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55 Java 8 interview questions featured image

55 Java 8 interview questions (+ sample answers) to assess developers’ skills

Even though Java 8 was introduced over 10 years ago, it’s still super relevant today. Its new capabilities over earlier versions have made developers and businesses worldwide adopt it at scale, to the point that Java 8 became an industry standard. So, when hiring developers, you might still want to review their Java 8 skills. Make sure they’re familiar with its key features (such as lambda expressions, streams, and the new Date and Time API) and that they’re able to use them to create elegant,

50 Jenkins interview questions featured image

50 Jenkins interview questions to hire top developers

If your development team uses Jenkins to streamline their DevOps processes and CI/CD pipelines, securing the right talent is crucial. To help you identify top Jenkins talent, we've compiled a list of 50 Jenkins interview questions, along with sample answers to 20 of them. Use them to evaluate the technical knowledge and the practical experience of your candidates and make sure they’re the right fit for your projects. But how do you decide whom to interview? Use a Jenkins test to sift through a

How to hire a squarespace designer featured image

How to hire a squarespace designer (And mistakes to avoid)

Squarespace designers’ resumes can be dazzling – but as a hiring manager, you’ll need to dig deeper to know what they’re really made of. After all, picking the wrong designer can be a real headache. You might end up with a site that’s confusing to navigate, doesn’t reflect your brand, or flops on mobile. We’re here to help you avoid all that agony. In this article, we walk you through what to look for in stellar Squarespace designers, where to find them, and how to assess them once they’re in yo

Could AI lead to the rise of mediocre employees and mediocre work featured image

Could AI lead to the rise of mediocre employees and mediocre work?

A 2023 survey by the professional network app Fishbowl involving over 11,700 workers found that 43% use AI for their work tasks. [1] This statistic raises various questions about the impact of AI on employees, businesses, and the future of work.  A question at the forefront of our minds is: Could AI lead to the rise of mediocre work? Our conclusion: absolutely, depending on how your employees use it.  TestGorilla’s Senior Product Manager, Gustavo Imhof, sums up our position: “AI, when not levera

40 Tableau interview questions to hire skilled data analysts and developers

40 Tableau interview questions to hire skilled data analysts and developers

Most companies today rely on data to make decisions – and Tableau can be a very handy tool when analyzing and visualizing your data.  But to make the most of it, you need to have the right talent on board, including skilled Tableau experts who can turn seas of data into neatly presented insights and information.  We all know that those professionals are absolute gold (but also, hard to find!). If you miss the mark, you might end up with less-than-stellar data stories and insights.  To help you e

How to Hire a Shift Coordinator featured image

How to hire a shift coordinator: Your essential guide

Breaking a sweat just thinking about hiring a shift coordinator?  We get the feeling. It’s a specialized role with niche skills, and the pressure to pick the perfect candidate is high. The wrong choice can throw off your operation, frustrating staff and customers. But the right choice? They know their stuff – from industry insights to how to dodge unexpected curveballs and more. Thankfully, you’ve come to the perfect place. Our guide explains the skills to look for in shift coordinators, where t

How to Hire an Outreach Manager: Key Strategies and Tips featured image

How to hire an outreach manager: Key strategies and tips

An outreach manager can help you expand your network and bolster your brand presence. Their role is to build and maintain awesome relationships with partners, influencers, and the broader community outside your organization. But let's be real: Finding the right candidate can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Make the wrong move, and you might diminish your network, weaken your brand, and miss out on great partnerships. With TestGorilla, you can avoid these troubles. Our expert-writ

Top 45 Spark interview questions to find the best data engineers

Apache Spark is a powerful tool for processing and analyzing big data, making Spark skills and experience a hot commodity. If you rely on Spark for your big data projects, finding the right talent who’s proficient with it is as important as it is tricky.  Without the right experts on board, your projects might not live up to their potential, resulting in less impactful (or sometimes even plainly wrong) insights. To help you spot the best Apache Spark talent, we've put together a list of 45 Apach

Hirevue Alternatives

Top 8 HireVue alternatives to interview and hire top talent

HireVue is a video interviewing platform that uses AI to assess candidates’ performance.  The company has been around since 2004, making it one of the pioneers of video interviews – and has started using AI to assess candidates’ answers since 2013, which is also one of its key features. This way, according to HireVue, you can predict applicants’ job performance and rate them before you spend time actually interviewing them on a live video call (or in person).  However, not every candidate might

 Most accurate 16 personalities tests for assessing candidates featured image

Most accurate 16 personalities tests for assessing candidates

With so many tests churning out personality type results, you might wonder if it’s all just pseudo-science.  Well, some of it might be. But there are science-backed tests out there, too.   The 16 Personalities test is a popular choice that tells you what factors drive your candidates’ decisions and behaviors and what shapes their preferences and communication styles at work. So, which platform provides the most accurate 16 Personalities test? In this guide, we list our top five contenders, along

7 hiring trends for 2024 and beyond featured image

7 hiring trends for 2024

Hiring is on the cusp of a total makeover – whether you’re ready for it or not. Traditional recruitment practices don’t lend to remote hiring, fair selection, evolving skills, and other future of work needs – making companies reconsider how they discover new talent.   Sticking to old ways can cause you to miss out on top candidates and fall behind the competition. But with everything moving so quickly, knowing which trends are simply fads and which are here to stay is tough. Imagine putting all

The tech skills gap: What it is, why it exists, and how to close it in 2024 featured image

The tech skills gap: What it is, why it exists, and how to close it in 2024

Nothing keeps employers up at night like the tech skills gap. Technology is evolving rapidly, but tech talent is hard to find, recruitment is competitive, and even non-tech roles are increasingly requiring digital skills – which workers are sometimes reluctant to learn.   This gap has persisted for years, and knowing what the future of work holds is hard. But waiting on the sidelines for a solution to appear isn’t an option.  In this guide, we explain why 2024 is a golden year to bridge the gap

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