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What is skills-based hiring?

Skills-based hiring is a hiring process where evidence of candidates’ skills, rather than other information such as their prior experience or where they were educated, is used to make hiring decisions. As such, employers set specific skill requirements and then measure for these skills. We’re all about skills-based hiring at TestGorilla, and the rest of the world is finally catching up. Skills-based hiring has had lots of press of late, with big names such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, CNB

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Candidate nurturing: How to leverage this talent acquisition trend featured image

Candidate nurturing: How to leverage this talent acquisition trend

Picture this scenario: You post a job and receive an avalanche of applications. Some candidates display the right skill set, while others aren’t quite suited for the position However, this doesn’t mean they won’t fit your next open role perfectly. If you lose touch with them, you forfeit a prospect you’ve already paid for – and accept that you’ll start from scratch on your next recruitment drive. Instead of wiping the slate clean, it’s possible to nurture these candidates via personalized update

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Employers’ guide to fair hiring practices featured image

Employers’ guide to fair hiring practices and why they’re important

Most hiring managers focus intently on finding the best person for the job, but spending time and energy ensuring hiring practices are fair is equally important. Fair hiring practices seek to level the playing field for all candidates and promote diversity in your workforce. Understanding these practices and how they differ from unfair practices is crucial to removing unconscious bias from recruitment and reducing the potential legal risks associated with noncompliance, including fines and lawsu

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How to write a machine learning job description featured image

How to write a machine learning job description

Crafting the perfect job description for a machine learning engineer role is no small task. The technical requirements evolve with industry trends and advancements, and the requirements change based on seniority. This makes it challenging to ensure your job description is up to date, compliant with laws and regulations, and attractive to top candidates.  A well-constructed machine learning job description does more than just list hard skills; it provides a holistic view of the role, capturing es

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10 mobile developer interview questions graphic

10 mobile developer interview questions and answers

Asking the right questions in your mobile developer interviews is critical to identifying top talent so you can hire the best people for your company. They can help you learn more about each candidate’s capabilities, personality traits, and experience – reducing the risk of hiring an app developer who’s unsuitable for your open role. When mis-hires happen, you face increased recruitment and training costs, an inefficient team, and a significant impact on your bottom line. But coming up with the

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How to write a product designer job description featured image

How to write a product designer job description

Product designers use their unique skills to build user-friendly products that delight customers. However, product designers’ responsibilities can vary, making it challenging to write well-rounded job descriptions that attract top applicants.  Without a strong job description, you risk getting poor-fit applicants or making a mis-hire – which can lead to major issues with team cohesion, product quality, and company reputation. Luckily, TestGorilla is here to help. In this guide, we break down the

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16 visual designer interview questions featured image

16 visual designer interview questions and answers

Your visual designers are the creative visionaries behind your brand's identity. Your customer’s first impression of your brand often comes from their work. Because of this, mis-hires cost you not only time and resources; they can potentially damage your brand's reputation. Fortunately, you can avoid this.  In this article, we explore how you can recruit top visual design talent through a combination of pre-interview testing, robust portfolio reviews, and insightful interviews. And since we kn

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How to hire a product designer for your organization featured image

How to hire a product designer for your organization

Product designers build innovative, seamless user experiences that improve your company’s customer loyalty and bottom line. However, finding the right person for the job is difficult. You must ensure you assess the right skills and recruit on appropriate platforms without mishandling key factors like compensation and driving strong candidates away. In this article, we delve into how you can find, attract, and screen top product design candidates, thus avoiding negative outcomes like poor custome

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Eleven questions to ask in a marketing interview featured image

11 questions to ask in a marketing interview (and responses to look for)

It can be challenging to assess candidates’ marketing skills during recruitment, especially since various positions fall under the marketing umbrella – from market research analysts to product marketing managers. But, doing so is essential to avoiding the consequences of a bad hire, like wasted recruitment costs, decreased team morale, and even declining customer satisfaction. In an interview, asking the right questions can help you identify top marketing candidates and ensure you hire the right

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16 UX research interview questions and answers featured image

16 UX research interview questions and answers

User experience (UX) researchers provide insights that shape a digital product’s core design and interface. Hiring an unsuitable candidate for this role can damage how users view and rate your product, making it difficult to attract and retain customers.  It’s vital to create an airtight assessment process before hiring candidates for this role. The right interview questions can help you dive deeper into a candidate’s experiences, verify their knowledge with concrete examples, and evaluate their

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Hire the best information architecture experts featured image

How to hire the best information architecture experts: Full guide

Having skilled information architects on your team is essential for creating outstanding digital experiences and turning visitors to your website or app into repeat customers. Conversely, an unskilled information architect can confuse your customers – and even drive them to competitors. However, hiring the right person for your information architecture role can be tricky since it’s a highly specialized, technical position. There’s more to the hiring process than just asking the right data archit

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13 questions to ask in a digital marketing manager interview featured image

13 questions to ask in a digital marketing manager interview (with answers)

Knowing which questions to ask in your digital marketing manager interviews is essential to identifying the perfect candidate for your company. Otherwise, you risk hiring the wrong person, which can have serious consequences – from mismanaged marketing campaigns, blown budgets, and even a damaged company reputation. In this guide, we share 13 questions to ask in a digital marketing manager interview, each with example answers. We also explain how to combine interview questions with tests for mar

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