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What is a PHP Laravel developer/programmer and what do they do?


A talented PHP Laravel developer can significantly increase the efficiency of web application programming for your organization.

But if you’re a non-technical recruiter, it can be challenging to understand the full scope of a Laravel developer’s role.

This article will explain what Laravel developers are and answer all your questions about the role, outlining what Laravel developers do and shedding light on the Laravel framework.

Definition and meaning: What is Laravel?

Laravel is best described as a PHP framework used for programming web applications. It’s an open-source framework and is free to use. The applications built using Laravel use the MVC (model view controller) pattern, which refers to a particular architecture used to structure a web application.

Since Laravel is a comprehensive programming framework, not only can Laravel developers build web applications, such as a real-time interface or an e-commerce website, but they can also maintain these projects with ease.

Developers who use Laravel will notice that it incorporates some principal functions from various frameworks, including Sinatra and Ruby on Rails.

What does a Laravel developer do?

Using the Laravel framework, Laravel developers design and build tools, services, and applications for the web and websites. They create modern applications and use innovative workarounds for issues in collaboration with their team of developers.

What is a Laravel developer responsible for?

Let’s now look at the primary responsibilities of Laravel developers. Some of their responsibilities include the following tasks:

image listing the responsibilities of a laravel developer
  • Designing and building well-functioning web applications using development tools and high-level programming languages

  • Writing modular codes that are secular

  • Maintaining and designing databases

  • Conducting user interface testing and backend testing for applications

  • Carrying out performance optimization

  • Performing troubleshooting for web applications by testing and debugging

Which skills are required to be a Laravel developer?

With the responsibilities of Laravel developers in mind, it’s important to search for someone with the right skills to ensure they can complete these tasks. As well as some essential technical skills, you must also find out whether your candidates have the right soft skills.

Which technical skills are required to be a Laravel developer?

Some of the technical skills you might be looking for, which are requirements for successful Laravel developers, include the following:

image listing  technical skills required to be a Laravel developer
  • Knowledge of PHP and Laravel at an expert level. Can your Laravel developer confidently use the PHP scripting language and Laravel to create static websites and dynamic web apps?

  • JavaScript skills, CSS skills, and HTML knowledge? Does your Laravel developer have JavaScript, CSS, and HTML knowledge? Can they use their knowledge to ensure shared JavaScript is used consistently across applications? Likewise, do they have the ability to check the shared CSS and HTML are consistent for all apps?

  • SQL database skills and knowledge. Since Laravel supports the SQL and NoSQL databases, knowledge of SQL is crucial. Is your Laravel developer confident when handling SQL and NoSQL databases? 

  • Object-oriented programming skills. Understanding the Laravel framework depends on a good understanding of object-oriented programming principles since it is built using PHP (object-oriented). Is your Laravel developer knowledgeable of object-oriented programming principles and skills?

Which soft skills are required to be a Laravel developer?

Don’t overlook the importance of soft skills when hiring a Laravel developer. Some of the soft skills required to be a Laravel developer include:

image showing soft skills required to be a Laravel developer
  • Problem-solving skills. Can your Laravel developer candidate understand complex problems that clients are experiencing and break them down into smaller parts while using the Laravel framework to solve their challenges?

  • Good communication skills. Can your Laravel developer communicate effectively with their team members, use active listening skills, express ideas clearly, and read clients’ and stakeholders’ body language when communicating? 

  • Creativity and innovative thinking. Can your Laravel developer use innovative thinking when solving issues and thinking about creative workarounds in Laravel to complete a project effectively?

  • Analytical skills. Can your candidates look at issues closely, analyze them one by one, and pay attention to the details to solve them with minimal effort?

  • Critical thinking skills. Can your candidate use deductive reasoning to work their way through issues when using Laravel, and can they combine analytical skills and sound judgments to deliver exceptional web applications and websites?

How to hire a Laravel developer: 3 steps to hire the right candidate

Now you’re aware of the right skills to look for, it’s time to focus on the hiring process. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are the three steps you should follow to hire the right Laravel developer for your team.

list of 3 steps to hire the right candidate

1. Source Laravel developers with a top job description

When hiring a Laravel developer, the first step is to write the job description. Ensure your job description explains the vacancy, describes your organization, and briefly mentions the context in which the new hire will be working. The more compelling your job description, the better your chances of attracting the right Laravel developer.

2. Ask candidates to complete a skills assessment

The moment you begin attracting candidates, get them to complete a skills assessment, including a Laravel skills test, to evaluate how their skills match your open role. This will help you eliminate candidates who do not meet your requirements earlier in the hiring process and reduce your time-to-hire metrics.

A TestGorilla skills assessment consists of selected skills tests that you can use to assess your Laravel developer candidates. This means you can easily test for soft and technical skills, even if you’re a non-technical recruiter.

Since soft skills are as important as technical skills for a Laravel developer, you might choose a Laravel skills test and combine this with soft skills tests.

3. Use the Laravel recruitment management system to handle applications

The Laravel recruitment management system is a handy way to address the management challenges of the recruitment process when hiring Laravel developers. It is an application that makes it simpler for Laravel developers to apply for your vacancy through your website and can be compared to an applicant tracking system.

You’ll find that managing your Laravel developer applicants is simpler with this comprehensive application, which has a broad range of features, such as scorecards for candidates, notifications via email, and a feature to write notes for each of your Laravel developers.

What are Laravel development companies, and how do they support your organization?

There is another option for hiring a Laravel developer. Simply look at the many available Laravel development companies to assist your team. They can support your organization’s projects and ensure they’re completed efficiently.

Laravel development companies offer Laravel development services to assist your particular app development requirements, enhance your web development, and develop your tools or services.

What Laravel development companies can you choose from?

Some of the leading Laravel development companies that you can use when hiring a Laravel developer for your organization include:

  • Resourcifi. Should you need a Laravel development service for your organization, Resourcifi can provide Laravel developers who can assist you with building an online presence and innovative, unique web apps that match the requirements of your business. Founded in 2009, Resourcifi’s diverse Laravel development team assists many companies.

  • Gorilla Logic. If you need a Laravel development service that meets your time zone requirements, Gorilla Logic is a Laravel development company that can assist you. They were founded in 2002 and specifically take on larger projects. Since Gorilla Logic’s Laravel developers implement new ideas and technology, they can complete your applications and pay attention to the smallest details.

  • Rootstrap. As well as web development, some of the Laravel development services offered by Rootstrap include mobile development and machine learning. Rootstrap was founded in 2011 and offers a process that gets going quickly while considering all project angles.

  • RnF Technologies. Some of the Laravel development services you can use when you hire a developer from RnF Technologies include mobile app development, customized eCommerce solutions, and web development. Founded in 2009, this company has especially offered its services to the healthcare industry and financial organizations.

  • Belitsoft. If you are based in the US, the UK, or Europe, Belitsoft can assist you with your Laravel development requirements. Custom mobile development for applications and software development are two of the Laravel development services you can use when you choose Belitsoft, and it specializes in financial and healthcare applications and websites.

Laravel development services: How can they help you?

You might also choose to look into Laravel development services that development companies offer to enhance your web application requirements.

If you need to create a more robust application and ensure that your organization’s online presence is strong, using the available services from Laravel development companies is ideal.

Which Laravel development services are available to your organization?

Plenty of Laravel development services are available, including:

  • Services customized for your needs

  • Services specifically for website development

  • Cloud development Laravel services

  • Assistance with migration to the Laravel framework

  • Laravel development services specifically for outsourcing

How high is the demand for Laravel developers?

According to Stack Overflow’s survey, 10.1% of professional developers use Laravel, compared with the 40.1% that use React.js. However, Laravel is a framework that more than 779,682 live websites use. Laravel’s popularity is growing and is an increasingly important framework for live sites around the world.

Because the Laravel framework is in such high demand, but only 10.1% of professional developers use it, your search for Laravel talent might encounter fierce competition. 

Laravel developer jobs offered by businesses must stand out from their competitors, and the right job description is critical for this.

To help you beat the competition, we’ve included a section on Laravel developer job descriptions below. But first, you need to think about salaries.

Laravel developer salary: What salary should you offer the right candidate?

Several factors affect the salary you should offer a Laravel developer, such as their skillset and whether they are junior, mid-level, or senior-level developers.

If you’re hiring a junior Laravel developer, you might offer a salary of $64,000, compared with a senior-level Laravel developer salary of $100,000.

If you’re hiring a mid-level Laravel developer and you’re located in the US, you might offer a salary of $83,000-$90,000. But, again, this will depend on their skillset and capabilities.

Laravel job description template: What should you include in your Laravel job description?

A Laravel job description is a succinct, compelling description of the role you’re hiring for, which should include the position’s responsibilities, its benefits and perks, and any required qualifications.

To write a compelling Laravel job description, divide it into short sections that cover the following points:

  • Begin with a short job description of the opportunity and briefly mention the developer team the successful candidate would be joining.

  • Next, outline the duties and responsibilities that the successful candidate would carry out each day.

  • Describe the perks of the position after the duties and responsibilities, such as stock options, career progress, bonuses, and private healthcare.

  • Briefly mention the qualifications required for the position, which might include a BSc in Computer Science. Keep this brief to avoid alienating candidates.

  • Mention the skills required for the position, which might include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL database skills, PHP knowledge, and the important soft skills for your role.

We’ve already provided a Laravel job description template in our blog post, How to write a PHP Laravel developer job description, so check this out for more information.

Hire the right PHP Laravel developer for your organization

Despite the competition you face when hiring a PHP Laravel developer, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Combining the right job description and skills tests will help you find the right developer quickly and efficiently.

TestGorilla’s skills tests will make hiring Laravel developers effortless. Hire the right Laravel developer, avoid the headaches and stress, and keep time-to-hire low with TestGorilla!

With TestGorilla, you’ll find the recruitment process to be simpler, faster, and much more effective. Get started for free today and start making better hiring decisions, faster and bias-free.


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