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Culture add
This culture add test assesses how a candidate’s values and behaviors align with your organization values and the behaviors that would make your ideal hire successful in a specific role, based on a customized survey you fill out.
Clock 10 min
This PostgreSQL test evaluates candidates’ skills and knowledge of PostgreSQL implementation, administration, and optimization. This test identifies database administrators with real-world skills to handle relational database systems with PostgreSQL.
Clock 10 min
Customer service
This customer service test evaluates a candidate’s ability to respond to customer issues in an appropriate manner. This test will help you identify candidates who take a customer-centric approach to problem resolution to deliver the best service.
Clock 10 min
SQLite (coding): intermediate-level querying
This SQLite coding test evaluates candidates' skills in creating a query on a database with medium complexity. It immerses the candidate in a realistic scenario, and solving it requires intermediate SQLite querying skills.
Clock 30 min
Critical thinking
This critical thinking test evaluates candidates’ skills in critical thinking through inductive and deductive reasoning problems. This test will help you identify candidates who can evaluate information and make sound judgments using analytical skills.
Clock 10 min
The MongoDB test evaluates candidates’ skills in the database solution and their ability to apply best practices for security, infrastructure, performance, and reliability. This test helps you identify candidates with strong MongoDB skills.
Clock 10 min
IT/Engineering Microsoft 365
This Microsoft 365 test evaluates candidates’ technical skills using the Microsoft 365 platform (Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams) and their ability to evaluate, design, deploy, and manage Microsoft 365 services.
Clock 10 min
Windows Server Administration
This Windows Server Administration test evaluates candidates’ technical knowledge of and skills using Windows Server operating systems and their ability to deploy and support Windows Server. This test helps identify skilled Windows Server administrators.
Clock 10 min
Cloud system administration
This Cloud system administration test evaluates candidates’ skills in installing, configuring, and maintaining computer systems. This test helps you identify sysadmins with experience in Windows and Linux and experience in cloud solutions and networking.
Clock 10 min
Active Directory
This Active Directory test evaluates implementation and administration skills when hiring. The test helps employers identify candidates who can effectively install, operate, and troubleshoot Active Directory in a small- to medium-sized computer network.
Clock 10 min
This Wireshark test evaluates candidate knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently use Wireshark to analyze networks while identifying issues for troubleshooting, performance improvement, security enhancement, and capacity planning.
Clock 10 min
Working with data
The Working with data test evaluates candidates' ability to work with data, including handling data correctly and performing basic data analysis. This test helps you identify candidates who understand how to work with data to track and present results.
Clock 10 min
Rooted in Oldham & Hackman’s Job Characteristics Model, the job preferences test measures the extent to which your candidates' expectations align with your job offer, based on a customized survey that you and the candidate both fill out.
Clock 15 min
Microsoft PowerPoint
This Microsoft PowerPoint test evaluates candidates' conceptual and creative skills to shape compelling presentations. It also tests their technical skills in creating effective slides using PowerPoint as part of the Microsoft Office suite.
Clock 10 min
Numerical reasoning
This numerical reasoning test evaluates candidates’ general aptitude with numbers and their skill in interpreting them for a wide range of applications. This test will help you identify candidates with strong numerical skills.
Clock 10 min
Database Development
This Database Development test evaluates candidates’ knowledge of relational database development. This test will help you identify developers capable of designing and implementing relational databases that meet your business needs.
Clock 10 min
Database Management and Administration
This Database Management and Administration test evaluates candidates’ knowledge of core approaches in supplying data to applications. It will help you identify database managers capable of administering databases that meet your business needs.
Clock 10 min
Microsoft Exchange Server
This Microsoft Exchange Server hiring test assesses candidates' skills in deploying and administering a mail server using Microsoft Exchange Server. This hiring test assesses technical and professional skills using this software in a real-world context.
Clock 10 min
Oracle DBMS
This test on Oracle DBMS will verify the candidates' technical knowledge of Oracle Database, including database architecture, storage structure, schema objects, backup and recovery techniques, and database security management.
Clock 10 min
MariaDB (Dev)
This MariaDB (development) test evaluates a candidate’s ability to develop in MariaDB. This screening test will help you hire MariaDB experts who can effectively operate your database.
Clock 10 min