10 WonScore from Wonderlic alternatives for faultless hiring

10 WonScore from Wonderlic alternatives for faultless hiring
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If you’re hiring top talent, one thing’s certain: A pre-employment testing platform is the best way to review and assess your candidates. You might have considered WonScore for your hiring needs and realized that, despite its benefits, it lacks certain features or isn’t suited to your recruitment process. 

And if you want a comprehensive platform, you might question whether WonScore is the ideal option. That’s where this article can help you. We’ve listed 10 alternatives to WonScore from Wonderlic that you should try. Read on for our top selection.

What are the best WonScore alternatives to try this year?

What are the best WonScore alternatives to try this year?

For a data-driven hiring process that helps you find the best professionals, check out these WonScore alternatives:

  1. TestGorilla

  2. Plum

  3. Harver

  4. Duck’n’owl

  5. HireVue

  6. eSkill

  7. Testinvite

  8. EmployTest

  9. HireScore

  10. HighMatch

Why consider WonScore alternatives for your hiring requirements?

Despite its strengths, WonScore has a few limitations. Let’s jump to the problems you may encounter when using WonScore.

Live or recorded video interviewing isn’t available

WonScore does not provide hiring teams with live video or recorded interviewing options, so your hiring team will need to find an alternative platform to conduct interviews with your candidates.

It offers few ATS integrations

You may notice that your ATS may not appear on the compatible WonScore applicant tracking system integrations list. This lack of compatibility can hinder your hiring process and lead to difficulties when feeding back to your candidates or managing the assessments in your current system.

WonScore doesn’t offer skills tests in various languages

WonScore doesn’t offer its skills tests in various languages, which may be an inconvenience to your hiring team if you need to hire from non-anglophone countries.

10 WonScore from Wonderlics alternatives to optimize your hiring process

We’ve put together the in-depth information you need about each WonScore alternative. Read our list below for additional details.

1. TestGorilla

Where WonScore lacks in video-recorded interviews, ATS integrations, and language support, TestGorilla goes above and beyond. TestGorilla offers recorded, structured interviews, and plenty of ATS integrations. This assessment software also offers tests in Spanish, French, and Dutch (as well as English). 

The range of high-quality pre-employment tests proves that this is an assessment platform dedicated to making hiring easier for hiring managers.

testgorilla homepage

TestGorilla provides personality, culture-add, and psychometric tests, including critical-thinking, communication, and attention-to-detail assessments. The variety of tests this platform offers is more extensive than WonScore, so you’ll have more options to complete the candidate testing phase, assess technical skills, and evaluate your applicants’ real-world job performance. 

reasons businesses are choosing TestGorilla

TestGorilla’s cutting-edge data science features give you data-driven assessments, even for remote HR jobs or reviewing customer-success manager skills.

Over 7,500 businesses have chosen TestGorilla for their hiring requirements. The platform is ideal for hiring managers who want to provide outstanding candidate experience and find a simple way to compare candidates or job seekers. 

Find out why TestGorilla is the ideal platform to hire talent. Start your free trial today. 

Pros of TestGorilla

Three advantages of the TestGorilla platform are:

  • TestGorilla’s assessment tests are all created by experts at the top of their fields

  • It takes minimal effort to build an assessment – you can create one in minutes

  • You can personalize the assessments in just a few clicks

a G2 review of TestGorilla

Cons of TestGorilla

One disadvantage of the TestGorilla platform is:

  • Although it offers recorded interviews, it doesn’t provide a live interviewing option

2. Plum

The Plum talent assessment platform provides various assessment criteria, including decision-making, conflict-resolution, and adaptation tests. It also gives you a detailed results overview for each applicant, which you can share with your candidates.

The Plum platform gives you the option to review your applicants’ IQ, and it combines all these criteria into one psychometric assessment. It also includes different categories, such as Top Talents, Work Preferences, and Work Style, making it simpler for hiring managers to complete the assessment process effortlessly.

The platform offers a few integrations, including Greenhouse and SAP SuccessFactors.

plum homepage

Pros of Plum

Two advantages of the Plum platform are:

  • Plenty of integrations are available with Plum

  • It is backed by research 

Cons of Plum

One disadvantage of the Plum platform is:

  • Some candidate results may not be very accurate 

3. Harver

Like WonScore, Harver provides hiring managers with psychometric tests, including cognitive and behavioral assessments. However, a few features set this platform apart from WonScore.

For example, WonScore doesn’t offer interviewing options, whereas Harver provides you with recorded and live interviews.

Other assessments Harver offers hiring managers include behavioral, cognitive, and soft skills tests. The selection is larger than WonScore, so Harver will help you find a professional by using a more comprehensive range of tests.

Pros of Harver

Three advantages of the Harver platform are:

  • It offers reference checking as a hiring solution

  • Harver offers a good candidate experience and is ideal for recruiters

  • Its range of skills assessments, including behavioral and soft skills, is useful

Cons of Harver

One disadvantage of the Harver platform is:

  • The platform has occasional bugs that prevent you from viewing some reports

4. Duck’n’owl

The comprehensive Duck’n’owl platform features a variety of skills tests – 200, to be precise. You can use the tests for various industries and levels, including management, business intelligence, general aptitude, and computer literacy. Alternatively, you can choose by the role you’re hiring for; from sales to software development, you’ve got plenty of choices. 

Duck’n’owl provides you with ranked scores that the platform measures based on applicants’ responses. Its user-friendly interface helps you screen candidates and schedule their assessments without hassle.

Moreover, you can use video interview assessment types to review your applicants and learn more about their personalities. And the platform also offers a resume screening feature.

Pros of Duck’n’owl

Three advantages of the Duck’n’owl platform are:

  • The platform offers applicant tracking integrations for recruiters

  • Hiring teams can customize assessments

  • Candidates can use mobile devices to send their pre-screening interview

Cons of Duck’n’owl

One disadvantage of the Duck’n’owl platform is:

  • The platform may lack a few technical assessments you can get elsewhere

5. HireVue

Unlike WonScore, HireVue offers video interviewing options with its assessments. Its interview builder is the perfect accompaniment to this tool, working like an automation option and helping you create structured interviews.

The pre-employment assessments you get with HireVue range from retail to hospitality, and from financial services to technology industries. You can use the platform’s skill tests in various languages – something WonScore currently doesn’t offer.

You’ve also got the option to upload videos to enable candidates to learn more about your organization. The platform offers live interviewing options, too.

hirevue homepage

Pros of HireVue

Three advantages of the HireVue platform are:

  • HireVue is compatible with iPad, Android, and iPhone

  • The platform gets accurate results and creates training courses for new hires

  • The platform offers virtual interviewing, which some platforms don’t offer

Cons of HireVue

One disadvantage of the HireVue platform is:

  • The platform doesn’t offer great customer support 

6. eSkill

eSkill provides plenty of options for different assessments, as well as many kinds of question types. Some examples of assessment types you can choose include Excel, Microsoft Office, and behavioral assessments, while the types of questions available include video questions and advanced simulations.

The main benefit of eSkill compared with WonScore is its many integrations: WonScore doesn’t offer many integrations, but eSkill offers LMS and ATS integrations for JazzHR, SmartRecruiters, Jobvite, Greenhouse, Oracle, and more.

Pros of eSkill

Three advantages of the eSkill platform are:

  • The platform’s proctoring options helps prevent candidates from looking up answers

  • You can customize the platform’s assessment tests 

  • The platform offers a very good user interface

Cons of eSkill

One disadvantage of the eSkill platform is:

  • Some features you might expect the platform to offer are just add-ons

7. Test Invite

test invite homepage

Test Invite shares a similar feature with WonScore: its range of culture fit tests. But the platform offers a greater range than WonScore when it comes to other kinds of tests.

With Test Invite, you can select various test types, including attention to detail (with different levels), math fundamentals, critical thinking, and tests related to spatial reason.

Another feature of Test Invite not found in WonScore is the option to select tests in Turkish and other languages. 

And Test Invite also offers effectiveproctoring options. They are more advanced than those offered by WonScore, enabling HR professionals to restrict the number of devices candidates use to take the test to prevent candidates from cheating.

Pros of Test Invite

Three advantages of the Test Invite platform are:

  • The platform offers skills tests in different languages

  • The user interface is good and easy to use

  • It has a huge range of question types

Cons of Test Invite

One disadvantage of the Test Invite platform is:

  • Creating longer tests can take too much time, which you may need for other parts of the hiring process

8. EmployTest

Some tests you can use with EmployTest include software, administration, behavioral tests, and tests for different industries (such as healthcare and warehouse skill assessments).

It offers video interviewing (in a non-live capacity), making it easier to conduct remote interviews – an option WonScore doesn’t offer.

EmployTest also provides background history and social media checks if you need to test your job applicants. This is a rare feature, not included in many skill-testing platforms.

employtest homepage

Pros of EmployTest

Three advantages of the EmployTest platform are:

  • Mobile compatibility enables applicants to complete tests on iPhone and Android

  • The platform offers a large variety of tests for candidates

  • ATS integrations are seamless with EmployTest

Cons of EmployTest

One disadvantage of the EmployTest platform is:

  • Live interviewing isn’t available with EmployTest

9. HireScore

Candidate score comparison is simple with HireScore. You’ll receive instant comparisons and be able to mine the data efficiently to make a hiring decision.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface with a dashboard where you can leave notes for yourself or manage candidates effectively. These features help you track your candidates’ progress through the recruitment process.

Like EmployTest, you can use HireScore to complete additional background checks. To use this background check feature, you must use a plugin with the platform.

hirescore homepage

Pros of HireScore

Three advantages of the HireScore platform are:

  • Effortless candidate comparison 

  • You can flag candidates via a user-friendly interface

  • HireScore’s assessment tests are all legally compliant and help you hire applicants legally

Cons of HireScore

One disadvantage of the HireScore platform is:

  • The background check feature is not automatically included, so you must use a plugin

10. HighMatch

Situational judgment, marketing, accounting, leadership, and customer service tests are some of the assessment types you get with HighMatch. You can also choose from a range of hard skill, personality, and aptitude tests.

The platform offers custom questions and the option to add questions related to culture matches for more comprehensive candidate testing. When you receive the results of your applicants’ tests, you’ll find it easy to understand the reports, which are clear and well presented.

highmatch homepage

Pros of HighMatch

Three advantages of the HighMatch platform are:

  • The culture match option helps you review whether your applicants are a good fit

  • Personality tests are available 

  • You can add custom questions to your assessment for more specific results

Cons of HighMatch

One disadvantage of the HighMatch platform is:

  • The candidate experience is not ideal as the completion time for tests is long

WonScore vs. competitors: A quick summary comparison of the vital details

Check the summary table below for a concise breakdown of the critical details for our WonScore alternatives.




Free plan option?

Customer Support


Options range from $300 to $24,000 annually

Conducting live interviews isn’t possible


In-depth help support center, a section for frequently asked questions, blog, and live chat


Contact Plum for pricing options

Assessment time is not long enough


FAQ section, phone, help center


Contact Harver for pricing options

Viewing the PDF reports isn’t always easy due to glitches


Email, webinar section, blog section, ebook section, whitepapers


Get quotes by contacting the team

Lack of social media integrations


Blog, contact form, email


Essentials plan for businesses with 2,500–7,500 employees is $35,000 annually. Request a quote for the enterprise plan.

Occasional poor customer support


Resources library with information, blog


Starts at $100 (charged annually). Contact eSkill for other subscription options.

There may be glitches when you save documents


Blog section, video resources section, in-depth help center,

Test Invite

Use a pay-as-you-go credit system that starts at 250 credits for $100

It takes time to create assessments for candidates


Blog and FAQ sections, guides, blog, and news


Credit system: 5 credits for $199 and up to 100 credits for $1,999

Assessment results are sometimes inaccurate


Resources section, contact form, phone


Contact HireScore to get a quote

Not many integrations




Contact HighMatch for quotes

It takes time to create assessments for candidates


Blog and knowledgebase

Select and integrate the optimum platform for your recruitment process

Finding talent can be tricky, but you can find exceptional talent quickly with the right assessment platform. Now you know the best WonScore alternatives, you can easily select the most suitable platform for your needs.

TestGorilla tops the list for a reason. It offers much greater variety in terms of skills tests and more integrations with different kinds of applicant tracking systems. That is why more than 7,500 companies have opted to use the platform. 

Try TestGorilla for free today and see why it’s the best WonScore alternative for your organization.

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