The 12 best online test platforms for recruiters

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Pre-employment online testing saves recruiters time by honing in on the most suitable candidates. It also helps reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person and having to spend more time and resources searching for a replacement. Therefore, it’s crucial that you choose a testing platform that suits your needs.

This guide looks at what an online testing platform is and what the key considerations are when choosing one. It also explores the 12 best online testing platforms for recruiters to help you find the best option for assessing your candidates.

What is an online testing platform for recruitment?

An online testing platform is software that helps recruiters, HR teams, and managers to assess candidates' suitability for specific roles. It does this by simplifying the process of making and conducting pre-employment testing.

Conducting pre-employment tests is the best way to assess candidates. It’s fairer and more comprehensive than relying on traditional methods and therefore can increase your chances of making a successful hire. 

The benefits extend beyond the assessment process as it reveals information that can guide new hires’ onboarding and professional development.

Benefits of online testing for recruitment and hiring

Including online testing in recruitment and hiring processes gives HR teams and recruiters multiple benefits.

Benefits of online testing for recruitment and hiring graphic

Reduced biases

Online tests offer an objective way to assess candidates' suitability for a job. They also help to identify a candidate’s potential fit within a team or wider organizational culture.

Evaluating candidates using resumes, references, and interviews can be inherently subjective. Resumes show candidates' self-reported accomplishments, references can be frustratingly nondescript, and job interviews are notoriously open to unconscious bias.

Pre-employment testing removes the potential to be influenced by things that aren't related to the position, or be swayed by a candidate's unwarranted confidence.

Improved accuracy

Well-constructed online tests built on scientific foundations are highly reliable. The results from these tests are a powerful resource for assessing candidates' skills, knowledge, and suitability for a role.

The objective nature of this type of testing enables recruiters to make more informed decisions during the hiring process. Having candidates take pre-employment tests can also help recruiters verify the accuracy of what candidates tell them.

A more complete picture

Using pre-employment tests can help you build a more complete picture of each candidate. The most effective tests measure various aspects to evaluate how well candidates align with a specific set of requirements.

For example, if you were looking for an entry-level Python developer, you could use an online test to confirm applicants' coding ability. Or if you were hiring a warehouse picker, you could assess their ability to plan and execute warehouse picking activities accurately.

As well as measuring job-related competencies, online testing can also assess candidates' soft skills, including their ability to learn, and their personality. These insights help you understand critical factors, such as whether individuals can communicate effectively, and if they'll be able to gel with existing teams.

Fewer mis-hires

Reducing bias, improving accuracy, and getting a more complete picture allows recruiters to make better-informed decisions.

The objectivity of online testing helps you identify candidates whose skill sets and personalities match your requirements. And because pre-employment assessments delve deeper than resumes, you can use these findings to help new hires hit the ground running when they start. This increases your chance of making successful long-term hires.

12 best online test platforms for recruiters

Let's take a look at some of the best online test platforms for recruiters on the market today and see what each one has to offer.

1. TestGorilla

  • Best for: Best all-around test platform

  • Starting at: $75 per month

  • Free version: Yes

With over 350 scientifically validated skills, cognitive ability, and personality tests, TestGorilla is an excellent solution for recruiters. 

The extensive library includes job-specific tests as well as tests that evaluate more general skills such as problem-solving. Each one has been developed by subject matter experts and peer-reviewed to ensure accuracy.

The majority of TestGorilla's tests take only 10 minutes to complete, so you can combine several of them to make thorough assessments that won't eat into too much of your candidates' time.

As well as being able to hand-pick from pre-made tests, you have the option to create custom video questions, company tests, and coding challenges. The ability to include a welcome video and add your logo and color scheme to tests ensures consistent branding.

TestGorilla streamlines every step of the testing process and delivers results in a clear, easy-to-digest format. The pre-made tests provide additional insights that can aid the next steps in your hiring process, such as points to discuss at an interview.

While the most powerful customization features are reserved for the paid plans, TestGorilla's free plan stands out because it lets you create custom open-answer and multiple-choice questions.

2. Criteria

  • Best for: Integrations

  • Starting at: Price on request

  • Free version: No

Criteria is an online testing platform that aims to help organizations make talent-hiring decisions. They offer a wide range of tests that can help you gauge applicants' aptitude and personality traits.

At the time of writing, Criteria doesn't offer any developer-specific skills tests or coding challenges. However, it integrates with other testing platforms such as HackerRank (below) so you can include technical assessments.

3. HackerRank

  • Best for: Hiring developers

  • Starting at: $100 per month

  • Free version:

HackerRank offers a range of technical skills tests that cover front– and back–end development, various programming languages, data structures, and mobile frameworks. You can also use pre-made and custom coding challenges.

The focus is on job-specific hard skills, so HackerRank can't give insight into candidates' personal qualities or their potential to fit the company culture. However, you can add custom questions to assess these important aspects.

4. ThriveMap

  • Best for: High-volume recruiters

  • Starting at: Price on request

  • Free version: No

ThriveMap creates candidate assessments that aim to simulate a typical day in the life of the role they’re applying for. This unique approach is best suited to large organizations that hire regularly for the same type of role.

As well as helping companies find the right new hires, ThriveMap aims to give candidates a realistic experience of the specific roles they apply for.

5. HR Avatar

  • Best for: Video interviews

  • Starting at: $50 for 1 candidate credit

  • Free version: No

HR Avatar offers a range of assessments but its strength lies in its video interviewing tools. These allow you to conduct live and recorded interviews. The software records all interviews, creates text transcriptions, and analyses the candidate's voice.

In addition, HR Avatar has job-specific assessments and general skills, personality, and past behavior tests. There's also a custom test-building tool and the option to buy custom simulations.

6. Mercer Mettl

  • Best for: Verifying the authenticity of candidates

  • Starting at: Personalized pricing plans on request

  • Free version: No

Mercer Mettl has a wide suite of talent management and development solutions. Its pre-employment tests are backed by science and are capable of assessing technical skills, behavioral traits, and coding ability.

Their library of tests can be used to assess suitability for various positions. Mercer Mettl's tests are customizable and online proctoring tools are available if needed.

7. Kandio

  • Best for: Big tech roles

  • Starting at: $99 per month

  • Free version: No

Kandio is an online testing platform that's a little different from the others on this list. It provides online assessments made by expert contributors. This is useful because Kandio is geared toward highly specialized tech, digital marketing, and IT governance roles.

Kandio's tests are built to aid the FAANG interviewing style, favored by its namesake tech giants (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google). These typically start with a phone interview and progress to a technical interview.

8. Qualified

  • Best for: Large-scale technical recruitment

  • Starting at: Price on request

  • Free version: No

Qualified helps software companies and technical recruiters test software engineers on a large scale. It offers pre-built assessments and coding challenges that evaluate technical skills and knowledge of over 25 programming languages. You also have the option of building your own tests and challenges.

The platform aims to validate applicants' code the same way it would be validated in the real world, enabling better predictions of on-the-job performance.

9. eSkill

  • Best for: Technical recruitment

  • Starting at: Price on request

  • Free version: No

eSkill is a pre-employment screen platform that has a substantial range of job- and subject-based assessments. Assessment takers can log in from the eSkill website or by following an email link. If the recruiter or company has a Premium or Enterprise plan, they can personalize tests with their logo.

A notable downside is that it lacks a dedicated motivation test. So, it may not be the best option for gaining insight into how motivated candidates are likely to be in your roles. 

10. Xobin

  • Best for: Anti-cheating measures

  • Starting at: $166 per month

  • Free version: No

Xobin's vast collection of over 1,000 pre-employment assessments includes job-specific, aptitude, technical skills, and psychometric tests. If you enter a job title, the platform will suggest relevant tests so you don't have to manually search through them all.

Xobin uses AI proctoring so that organizations can be sure that candidates take tests themselves. However, it doesn't have a Culture Add test, which you should keep in mind if aligning with culture is important for your roles.

11. The Hire Talent

  • Best for: Personalized support

  • Starting at: Bundled plans from $5 per assessment / Unlimited use from $125 per month

  • Free version: No

The Hire Talent has a collection of pre-employment tests that includes leadership and sales assessment testing. Recruiters can issue assessment testing links and view candidates' progress using the client portal.

The Hire Talent offers its clients unlimited free consultations, so you can get advice from their hiring experts whenever you need it. There are also a number of resources to help you use their recruiting tools, including online guides, videos, and a podcast.

12. Talview Assessments

  • Best for: International applicants

  • Starting at: Price on request

  • Free version: No

Talview provides assessments and skills tests that are suitable for a broad range of industries. With over 2,000 unique tests, the assessment library offers almost endless flexibility. There's a recruiter app from where you can manage assessments and a candidate app that allows applicants to complete tests from anywhere.

Talview's AI-powered linguistic insights evaluate spoken English against international standards. It automatically grades candidates on comprehension, grammar, and clarity of speech, saving recruiters a lot of time.

How to make the right hire with online testing

Using online testing to make the right hiring decision hinges on getting reliable, actionable insights. To ensure the testing platform you choose can give you the best results, there are several important factors to look for.

Ease of use

A key benefit of using an online testing platform is that it saves time by handling the heavy work involved in creating and conducting pre-employment assessments. So, the platform you choose must be easy to use.

Look for a platform with a user-friendly interface that streamlines the process from test construction to reporting results.

Range of tests

The best online testing platforms offer a range of tests that assess candidates across many different characteristics, such as their:

  • Personality

  • Behavioral traits

  • Cognitive ability

  • Technical proficiency

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Ethics and values

Customization capability

When choosing an online testing platform, look for a solution that can be tailored to suit your unique requirements. Including custom questions when you screen candidates makes it easier to pinpoint those with attributes you value. It also avoids wasting time on those who don't fit the bill.

Length of tests

If you plan to use online tests in the early stages of your hiring process, it's important that candidates can complete them in a reasonable length of time. Online tests are convenient, but assessments that take too much time to complete can risk discouraging some applicants.


Understanding online tests shouldn't be a test in itself. Pay attention to how platforms present results. The best testing platforms consolidate detailed assessment results into digestible reports. Having clear, easy-to-understand results facilitates effective comparison, allowing you to focus on identifying the best people for your positions.


Cost shouldn't be the sole deciding factor, but it's still important. Some testing platforms base their pricing on the volume of candidates, whereas others have fixed rates with varying features. Your budget is undoubtedly important, but also consider the variety of positions you hire for and the number of candidates they attract.

Unleash the power of online testing with TestGorilla

Hiring professionals can reap invaluable benefits by using an online testing platform – but only when they choose the right one.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution for testing candidates online, so the best way to ensure positive outcomes is to weigh up each option against your specific hiring needs. Making the right decision will enable you to effectively and efficiently assess and compare your candidates without bias, leading to better hires and fewer costly mis-hires.

In today's competitive landscape, online tests are becoming essential hiring tools. TestGorilla ensures that businesses of all sizes can benefit from it by providing unlimited candidate screening assessments at straightforward fixed prices.

TestGorilla's Free Plan gives you instant access to 10 popular tests. It also lets you create custom questions and explore the premium features. You can see what's possible by signing up for a free 30-minute live demo.

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