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How to write a PHP Laravel developer job description


The free, open-source PHP framework, Laravel, has many features to assist exceptional developers in developing and deploying applications. Companies across the globe frequently use it, and it could affect your project positively.

So, does your organization need a Laravel developer to take its application projects to the next level?

Are you searching for a proficient Laravel expert with incredible Laravel skills to help produce web applications easily and efficiently? 

A compelling Laravel job description is just what you need to attract the best talent.

Find the samples you need to create a Laravel job description for your organization in this article!

PHP Laravel job profile: A definition

Before writing a PHP Laravel job description, you must write a job profile. This is an internal document that outlines the tasks of the PHP Laravel developer you’re hiring and describes the key characteristics of the position. 

It must also include the requirements of the candidate, such as their experience level and education, and the duties they will have. The Laravel job profile must be succinct yet contain more technical information about the role, which might include the vacancy’s compensation grade.

PHP Laravel developer job profile vs Laravel job description: How are they different?

When writing your Laravel developer job profile, keep in mind the difference between a job description and a job profile. Whereas job profiles are internal documents that you must write to stipulate the skills, competencies, and working conditions, a Laravel job description must appeal to potential employees.

Laravel job description template

Once you have written the job profile, you can focus on other aspects of the Laravel job description. Your Laravel job description must consist of a short explanation of the job and how it fits into your organization. The following template serves as an example.

Example of a Laravel job description template

[Company name] is in need of a Laravel developer who will be responsible for building and creating web apps for our organization. The successful Laravel developer candidate will use the Laravel framework and PHP to help the front-end and the back-end teams produce exceptional web apps and tools.

Success at [company name] in the Laravel developer application will be determined by your competency in using the Laravel GUI. We will also gauge success in terms of the developer’s capabilities with PHP application design and the processes they follow from the beginning to the end of a project.

Exceptional Laravel developers at [company name] can draw upon their expert Laravel framework experience and come up with top design and application development ideas in a timely and efficient manner.

PHP Laravel developer duties and responsibilities

With the job description out of the way, it’s time to turn your attention to the Laravel developer’s duties and responsibilities. This section should be specific while giving candidates an insight into their day-to-day responsibilities.

Example Laravel developer duties and responsibilities section

Some of the critical Laravel developer duties and responsibilities you will be focusing on at [company name] include:

  • Using Laravel for designing and creating web apps and services

  • Discussing the aims of the project with our team of developers

  • Debugging and troubleshooting issues

  • Sharing ideas and working on completing projects with the front-end and back-end teams

  • Working towards the smooth, effortless running of integrations

  • Implementing client feedback to scale projects

  • Ensuring web apps are maintained

  • Implementing relevant security measures according to the required standard

  • Building PHP modules that are efficient

  • Writing modular codes that are secure

  • Testing PHP modules

  • Contributing to database maintenance

  • Contributing to database design

PHP Laravel developer requirements and qualifications

Next up is the requirements and qualifications section of the Laravel developer job description. This section should be concise and specific so that you make it easier for candidates to assess their aptitudes for the role and, at the same time, avoid alienating candidates with lengthy requirements. Here’s an example you can use for this.

Example Laravel developer requirements and qualifications section

Successful candidates will meet the following requirements and have qualifications similar to the following:

  • A computer science or programming degree (or a degree in a similar field)

  • Extensive experience with the PHP scripting language

  • Expertise in HTML mark-up language

  • Proficiency in the JavaScript programming language

  • Unit testing performance abilities

  • A complete portfolio that shows the applications you have worked on

  • Exceptional communication skills

  • Sharp problem-solving abilities

  • Critical thinking abilities and the ability to analyze problems and create solutions

  • Creative skills to come up with workarounds

  • Knowledge and experience with MVC architecture

  • SQL knowledge and understanding of database design

  • Knowledge of unit testing software

  • Experience with query languages for NoSQL or SQL databases

  • Knowledge of cloud servers, such as Digital Ocean

Where to post a Laravel job description: 3 Laravel job boards

Posting a Laravel job description is a crucial step in the hiring process, for which we’ve got you covered. Here are three Laravel job boards you can use to post your Laravel job description.

laravel job boards
  • Larajobs.com. This official Laravel job board features postings from organizations searching for experts with skills in Laravel. Post a job here and select their options to enhance your Laravel job description. Show your organization’s logo, add a custom color to your Laravel job description (for $49 each), or pay to pin your listing to the top of the page for a month (for $199).

  • Remoteok.com. The Remoteok website enables you to post Laravel job descriptions and choose to take advantage of several customization options. You can feature your organization’s logo (for $49) and highlight your listing (for $49). Or you can pin your post to the top of the page for a week (for $699), a month (for $2097), or 24 hours (for $299).

  • DailyRemote.com. Post Laravel job descriptions here and take advantage of making your description visible for a whole month. You’ll also receive support from the DailyRemote team and have your description distributed via Google Jobs and Twitter. Posting your Laravel job description on DailyRemote.com costs $299.

Where to find Laravel developer freelancers: 3 Laravel developer freelancer job boards

Alternatively, you might be looking for a freelance Laravel developer to join your team. If you’re unsure where to find them, you can begin your search with these freelancer job boards.

where to find Laravel developer freelancers
  • Freelancer.com. Posting Laravel job descriptions on Freelancer.com will help you share your vacancy with exceptional freelance talent. You’ll also have the chance to look at your candidates’ portfolios, discuss the opening with them, and view the ratings of candidates. 

  • Upwork. Hiring freelance Laravel developers is easy with Upwork. First, create a free account. You’ll then be able to view candidates’ ratings, check their skills, and see if they align with your organization’s project. 

  • Workana.com. With Workana.com, you can match your vacancy to qualified candidates and then select the ideal candidate for your project. Complete the form and find top freelance talent for your organization.

Pre-employment assessment tests for Laravel developers

Once you notice that your organization is attracting top Laravel developers, pre-employment testing is the next step. You must choose a reliable platform such as TestGorilla to ensure that you can:

  • Hire without unconscious bias

  • Ensure the quality of your tests is exceptional

  • Guarantee that the tests are continually improved

Pre-employment tests ensure that the qualifications your Laravel candidates have included on their resumes match their abilities and skills. But there’s more.

With a pre-employment skill test, you can test your candidates’ soft skills as well as their technical abilities. TestGorilla enables you to choose several skills tests and compile a skills assessment to test your developers. 

You can also test a candidates’ personality and select a culture add test to better understand how your candidates will align with your organization — something that other skills testing platforms simply don’t offer. 

At which stage should a skills assessment be used when hiring?

We suggest that you give candidates a skills assessment that includes all the skills tests you wish to distribute the second you receive applications. So, before you interview candidates or make any decisions based on a resume check, give your candidates a skills assessment, collect the results, and start narrowing down your applicants.

Hire top-notch developers with the right Laravel job description and skills test

With the right Laravel job description, attracting extraordinary developers who have the required skills for your organization is effortless. Although it can be challenging to draft your Laravel job description, you can make the process easier by following the sections outlined in this article and using the examples.

The moment you start attracting remarkable talent, don’t forget to give them a skills assessment to evaluate their abilities. Choose a leading skill-testing platform like TestGorilla to compile a comprehensive assessment that guarantees thoroughness, bias-free decision making, exceptional quality, and a broad range of tests.Start hiring incomparable Laravel developers with the best Laravel job description and skills assessments from TestGorilla today! Try it for free and sign up for a free plan.


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