Everything you need to know about online recruitment platforms

Everything you need to know about online recruitment platforms

all about online recruitment platforms

As a recruiter, chances are you’re always on the lookout for new tools and software to optimize your processes and find the best talent.

Your candidates care, too. In fact, 54% of the newest generation of job seekers won’t even complete an application if the hiring process is outdated. (1)

You’ve no doubt heard the term “online recruitment platform.” But it encompasses so many types of systems that it can quickly get confusing.

Should you pool your resources into a single online recruitment platform? Or should you opt for multiple products, such as skills-testing software and an applicant tracking system?

This guide answers these questions, clarifies the meaning of the term “online recruitment platform,” and lists the top choices for each type of recruitment platform, describing their main features and benefits.

What is an online recruitment platform?

An online recruitment platform is software that facilitates the hiring process by helping recruiters launch job ads, search for job applicants, screen candidates, or track applications and interviews.

Most of these recruitment systems have a subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Recruitment platforms are a welcome sight to modern candidates, who are increasingly demanding changes to outdated processes.

An outdated hiring process might look like this:

  • Relying strictly on candidates’ CVs and education
  • Communicating too slowly or infrequently
  • Using processes that aren’t mobile friendly
  • Mandating in-person interviews
  • Limiting the talent pool to local candidates

Online recruiting tools facilitate your company’s move away from these inefficient talent-acquisition processes and toward more modern, up-to-date practices.

The many types of online recruitment software

The term “online recruitment platform” covers many different types of software.

A quick search for it shows more than 60 million results, which can be pretty overwhelming.

You might have a few questions.

  • What are they?
  • Are they career sites or apps?
  • What are the differences between them?
  • Which ones do I need?
recommended systems to start simple

Let’s quickly cover the 10 most popular types of HR recruiting platforms:

  1. Applicant tracking systems (ATSs) track candidates throughout the recruitment process
  2. Candidate relationship management systems (CRMs) manage and nurture candidate relationships
  3. Candidate-testing software assesses job candidates’ skills without human bias
  4. Talent-sourcing platforms find potential employees by proactively searching through candidate data
  5. Recruitment marketing and automation tools improve marketing initiatives like launching recruitment emails and capturing contact information
  6. Video interview management tools conduct video interviews from a private platform
  7. Onboarding software eases the onboarding process with document management and accessible training information
  8. Employee referral platforms encourage and simplify employee referrals with a centralized system
  9. Background check tools send background check requests and review reports
  10. Resume-screening software scans resumes for preferred experience, words, or phrases

These different types of platforms are not always mutually exclusive, and many are often combined into one system.

For example, TestGorilla is primarily a skills-testing platform but contains some recruitment marketing capabilities, such as email personalization and templates.

The key features and benefits of recruiting platforms

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the enhanced remote capabilities and quick redistribution of displaced workers became the main benefits of online recruitment platforms

Of course, since people have become more accustomed to remote work, those benefits are still relevant. But the advantages don’t stop there.

Let’s take a look at the 10 systems mentioned above, their benefits, and their key features:

Recruitment systemKey featuresKey benefits
Applicant tracking system (ATS)Applicant tracking; Candidate sourcing; Candidate parsing; Advanced searchCreates a clear overview of applications; Centralizes applications and interview information; Streamlines and facilitates candidate selection
Candidate relationship management system (CRM)Automated data entry; Candidate pipeline management; Data and analyticsSaves time by automating small tasksIdentifies and builds a target talent pool; Continuously improves through analytics
Testing softwarePre-employment assessments; Upskilling and reskilling assessments; Video tests; Detailed candidate resultsFacilitates skills-based hiringReduces unconscious bias; Assesses candidates for culture add; Finds the right candidate more efficiently
Talent-sourcing platformJob description and job posting support; Candidate sourcing and filtering; Interview management; Centralized candidate information storageEases manual recruitment efforts; Creates a more consistent candidate experience; Creates a more consistent experience between hiring managers
Recruitment marketing and automation toolMarketing and distribution of job listings; Recruitment email campaign management; Recruitment event management; Text, social media, and chatbot recruitmentImproves company visibility; Reaches a higher-quality talent pool; Builds a better relationship with candidates
Video interview platformVideo interview functions; Pre-established questions for candidates; Interview scheduling; Automatic form submission and documentationEnables remote interviews without the use of an external video conferencing tool; Streamlines the interview process
Onboarding softwareCentralized system to monitor the onboarding experienceKnowledge base for training videos and guides; Early task management, such as signing documents and reviewing policiesSimplifies the onboarding experience; Enables stakeholders and management to monitor onboarding; Maintains consistency in the onboarding process
Referral platformReferral program management; Employee referral pathway; Company-wide hiring campaignsEasily manages and organizes the referral process; Incentivizes employees to refer candidates with gamification
Background check toolRequesting or conducting candidate background checks; Detailed results reportingSimplifies the background check process by either requesting the check for you or conducting it within the software
Resume-screening software*Criteria-based resume collecting and scanning; Automatic filtering of resumes considered “unfit” for the roleHelps sift through large volumes of resumes

*Let’s quickly address the topic of resume-screening software.

Here at TestGorilla, we’re strong supporters of moving the hiring process away from reliance on resumes and CVs in favor of a skills-based approach.

Resumes can be unreliable. More importantly, strict reliance on them could exclude capable candidates with gaps in their work history or the “wrong” work experience.

So although it’s listed above, we won’t be providing an example in the common HR recruiting platforms described below.

9 online recruitment platforms worth considering

online recruiting platforms to consder

Let’s take a deeper look at these online recruitment platforms.

We’ve chosen an excellent example for each category so that you can explore each platform’s capabilities more fully and make an informed decision for your hiring process.

Here’s a quick look at our selections:

Software typeSpecific platform
CRM systemBullhorn
Testing softwareTestGorilla
Talent-sourcing platformJazzHR
Recruitment marketing and automation platformGreenhouse
Video interview management platformVidCruiter
Onboarding softwareBambooHR
Employee referral platformWorkable
Background check softwareCheckr

Now let’s take a look at them in detail.

All pricing is accurate as of October 2022.

Applicant tracking system – Teamtailor

teamtailor homepage

Teamtailor was designed to help recruiters and HR managers track job applications and improve the candidate experience. It aims to reduce time-consuming tasks and contains many features that streamline the hiring process, such as:

  • A quick view of candidate profiles
  • Candidate instant messaging
  • One-click candidate sourcing
  • Advanced analytics on your hiring processes

And, of course, the ATS lets you personalize your hiring funnel and move qualified candidates through it on an easy drag-and-drop interface.

teamtailor dashboard
Teamtailor dashboard

Teamtailor engages candidates by enabling them to answer quick, automated surveys so that you can receive actionable feedback on your recruitment efforts.

One excellent feature is how it automatically applies General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to your recruiting emails, which can be a delicate process.

If you’re looking to integrate skills testing into your hiring process, Teamtailor has a seamless integration with TestGorilla.

Contact Teamtailor for pricing details.

Candidate relationship management system – Bullhorn

Note: We’ve chosen Bullhorn as our CRM pick, although it also features applicant-tracking and onboarding capabilities.

Bullhorn is staffing and recruiting software with a strong focus on candidate relationship management.

This HR software gives recruiters and hiring managers insights into their candidate pipeline, such as who’s already been contacted and where candidates are in the hiring journey.

bullhorn dashboard

Bullhorn also offers many automation options to simplify workflow and communication, so you can focus your human touch on nurturing relationships with quality candidates and increasing your job openings.

You can further enhance your experience by taking advantage of its integration with TestGorilla, enabling you to assess skills test results from within Bullhorn.

Contact Bullhorn for pricing details.

Testing software – TestGorilla

testgorilla homepage

TestGorilla is an online pre-employment testing platform that reduces bias in the hiring process and focuses on finding the right capabilities for your open role.

With its library of 253 scientifically validated tests, it enables recruiters and hiring managers to create skill assessments specifically tailored to their ideal candidate persona.

TestGorilla test library landing page example

An assessment consists of up to five skills tests, which gives you an opportunity to evaluate:

  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills
  • Culture add
  • Personality
  • Language proficiency

A few of these categories, such as culture add and transferable soft skills, are either understated or ignored in a traditional hiring process.

But soft skills can make the difference between a good hire and a bad one. One study shows that hiring candidates with the wrong soft skills accounted for 89% of hiring failures.

It’s also telling that soft skills are the leading trend in the future of HR and recruitment decision-making, ranking above work flexibility and pay transparency.

graph about soft skills, work flexibility, and pay transparency as the leading trend in HR and recruitment decision making

Let’s take a look at two sample assessments that cover culture, soft skills, and a few technical skills.

Building construction workerMechanical Reasoning test; Culture Add test; Following Instructions test; Time Management test; Spatial Reasoning test
Marketing and sales managerAccount Management test; Culture Add test; Negotiation test; Leadership and People Management test; Market Analysis test

The two roles above are rather different, aren’t they? Fortunately, TestGorilla’s assessments work for jobs in any industry.

After candidates finish the assessment, you receive their results so that you can see how they scored and whether their skills and qualities align with your needs.

screenshot of TestGorilla results breakdown

You can then start scheduling interviews with the best candidates.

TestGorilla starts with a free package. To access more features, you can select from among its other plans:

  • Pay as you go: $26 per month
  • Scale: $325 per month
  • Business: $2,200 per month

Talent-sourcing platform – JazzHR

JazzHR homepage

Note: We’ve chosen JazzHR as our talent-sourcing platform pick, although it also has applicant-tracking and referral platform features.

JazzHR aims to help recruiting managers source high-quality candidates quickly and efficiently.

One of its top talent-sourcing features is quick job posting, which gives you the ability to launch a job ad to free and paid job boards and social media platforms in one click.

JazzHR also facilitates collaborative hiring so that multiple hiring managers can share information, maintain schedules across multiple calendars, and seamlessly organize job interviews.

JazzHR dasboard

Another way it improves overall hiring consistency is through its integration with TestGorilla, which enables every party involved to view candidate results from inside JazzHR.

JazzHR has three pricing plans:

  • $39 per month
  • $239 per month
  • $359 per month

Recruitment marketing and automation platform – Greenhouse

greenhouse homepage

Note: We’ve chosen Greenhouse as our recruitment marketing platform pick, although it also has applicant-tracking, talent sourcing, and onboarding capabilities.

Greenhouse is all about finding, qualifying, and nurturing the best candidates available.

Its many features, like capturing contact information, personalizing and scaling your outreach, and automating certain processes, can improve your recruitment email marketing strategy. It also gives you insights into your candidate’s journey, enables hiring managers to track relationships, and streamlines talent management.

greenhouse dashboard

Greenhouse shares TestGorilla’s belief in inclusion and minimizing bias, which is why they have features for candidates to input name pronunciation and personal pronouns.

It also integrates with TestGorilla, so you can invite applicants straight to a TestGorilla assessment from your recruitment emails.

The platform has three payment plans. Get in touch with Greenhouse for pricing details.

Video interview management platform – VidCruiter

vidcruiter homepage

VidCruiter aims to simplify the interview process for candidates and recruiters.

This software starts the process by enabling candidates to send pre-recorded interviews that hiring managers can view in their own time. This helps everyone involved to overcome the challenges of busy schedules and time zone differences.

It also streamlines interview scheduling and has features for conducting the interview itself.

vidcruiter dashboard

VidCruiter keeps a secure record of each interview for you to review and rewatch and includes an on-the-spot rating system so that you can assess a candidate’s performance in real time.

It does not require candidates to download applications or create accounts to keep the process as easy and convenient as possible.

Contact VidCruiter for pricing details.

Onboarding software – BambooHR

bamboohr homepage

BambooHR helps you onboard employees quickly, efficiently, and with minimal hassle.

It organizes your company’s detailed onboarding processes, helping you complete paperwork and gather signatures with customizable preboarding packages. It also enables you to easily show new joiners company policies, handbooks, and training videos.

bamboohr dashboard

With BambooHR, you can personalize onboarding packages depending on the role, department, or location.

It can also automatically send new hires onboarding messages and tasks, from a simple welcome email to future onboarding tasks.

The company has two pricing plans. Contact BambooHR for pricing details.

Employee referral platform – Workable

workable homepage

Note: We’ve chosen Workable as our referral platform pick, although it also has talent-sourcing features.

Workable enables employees to share potential candidates for your hiring team to review.

The platform makes it quick and easy for workers to refer colleagues by providing a name and a link to an online profile or uploading a resume to the system. It also makes it just as simple for you to share open positions with an individual or your entire network.

It encourages employee participation by gamifying the process with referral tracking, social sharing, and performance rewards.

workable dashboard example

Workable is transparent in how it handles hires and empowers the original employee to monitor the status of their referral with automatic emails. It also keeps employees informed about open jobs for internal hiring.

Workable integrates with TestGorilla, which means you can send candidates pre-employment assessments right from within the system.

Workable has three pricing plans:

  • $129 per month
  • $279 per month
  • $559 per month

Background check software – Checkr

checker landing page

Checkr aims to empower businesses by conducting fast, fair background checks on potential hires.

It helps save time, reduce human error, and minimize bias by conducting background checks powered by artificial intelligence. This benefits the candidate experience and the efficiency of the hiring process.

checkr dashboard example

The software further improves the candidate experience through its transparency, giving candidates the opportunity to give context about their records. This is one of the most important fair chance hiring practices.

Checkr offers background checks in more than 200 countries and territories and enables you to run 1.5 million reports a month without impacting turnover time.

Checkr has three pricing models that provide different amounts of background information:

  • $29.99/check
  • $54.99/check
  • $79.99/check

The million-dollar question: Which platforms should you start with?

At this point, you’re probably wondering where to start.

It’s overwhelming to think you need to approve and budget for nine online recruitment platforms to properly update your hiring process.

Although each of these systems helps your busy hiring team save time and optimize their work, you don’t need all of them at the beginning.

We recommend starting simple with the following systems:

  • An applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • A candidate relationship management (CRM) system
  • Prescreening test software
  • A video interview platform

These four platforms will help you get off to a strong start by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring strategy, especially since the aforementioned ATS and CRM systems integrate with our pick for prescreening test software, TestGorilla.

This combination of systems is particularly useful in the early stages of recruiting for startups and small businesses. Then, as your company grows, you can add other tools or upgrade your current ones.

Recruit more efficiently with online recruitment platforms

Online recruiting software provides HR professionals with an excellent way to process and hire the right applicants while saving money, time, and effort.

It also gives candidates the up-to-date experience they expect.

Start small with a handful of the nine systems mentioned in this article. Then, gradually upgrade your recruitment technology stack as your organization grows, making sure to start using pre-employment skills testing as soon as possible.

To read more about HR recruiting platforms, read our article on internal talent marketplaces.

If you’re looking to expand your HR team, try giving candidates a prescreening assessment that includes our HR Fundamentals test.


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