PHP intermediate-level algorithms test: Pre-employment screening assessment to hire the best candidates

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PHP (coding): intermediate-level algorithms test

Summary of the PHP (coding): intermediate-level algorithms test

This PHP test evaluates candidates’ coding skills through a short coding assignment. The test requires candidates to write code that meets certain requirements, and candidates can run their code to test if the result matches their expectations.

Covered skills

  • Intermediate-level algorithms

Use the PHP (coding): intermediate-level algorithms test to hire

PHP developers and developers with experience in PHP frameworks (e.g. Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, etc.).


Programming skills


30 min





About the PHP (coding): intermediate-level algorithms test

PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is geared towards web development. PHP is fast, flexible, and pragmatic, and powers both simple static websites and complex, dynamic professional-grade websites.

This coding test assesses candidates' ability to create code in PHP that satisfies specific requirements stated in a task. Candidates are provided with an online coding editor in which they add their own code. They can run their code to test if the result matches the expected output of a set of pre-defined test cases.

The test covers concepts of programming using PHP and is geared at intermediate-level developers.

Once candidates submit their answers, the test score is calculated by running the code against a set of test cases that are not available to candidates. These test cases are more comprehensive than what candidates see during the test. The score represents the percentage of test cases that are passed correctly. In your assessment dashboard, you can inspect the code of each candidate and play it back to see how the candidate produced it.

The test is made by a subject-matter expert

Tarpinder S.

Tarpinder is a software development professional with more than a decade of experience using PHP and MySQL. He typically works on large projects requiring complex queries to manage numerous tables and databases. Tarpinder’s expertise extends to API integration with many popular sites, and SQL use for Oracle databases, including expert use of DDL, DML and DCL statements. Tarpinder also devotes time to sharing his wide-ranging knowledge through content writing and course development.

Crafted with expert knowledge

TestGorilla’s tests are created by subject matter experts. We assess potential subject-matter experts based on their knowledge, ability, and reputation. Before being published, each test is peer-reviewed by another expert, then calibrated using hundreds of test takers with relevant experience in the subject. Our feedback mechanisms and unique algorithms allow our subject-matter experts to constantly improve their tests.

What our customers are saying

TestGorilla helps me to assess engineers rapidly. Creating assessments for different positions is easy due to pre-existing templates. You can create an assessment in less than 2 minutes. The interface is intuitive and it’s easy to visualize results per assessment.

David Felipe C.

VP of Engineering, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Review from G2

Any tool can have functions—bells and whistles. Not every tool comes armed with staff passionate about making the user experience positive.

The TestGorilla team only offers useful insights to user challenges, they engage in conversation.

For instance, I recently asked a question about a Python test I intended to implement. Instead of receiving “oh, that test would work perfectly for your solution,” or, “at this time we’re thinking about implementing a solution that may or may not…” I received a direct and straightforward answer with additional thoughts to help shape the solution.

I hope that TestGorilla realizes the value proposition in their work is not only the platform but the type of support that’s provided.

For a bit of context—I am a diversity recruiter trying to create a platform that removes bias from the hiring process and encourages the discovery of new and unseen talent.

David B.

Chief Talent Connector, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Review from G2

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php coding test

Why PHP is important in the workplace

TestGorilla’s PHP (Coding): Intermediate-Level Algorithms test will help you evaluate candidates’ skills and experience in the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) programming language. But before we get into the details of the test, why you should use it, and why giving candidates a pre-employment PHP coding test is better than CV screening, let’s first look into why PHP is vital for many companies.

PHP has been around for more than two decades. Even though it’s been losing some popularity in the past few years to languages such as JavaScript and Python, it’s still one of the foundational programming languages that many web developers learn and work with.

The language is primarily used for web development, and code written in PHP runs on web servers instead of web browsers. However, PHP is a general-purpose language, so it can be used to build a variety of software, from desktop apps to dynamic web pages to object-oriented applications (since version 5).

Since PHP has been widely used for decades, a number of frameworks have been created for it, enhancing its capabilities even further. Some of the most popular frameworks for PHP are:

Laravel Zend Yii Symfony Phalcon

PHP’s distinguishing attribute is its versatility, so it’s no wonder that Facebook and WordPress are written in PHP. Developers also use PHP for the following reasons:

It has a large community of helpful developers There is a large reference base There’s plenty of educational material It provides faster loading speeds for websites There are abundant open-source add-ons It has great synergy with HTML

If you use PHP in your organization, you need to make sure that you hire the right PHP developers. On top of excellent technical capabilities, they also need certain soft skills to be considered the perfect candidate.

php coding test

Who is the right candidate for your PHP developer role?

The right candidate should be well versed in the PHP language. They need to know how to write code that meets certain requirements and run the code to see if it’s functional, effective, and bug-free. On top of that, they must have experience with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Codelgniter, and Symfony.

But technical coding skills aren’t the only thing you need to look for in a candidate. They also need to have other skills, such as:

• Communication skills: PHP developers require excellent communication skills to do their jobs successfully. They usually work in teams alongside colleagues, peers, and managers, so they should know how to communicate their ideas clearly and professionally.

• Empathy: Although software developers spend most of their time working with machines, their end product will be used by other people. To write code and develop apps that are user-friendly, they will need to have empathy. Putting themselves into other people’s shoes will help programmers understand how to create products that everyone can benefit from.

• Critical-thinking skills: Programmers face many problems and challenges on a daily basis. From bugs to system failures, software developers need to be prepared for problems and find solutions to them. That’s why the perfect candidate will have great critical-thinking skills and approach issues from multiple angles until they solve them.

• Time-management skills: Most projects have deadlines, so software developers require excellent time-management skills to contribute to the success of these projects.

• Teamwork: Long gone are the days when software developers sat alone in a room and just coded 24/7. Today, most programmers work in a team, so they need to be good team players. The right candidate will know what it takes to be a team player and prioritize the team’s success instead of just their own.

On top of these skills, the right applicant also needs to be a culture add to your company. You want to hire a candidate who shares the same values as your organization and whom other employees enjoy working with. Look for someone who will positively contribute to the culture of your business.

php coding test

The importance of a PHP coding test

A PHP coding test will help you evaluate your applicants’ skills and find a candidate who is experienced and skilled enough to do the job successfully.

This test is geared toward intermediate-level PHP developers. It will assess your candidates by providing them with an online coding editor in which they will write their code. They can then run the code to see if it matches the output of the predefined test cases.

As the hiring manager, you will see a numerical score in the form of a percentage that represents how many test cases the candidate completed correctly. On top of that, you will be able to see the code the candidate wrote, enabling you to understand how they created it.

In summary

There are three main reasons you should use a pre-employment test like the PHP (Coding): Intermediate-Level Algorithms test when you want to hire a PHP developer:

Pre-employment tests are bias-free and evaluate candidates more objectively than CV screening The results you receive are numerical, and all candidates complete the same test, so you can compare them on the same scale TestGorilla’s pre-employment tests are simple and easy to use

When hiring a PHP developer, make sure you find the right person. Use TestGorilla’s PHP coding test to avoid tedious and biased CV screening, and rely on the test’s objective results to easily find the top candidate for your company.


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