Pre-employment testing: A complete guide

Benefits of pre-employment testing for employers

In this section, we’ll start off with a look at why we believe the resume should be consigned to history, and how skills-based hiring using pre-employment tests is the smarter, data-driven approach.

We’ll focus on the many benefits of pre-employment testing for employers, which includes saving time and resources, improving the quality of hires, making unbiased hiring decisions, and reducing time to hire. We’ve added links to some of our own case studies that show how many businesses have directly benefited from using pre-employment testing software in their hiring process.

We know that candidates cheating on online tests can be a worry for recruiters and employers, so we’ve included a section on anti-cheating measures too.

You may be wondering what the tangible benefits of using pre-employment screening tests are compared with other methods for recruiting, such as resumes.If you’ve never used pre-employment assessment tests or tried skills-based hiring before, you might be trying to decide if it’s right for your organization. Whatever questions you may have about the benefits of skills testing, we aim to answer them for you. First, let’s look at why resume-led recruiting is an archaic and inaccurate practice.

Resumes belong in the past – skills-based hiring is the future

One of the biggest drains of time and effort in recruitment has to be the resume pile.Resumes only provide you with two pieces of information: education and job experience.Although these are important, they’re not the only factors contributing to a great hire. There is no data out there that suggests that resumes help hiring managers to make great hiring decisions. With all our modern technology, why do we still rely on a recruitment tool that’s been around in one form or another for roughly 500 years?Further, data shows that one in three Americans admit to lying on their resume.

Other findings suggest that hiring for a candidate’s current skills instead of their resume or qualifications has a positive effect on both employers and candidates.Did you know that 76% of employers now use skills-based hiring to identify talent? Or that 54.3% of candidates say that they like this approach better than traditional methods?We haven’t got room to go into all the statistics here, but you can download our State of Skills-Based Hiring 2022 report, which shows that businesses that use skills-based hiring in their recruitment processes achieve extraordinary results.

At TestGorilla, we believe in practicing what we preach. We’ve been doing skills-based hiring right from the beginning, hiring all of our own team using our own tests.So, without further ado, let’s focus on all the benefits of skills-based recruitment through pre-employment testing as opposed to relying on a resume.

10 benefits of pre-employment testing for employers

Here are the top 10 benefits of pre-employment testing for employers and recruiters:

1. Save time and resources

Time is one thing you can’t get back, and time often equals money. The average job role receives around 250 resumes from candidates, and often even more. Recruiters and hiring managers take significant time to go through them, even if they only give each resume a quick skim reading.Applicant tracking systems (ATSs) can help lighten the load. However, there is a risk of missing out on candidates who might be a great fit for your open role but don’t have the right keywords on their resumes for the ATS to pick up on.As a side note, online testing platforms now often provide integration with ATS systems. TestGorilla offers all these integrations and APIs to make your recruitment process faster and smoother:

  • Freshteam integration

  • iCIMS integration

  • BambooHR integration

  • Bullhorn integration

  • Breezy integration

  • Greenhouse integration

  • Recruitee integration

  • JazzHR integration

  • SmartRecruiters integration

  • Zapier integration

  • Lever integration

  • Workable integration

  • Teamtailor integration

Whether an organization is a startup, scale-up, or huge multinational, pre-employment testing saves time and resources because it reduces reliance on the resume. Applicants generally take the tests or assessments through the online link you send them, and the results are sent directly to you for comparison.It’s fast, simple, and stress-free. Even better, there’s not a resume in sight.Want to see some real-life examples proving that pre-employment testing saves money? Studio Le Pera saved around €2,000 on hiring costs by using pre-employment testing instead of traditional screening methods. And Gardenvity slashed its hiring costs by up to 80% when it moved to using skills testing for candidates.

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