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Measure your candidates on job skills, personality and fit


Culture add

This culture add test assesses how a candidate’s values and behaviors align with your organization values and the behaviors that would make your ideal hire successful in a specific role, based on a customized survey you fill out.
10 min

PHP (coding): Intermediate-Level Algorithms

This PHP test evaluates candidates’ coding skills through a short coding assignment. The test requires candidates to write code that meets certain requirements, and candidates can run their code to test if the result matches their expectations.
35 min

Algorithms for Software Engineering

The algorithms for software engineering test evaluates candidates’ knowledge of algorithmic approaches and their ability to solve situational tasks using them. This test helps you identify programmers who are proficient in applying algorithms.
10 min

SQLite (coding): intermediate-level querying

This SQLite coding test evaluates candidates’ skills in creating a query on a database with medium complexity. It immerses the candidate in a realistic scenario, and solving it requires intermediate SQLite querying skills.
30 min

Critical thinking

This online critical thinking screening test evaluates candidates’ skills in critical thinking through inductive and deductive reasoning problems. This pre-employment skills test will help you identify candidates who can evaluate information and make sound judgments using analytical skills.
12 min


This CSS test assesses candidates’ ability to solve problems commonly encountered in a front-end development context. This screening test will help you hire CSS experts who can deliver visually captivating web experiences.
10 min


The DISC test is based on the model developed by psychologist William Marston for behavioral assessment. It classifies how we express emotions into the four behavior types of DISC: dominance (D), influence (I), steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C).
10 min


This GitHub test evaluates candidates’ familiarity with the Git version control system. This test will help you identify developers who are good at managing large codebases and collaborating with others.
10 min


This HTML5 skills test assesses candidates’ knowledge and ability in HTML5. This pre-employment screening test helps you identify candidates who have a strong knowledge of HTML5 and can use it effectively to develop websites and web applications.
10 min

Attention to detail (textual)

This attention-to-detail pre-hire skills test evaluates candidates’ ability to pay attention to textual detail while processing information. The attention to detail (textual) test helps companies identify candidates who can thoroughly and carefully handle intricate processes using analytical skills.
10 min


Rooted in Oldham & Hackman’s Job Characteristics Model, this online Motivation test measures the extent to which your candidates’ expectations align with your job offer, based on a customized survey that you and the candidate both fill out.
15 min

Numerical reasoning

This numerical reasoning test evaluates candidates’ general aptitude with numbers and their skill in interpreting them for a wide range of applications. This test will help you identify candidates with strong numerical skills.
10 min


This drupal test evaluates candidates’ technical skills to build and manage Drupal sites. Use this test to find your next Drupal expert. This hiring test can be used to identify candidates who work effectively and efficiently with Drupal CMS.
10 min

Clean Code

Clean code is the hallmark of a quality software engineer. Clean code can be the difference between wasting thousands on a project versus doing it right the first time. This screening test validates an engineer’s ability to write easy to maintain code.
10 min

PHP (coding): Entry-Level Algorithms

This PHP test assesses a candidate’s ability to program a small algorithm and tests their basic programming skills. Using a short and straightforward coding task, this coding test helps you identify developers with the most essential PHP skills.
15 min

PHP (coding): object-oriented programming

This PHP coding test evaluates a candidate’s object-oriented programming skills, as well as their ability to use PHP specific functions such as sort(), explode(), and array_map(). This test will help you identify and hire mid-level PHP developers.
30 min

SQLite (coding): entry-level database operations

This online SQLite coding test evaluates candidates’ ability to manipulate a database with low complexity and create a query that satisfies given requirements. The SQLite coding skills assessment immerses candidates in a realistic scenario, and solving it requires entry-level SQLite skills. The test is designed by a subject matter expert to screen candidates who can operate data using simple calculations while taking certain details into consideration, such as sorting data and excluding certain entries. You can send this online SQLite coding test to your prospective job applicants and screen them objectively before inviting them to an interview.
20 min