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A new era for coding tests

Have you ever struggled to set up a coding challenge for your candidates? Do you ever feel limited by only being able to assess one language at a time? We’ve got you: Streamline your coding tests with our new language agnostic programming challenges. 1 test, 20 programming languages.

Coding tests to empower the candidate

We’ve stepped up our coding challenges to make sure you can hire top developers in the easiest way. Understand your candidates' real algorithmic thinking skills by letting them choose their preferred programming language from a list of options you can previously configure.

Allow up to 20 programming languages in one test. Your candidates will be able to take the challenge in any of the languages you’ve previously configured. Keep scrolling to see the full list.

The best candidate is just an assessment away

Find the most qualified candidates by adding one of our language agnostic coding tests to your assessments today, or book a demo with one of our product advisors.

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Coding: Entry-Level Algorithms

This coding test assesses candidates' ability to program a basic algorithm, in the programming language of their choice. You can configure which programming languages will be available for your candidates to choose from.
15 min

Coding: Intermediate-Level Algorithms

This coding test assesses candidates' intermediate-level programming skills, in the programming language of their choice. You can configure which programming languages will be available for your candidates to choose from.
35 min

Coding: Data Structures - Arrays

This intermediate-level coding test evaluates candidates' ability to manipulate arrays, crucial for code optimization, in the programming language of their choice. You can configure which programming languages will be available for your candidates.
35 min

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Programming languages supported


Fluency in JavaScript is a telltale sign of a developer's skills in front-end development, user interface manipulation, and interactivity.


A strong grasp of Java is a valuable asset for engineers creating enterprise software, web applications, and Android apps.


Python's readability makes it a great way to identify developers with strong problem-solving skills and potential for growth in programming.


The PHP programming language can help you identify a developer's core web development abilities.


A solid grasp of C# is a great indicator of a developer's capabilities in building Windows applications and enterprise software.


A strong grasp of C++ is a valuable asset for engineers creating game engines, operating systems, and performance-critical software.


Adding the Kotlin language to your test allows programmers to showcase their skills that could translate to building cross-platform applications.


With Ruby, developers can showcase their ability to create web applications quickly and efficiently using Ruby on Rails.


A strong grasp of TypeScript is a valuable asset for developers working on complex, large-scale JavaScript applications.


Go is a valuable asset for working with cloud-native applications, scalable microservices, and high-performance systems, making it a great language to showcase their skills.


A strong grasp of R is a valuable asset for engineers working in data science, bioinformatics, and other fields that rely heavily on statistical computing.


The Scala language is great when a developer should showcase versatility in building various software applications, from web services and data pipelines to machine learning and reactive systems.


With Swift as a testing option, developers with skills in building modern iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS applications can showcase their skills.


A strong grasp of Perl is a valuable asset for developers maintaining legacy systems, writing configuration scripts, and automating various system administration tasks.


Proficiency in Dart showcases an engineer's ability to build user interfaces and manage application logic within the Flutter framework.


With the Julia programming language, candidates working on simulations, data analysis, machine learning, or other computationally intensive tasks can showcase their skills.


A strong grasp of Rust is a valuable asset for developers creating reliable, performant embedded systems, operating systems components, and high-concurrency applications.


With Elixir, programmers with skills in functional programming, building scalable and fault-tolerant systems, and concurrency handling can effectively showcase their ability.


Proficiency in Erlang showcases a developer's ability to design and build robust, distributed systems that prioritize uptime and efficient handling of concurrent processes.

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