashboard could be more user-friendly
No, but a free demo option is availableBlog;
Video resources;
Help center;
Cost-savings calculator
Wonderlic (formerly WonScore)Pricing available upon requestBuilt-in AI job description profile and job-specific scoring;
Cognitive ability, personality, and motivation tests
No coding or other job-specific tests;
Expensive for small businesses
No, but a free demo option is availableBlog;
Return-on-investment calculator
iMochaCustom pricing options available upon request2500+ skills tests;
Talent analytics for better benchmarking and hiring;
AI-enabled proctoring;
Coding simulators and live coding interviews
Poor UI/UX for users;
Removing a user removes the tests they’ve created
YesEmail support;
Chatbot option;
Blog and newsroom;
Knowledge base 
TestinviteCredit-based system: pay as you go, starting at $100 for 250 creditsThe possibility to create custom tests;
Anti-cheating features;
Detailed reporting;
Automatic scoring
Limited support for specific languages;
Internet Explorer isn’t supported
Blog, news, and updates
CriteriaEssentials, professional, and enterprise pricing plans available upon requestThe possibility to tailor the difficulty level to the candidate; Highly customizable assessment process;
Real-time, automated scoring;
A range of ATS and HRIS integrations
No live video interviewing is available;
User experience could be improved
Yes, 21-day free trialResources library;
Employment TechnologiesPricing information available upon request900+ skills tests;
The possibility to add a job preview to attract talent;
Virtual audio interviews
You might need to create URLs manually for retesting;
Outdated UI
No, demo upon requestArticles; company news;
Job match surveys
VervoeSubscription options range from $228 per year to $3000 per year for the Growth PlanCustomized assessments tailored to the role you’re hiring for;
Branded assessments;
AI-enabled assessment customization and grading;
Automated scoring and ranking;
API integrations with ATS and HRIS software tools
Poor user experience;
Difficult to reuse questions from your question bank
YesHelp center;
Hiring resources + integration advice;
Video tutorials
XobinEssential: $1,992 per year
Standard: $4,788 per year
Enterprise: pricing upon request
1000+ pre-built tests;
AI-based webcam proctoring;
White-labeling with APIs and webhooks;
Mobile-friendly tests
Limited range of specific coding questions;
Reports no longer accessible if you deactivate your account
Yes, 14-day free trialLive chat option;
HR glossary;
HarverPricing information available upon requestBehavioral, cognitive, job-specific, and other assessments;
The possibility to evaluate the tech setup of candidates (internet speed, reliability, computing power, etc.);
Automated reference checking 
Accessing the platform may be complicated due to access/credential issues;
Reports aren’t very detailed
No, demo available upon requestEmail support;
Webinars, eBooks, whitepapers;

What are the pros and cons of Mettl? 

Now that we’ve looked at the most important details of the available alternatives to Mettl, let’s see where the platform itself excels and look at its shortcomings. 

Pros of Mettl

Here are some of the reasons why Mettl is a good choice for pre-employment testing: 

  • The variety of available tests: Mettl offers coding assessments, coding simulators, psychometric tests, behavioral assessments, and even communication tests. The test variety is larger than many of its competitors and is comparable to TestGorilla’s test library.
  • Diverse hiring tools: Mettl also provides good solutions for hiring teams, such as their online interview tool and campus hiring feature.
  • Learning and development features: You can also use the platform to manage learning and development, identify your top performers, and help your employees grow.
Pros and cons of mettl

Cons of Mettl

There are also a few downsides to Mettl, such as: 

  • Proctored assessments are not available on tablets and mobile devices: Although Mettl offers proctoring and anti-cheating options, some proctoring features don’t work with mobile devices. The platform suggests that job seekers take some of the exams on laptops or desktops.
  • The mobile version seems to be less reliable: Mettl mentions that even though most tests are compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, candidates should take high-stakes tests on desktops/laptops.
  • Mettl lacks some types of tests: Despite all the tests it offers, Mettl lacks some important test types, such as numerical and mechanical assessments. This limits what you can get out of the platform if you’re looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for all your testing needs.
  • The user interface is okay but could be improved: The Mettl platform has a functional user interface but lacks smoothness compared to other competitors. For instance, HR professionals and hiring managers must switch between different pages, navigating back and forth, to view their candidates’ questions and answers. 

Top 10 Mercer Mettl alternatives to assess your applicants thoroughly

Here are the top 10 alternatives to Mettl, which can help you assess your applicants and make the right hiring decisions. 

1. TestGorilla

testgorilla homepage

Although Mettl offers a wide selection of tests, TestGorilla has an even better variety of assessments and has some truly innovative tests. Examples include the Culture Add test and the Motivation test, which you can use to see who best aligns with your values, company culture, and expectations. 

Additionally, TestGorilla features personality, cognitive, numerical, and language tests and also gives you the possibility to build your own individualized assessments, featuring video and essay questions. 

In short, the platform offers an exceptional variety of test types to facilitate a data-driven approach to hiring. 

This platform also offers various coding and programming tests on plenty of platforms and programming languages, from SQL Server to Python, to help you assess the skills of your future software engineers and developers.

And if you’re looking for personality and psychometric tests, TestGorilla gives you plenty of options to assess your candidates’ suitability for a given role. From the 16-types test to the Big 5 OCEAN test to the Enneagram test, you can easily evaluate your applicants’ personalities and make sure they’re compatible with your wider team.

Pros and cons of testgorilla

How are TestGorilla’s assessments created, though? 

Subject-matter experts create each test and others evaluate it to ensure its accuracy and precision. Tests undergo an intensive calibration process and questions are retired after a certain number of test-takers see them, which helps maintain the integrity of the assessments. 

In short, we do the difficult work so you’ll never again struggle to hire top talent. More than 8,200 companies have integrated TestGorilla into their hiring, and for a good reason: If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for all candidate assessments, TestGorilla is one of the best choices out there. 

Choose an exceptional pre-employment screening platform to streamline your hiring process. Sign up for a demo to get extra information on all the platform’s features.

testgorilla g2 review

Pros of TestGorilla

Here are some of the pros of TestGorilla: 

  • There’s a forever free trial option
  • Custom tests are available
  • It features the best variety of tests on the market
  • It has strong anti-cheating features to maintain objectivity
  • The platform offers the option to do asynchronous video interviews
  • You can integrate TestGorilla with various applicant tracking systems (ATS)

Cons of TestGorilla

On the downside, with TestGorilla: 

  • You cannot set up real-time video interviews

2. eSkill

eskill homepage

Just as TestGorilla offers a wide variety of tests, so does eSkill. There are several kinds of assessments to select from, plus many different types of assessment questions, which might be a better fit than what Mettl has to offer. 

eSkill offers behavioral, cognitive, data entry, Excel, MS Office, and typing assessments that will point you in the correct direction when finding proficient experts with the skills you need. 

Some types of assessments you get with eSkill are: 

  • Video questions
  • Subject-specific assessments
  • Office skill-related assessments
  • Customizable tests

And, unlike Mettl, there is no shortage of numerical, math, or accounting tests with eSkill. You can select from financial-assistant tests to accounts-payable or receivable tests to find the needed talent.

Pros of eSkill

Here are some of the pros of eSkill:

  • The platform offers various custom test options
  • You can send a bulk invitation to all candidates
  • Proctoring options are available
  • Customer support is good

Cons of eSkill

Here are some of the downsides of eSkill:

  • It’s difficult to save reports for each candidate
  • According to users, the results dashboard is not very user friendly
  • Emails to candidates sometimes end up in Spam

3. Wonderlic (formerly WonScore)

wonscore homepage

Wonderlic (formerly WonScore) enables you to use three categories of tests to help you find the best candidate: motivation, your candidates’ personalities, and cognitive abilities.

This approach is different from what Mettl offers but can be replicated with TestGorilla, which enables you to combine up to five tests in a single assessment. 

Wonderlic, similarly to TestGorilla, Mettl, and eSkill, enables you to compare applicants with minimal effort. You simply need to check the results to get an insight into your applicants’ qualities and their suitability for your role. You also have the option to save your candidates’ results as PDF documents to review them all at once. 

However, the Wonderlic platform has one very obvious limitation: There’s a strong emphasis on personality and cognitive ability, but a limited variety of skills tests and assessments. 

This limited range of assessments won’t give you the same precise insights into your applicants’ abilities compared to Mettl or TestGorilla (here’s a comparison between Wonderlic and TestGorilla).

Pros of Wonderlic

Pros and cons of wonderlic

Here are some of Wonderlic’s pros:

  • The completion time is short, which helps enhance the candidate’s experience
  • The platform offers specific job categories to make it easy to choose the right assessments for each role
  • It offers a handy dashboard and a smooth user experience

Cons of Wonderlic

A few negative aspects of Wonderlic are: 

  • Its personality tests may not be as precise or reliable as some competitors
  • Some users say the platform is too expensive for small businesses
  • Emails might end up in candidates’ Spam folders

4. iMocha

imocha homepage

The iMocha platform has plenty of features, which make it suitable for different businesses. This platform has more than 1,000 assessments, too, so you’ll be spoilt for choice if you opt for iMocha over Mettl. 

You can also build customizable assessments (based on the price plan you choose), meaning you can create a unique assessment for your applicants. If you plan to use this option a lot, make sure you choose the subscription plan that best fits your needs.

Unlike many Mettl alternatives, iMocha offers a live-interviewing option. So, while you can do asynchronous video interviews with some of the other platforms on this list, iMocha goes a step further and lets you interview applicants in real-time, too. 

With iMocha, you’re also getting a smooth user interface and user-friendly navigation (unlike Mettl). You can even integrate this platform with several applicant tracking systems.

Pros of iMocha

Four pros of iMocha include:

  • You can use skills tests in various languages
  • The platform has proctoring features that prevent candidates from cheating
  • You can select various difficulty levels for each test
  • It’s a user-friendly platform that’s easy to navigate
Pros and cons of iMocha

Cons of iMocha

On the downside, with iMocha: 

  • You cannot use the same mail ID to re-invite candidates
  • The platform’s user interface is somewhat confusing
  • If you remove a user from the platform, the tests they created also disappear

5. Testinvite

testinvite homepage

The personality and cultural fit assessments available on Testinvite make the platform unique. In addition to that, you’ll also have a huge selection of tests and test types when you sign up.

Testinvite offers you tests to assess a number of different skills: coding, English language skills, software and technology knowledge, attention to detail, analytical reasoning, cognitive, and problem-solving abilities. You also have a selection of psychometric tests to choose from. 

Testinvite has strong security and proctoring features, helping you prevent cheating and ensure a fair assessment.

Pros and cons of Testinvite

Pros of Testinvite

Three pros of Testinvite include:

  • It’s an easy-to-use, well-designed platform
  • It offers good customer support
  • You can ask candidates to record and upload videos to simplify screening

Cons of Testinvite

On the other hand, with Testinvite: 

  • Making longer tests from scratch is time-consuming
  • Internet Explorer is not supported

6. Criteria

criteria homepage

Criteria aims to enhance the objectivity of candidate reviewing with a wide selection of assessments. From cognitive ability to personality to emotional intelligence, Criteria will help you assess various skills, qualities, and traits when hiring. 

You also have the option to use one-way asynchronous video interviewing assessments to build structured interviews. You can select a video template from the stock library and then add the video assessment to any stage of your recruitment process.

The specific tests you can choose from include Microsoft Word, data entry, computer literacy, Microsoft Excel, and many more. Additionally, candidates can complete many of the assessments on a tablet or a mobile device.

Pros and cons of Criteria

Pros of Criteria

Here are some of Criteria’s pros:

  • It features a bulk assessment assignment feature
  • Assessment results are easy to interpret
  • You can customize assessments easily

Cons of Criteria

On the other hand, some users of Criteria complain that:

  • The website runs slowly and it’s difficult to build non-customized assessments
  • The user experience isn’t as smooth as for some other platforms

7. Employment Technologies

employment technologies

Employment Technologies offers hiring assessments for several industries, including the financial, healthcare, and credit union industries. 

They have more than 900 skills tests available, which is impressive. You can use them to assess applicants’ language aptitude, IT skills, business skills, accounting and finance knowledge, and software expertise.

This platform is mobile-compatible and also offers virtual interviews that improve applicant engagement. 

If you need to assess personality and ensure your applicants are a good fit and are likely to not leave your company quickly, Employment Technologies has a predictive tool just for that, the EASy Retention Index. That’s unique for their platform and not something that Mettl has.

Pros and cons of employment technologies

Pros of Employment Technologies

Among the advantages of Employment Technologies, we have the following: 

  • The platform features plenty of user-friendly hiring tools
  • Candidates can complete interviews and assessments on a mobile device
  • The platform offers over 900 skills tests

Cons of Employment Technologies

On the downside, with Employment Technologies: 

  • Sometimes HR professionals and hiring managers must create personalized URLs for retesting
  • The platform’s UI seems to be rather outdated

8. Vervoe

vervoe homepage

Vervoe also offers a lot of choices, with its 300 online tests. With it, you can assess anything from programming skill tests to communication, attention to detail, cyber security, Excel, and technical writing. 

But what makes Vervoe unique is its AI feature. You can use it to test and review your applicants according to a pre-specified set of criteria, which helps you make the right hiring decision. It’s a sophisticated test-building tool that surpasses Mettl in terms of quality.

Vervoe has several built-in integrations, too. You can connect it to platforms like BambooHR, Breezy, Greenhouse, LinkedIn, Slack, SmartRecruiters, and others. 

With it, you can select from several question types, such as coding challenges and presentations, and take advantage of the anti-cheating feature to review applicants objectively.

Pros and cons of vervoe

Pros of Vervoe

Here are some of Vervoe’s pros: 

  • It has a vast test library, featuring over 300 tests
  • You can integrate it easily with ATSs
  • It provides several templates to help you start testing
  • You can record interviews

Cons of Vervoe

On the downside, with Vervoe: 

  • The link function is not user-friendly and can harm the candidate’s experience
  • It’s difficult to reuse questions from the question bank you create

9. Xobin

xobin homepage

With Xobin, you get psychometric, coding, and functional skills tests – but if you’re looking for custom assessments, this platform also provides this option. 

If you’re worried that your applicants may be tempted to cheat, Xobin has got you covered: It has a proctoring feature that flags any out-of-the-ordinary activity during assessments.

Xobin is a thorough testing platform ideal for technical and non-technical HR professionals and offers multiple-choice and video questions. 

Pros and cons of xobin

Pros of Xobin

Here are some of Xobin’s pros: 

  • It offers a good user experience and interface
  • You get a large selection of technical assessments
  • Proctoring options are available
  • Its customer support team is exceptional

Cons of Xobin

Some of the disadvantages of Xobin are:

  • The proctoring feature fails to recognize multiple objects or faces
  • If you deactivate your account, reports are no longer accessible

10. Harver

harver homepage

Harver offers behavioral, cognitive, soft-skill, hard-skill, and work-from-home assessments.

But that’s not all! Recorded interviews are possible with Harver, helping you assess applicants’ communication skills and personality type. The platform also offers real-time interviews if you’d rather interview applicants directly (something you won’t get with Mercer Mettl).

Harver also offers several ATS integrations.

Pros cons Harver

Pros of Harver

Here are the advantages of Harver: 

  • You can see candidates’ results as a graph, which you can use as a visual aid for the evaluation process
  • Harver automates complex, repetitive tasks and can grade candidates automatically
  • Harver’s customer support is excellent

Cons of Harver

Here are some of the things users dislike about Harver: 

  • The platform has occasional glitches when displaying PDF documents
  • Reports are rather limited

Choose the best skills testing platform: Try the #1 Mettl alternative

Quality and reliability are critical when choosing a skill-testing platform. And indeed, there’s no question about that: Choosing the best pre-employment testing platform will enable you to find and hire the best talent. 

The number one Mettl alternative, TestGorilla, offers you the most accurate skills tests,  the best integrations, the most intuitive UI, the most customization options, and the widest variety of test types. 

Schedule a demo and try TestGorilla for free to streamline your hiring process.

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