How to hire Vue.js developers with online Vue.js (Vue2) test

HireVueJs Developers online test

Vue.js has become one of the preferred JavaScript frameworks for building fast, reliable, and customized applications. From fast-scaling start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, companies across industries are in a constant race to hire top Vue.js developers from the limited pool of experienced Vue.js professionals.

So, if you’re looking to hire the best Vue.js developers for your company, but struggling to figure out which online Vue.js test to incorporate into your system to do so, don’t worry. You’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about Vue.js, and explain how you can hire the best developers using online Vue.js in just a few steps. Let’s get started.

Make skills testing as part of your hiring process of Vue.js developers

What is Vue.js?

In layman’s terms, Vue.js can be described as a tool that developers use to make the frontend of a website user-friendly. In technical terms, Vue.js can be defined as an open-source, Model–View–ViewModel (MVVM), frontend JavaScript framework that is used to create appealing user interfaces (UIs), and single-page applications (SPAs).

Confused about all this technical jargon? Don’t worry; we’ll explain it to you.

In order to understand Vue.js, let’s understand JavaScript first.

In the world of the internet, JavaScript – a programming language – is one of the core technologies that let software developers build persuasive and interactive web pages. Building awesome web pages using JavaScript, HTML and CSS can be tough, but Vue.js makes that entire process of beautification easier. Vue.js is built upon JavaScript and it acts as a framework for building functional user interfaces.

Remember we mentioned Vue.js is an MVVM? Well, it simply means that by using Vue.js, a software developer can distinguish the user interface controls and the backend program logic of an application.

Vue.js is also a progressive framework. This means developers have the freedom to use it according to their needs. Developers can segregate an entire app into different parts, and the Vue.js framework can be plugged into any of these parts.

VueJs framework history

Vue.js is famous for its wide use in SPAs – websites that function on only a single page – and it has created a niche for itself in a short period of time.

In the early 2010s, former Google engineer Evan You was using the AngularJS framework extensively at the company. Although You liked AngularJS, he wasn’t completely happy with the complexity of the framework and wanted something lightweight. You took the best features of AngularJS and built a lighter, easy-to-use framework known as Vue.js. The framework was officially released in February 2014.

What are the advantages of Vue.js?

To understand the advantages of Vue.js, let’s have a look at other frontend web frameworks present in the market and compare them with Vue.js. This will give you a fair idea about Vue.js’ pros, and you will be in a more informed place when considering hiring a Vue.js developer.

Vue.js vs React:

Vue.js and React share a lot of similarities, but they also differ in a couple of key areas like scaling and tradition.

While there’s no HTML or CSS in the case of ReactJS, they are both present in Vue.js along with JavaScript. And since a lot of developers are comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using Vue.js becomes more intuitive for them.

Although Vue.js and ReactJS both are open-source frontend frameworks, only Vue.js provides official libraries. ReactJS doesn’t provide any official libraries and leaves it to the community.

This sense of security that Vue.js provides plays an important role in companies’ decision to go for a React developer or a Vue developer.

Vue.js vs Angular:

Syntax-wise, Vue.js, and AngularJS share a lot in common. But, they are different in terms of complexity, flexibility, and performance.

While AngularJS can be confusing at times because of the variety of tools it offers, Vue.js is definitely easier to use. In AngularJS, the data flow is biconditional, but in case of Vue.js, it is unidirectional. Therefore, altering one property in Vue.js will not affect any related property. One-way data flow helps fast app development.

So, in short, we can list out the advantages of Vue.js as the following:

  • Reactivity 

One of Vue.js’ most prominent features is its reactivity system. Reactivity is a programming principle that allows developers to adjust to changes in a declarative manner. In other words, when a developer sets variables in Vue, it will automatically update the user interface. 

This makes state management simple and intuitive as Vue automatically updates the component. 

  • Scalability and flexibility 

Vue.js is extremely flexible and scalable. This means that it can be used for large applications as well as to construct small interactive parts to be integrated with a different technology.

  • Standardized tools 

Vue.js provides official support for several essential add-ons including Vue router for client-side routing, VueX for state management, Vue test utils for unit testing components, Vue dev tools for browser extension for debugging, and Vue CLI for creating projects. Vue.js can also work well with alternative libraries like Redux or Mobx instead of UX. The key point is that the Vue.js community assists developers by supporting a set of very good recommended tools and readymade programs.

  • Developer experience 

Developers love Vue.js not just because it’s a great technology, but also because it’s made with them in mind. First there’s a Vue CLI, which is a handy tool for creating a Vue project using whatever tools you choose. The CLI is much more flexible compared to similar offerings from competitors and provides a lot of pre-configured steps. Additionally, there’s also a graphical interface available which can help you start on your project without typing a bunch of commands in the terminal. 

  • Composition API 

Vue also offers the composition API, a new way to interact with Vue’s reactivity system. It provides some major benefits over the options API. First it allows developers to extract common use cases into reusable functions and then call them in different components. It also allows for easy separation of concern. This means developers can group common operations together that are related.

Advantages of VueJs framework

Why should you hire Vue.js developers?

When it comes to building an interface, Vue developers spend less time wrestling with configuration APIs, and worrying about re-renders. If you’re considering creating a new project and you don’t know which framework to use, Vue.js can be a great framework to go with. Here are 4 reasons why you should hire Vue.js developers.

  1. As a result of its popularity and simplicity, Vue.js has become a developer-friendly framework. Hiring Vue.js developers can help alleviate your workload when you’re creating web applications.
  2. Additionally, the simplicity of Vue.js makes error tracking easier, so your web application will have fewer bugs to contend with.
  3. The flexibility and integration of Vue.js will also be an advantage to your developers. Your developers will be able to connect to any existing applications or frameworks you may already be using.
  4. Vue.js simplifies app development that would otherwise be complicated. You can benefit from this advantage if you hire Vue.js developers.

How can you identify top Vue.js developers?

After studying the features of the Vue.js framework and how it compares to similar ones, you may be convinced that you want to hire a Vue.js developer.

But how do you differentiate a top Vue.js professional from a good Vue.js developer? Here are four things that make a good Vue.js developer a top Vue.js developer. 

  1. The best Vue.js developers should have strong JavaScript skills in addition to their expertise in Vue.js. Given both of these programs are based on web development, top Vue.js developers are expected to be good at building web applications.
  2. Top Vue.js developers should be comfortable integrating the framework with other web technologies. Thus, they should know HTML and CSS in addition to JavaScript.
  3. Since Vue.js is closely related to SPAs, Vue.js developers should be able to add web components toward a high-performance SPA. 
  4. In order to ensure that browsers can retrieve all necessary code on first load, top developers will refine all code first. A skill like this involves deploying fast transitions with the aid of user interaction.

5 steps to hiring the best Vue.js developers

Hiring the best Vue.js developers can be an expensive and time-consuming affair as thousands of companies compete to hire from the tiny pool of high-quality, experienced Vue.js developers. Also, Vue.js simplifies complex processes, so you’ll find a lot of beginners flocking to it without understanding the nitty-gritty.

The main challenge while hiring quality developers will be to differentiate between good developers and expert developers. The inherent bias involved in traditional, CV-based hiring practices is another challenge recruiters face.

Here are 5 steps you can follow to hire the best Vue.js developer and combat the biases that CVs and resumes are wide open to.

Hire VueJs Developers in 5 easy steps
  1. Post a clear and comprehensive job description

An in-depth job description helps you attract the best Vue.js talent. If you wish to hire expert Vue.js developers, here are a few points that you should include in your Vue.js developer job description to find top Vue.js professionals from across the world.

Details about the role should include the responsibilities, working hours, job location, and some details about the relevant team. Don’t forget to explain the full recruitment process. If you’re going to give your applicants skills assessments, make it clear. 

Mention the specific requirements needed from prospective candidates. Be concise with your objectives, letting the candidates know what exactly they could expect from the role.

Information about your company might include a short introduction to your company describing your work culture and impact in solving a larger problem.

Tell applicants about the salary and other perks and list out the additional benefits that a selected candidate will receive if they join your company.

To give you an idea of what compensation you might offer, below is a table showing the Vue.js developer salaries in the US according to various sources.

SourcesAverage annual salaryLowestHighest
(The numbers mentioned above are as per the data available for the month of June 2022)
  1. Send applicants a complete pre-employment assessment

Pre-employment assessments are your best option to hire top Vue.js candidates reliably. Skills-based hiring is the future and you, as a recruiter or a hiring manager, can use online Vue.js tests to make data-driven hiring decisions.

Apart from offering the obvious advantage of focusing on skills, pre-employment Vue.js tests help you eliminate hiring biases that traditional CV-based recruitment practices fail to address. By removing the over-emphasis on education and degrees, pre-employment tests help you unlock access to a vast pool of global remote talent.

With TestGorilla, you can build a complete pre-employment assessment for your candidates using up to five tests from our test library as well as any custom questions you want to add. Our data-driven online Vue.js tests help HR professionals hire top-quality Vue.js developers for their companies while mitigating hiring managers’ unconscious biases.

We recommend using a selection of the following tests to identify the best Vue.js developer candidates.

Vue.js(Vue2) test

To evaluate your candidates’ knowledge and experience of the Vue.js framework and best practices, you should give them TestGorilla’s Vue.js(Vue2) test. This Vue.js test will evaluate  candidates’ ability on Vue Core, Vuex, Vue CLI and ecosystem, design patterns, and best practices. Our in-depth Vue.js test helps you identify candidates who have a well-rounded understanding of Vue.js to deliver solutions for all your front-end development needs. 

Clean Code test

Writing clean code that is easy to maintain is one of the hallmarks of a top-notch developer. So, to ensure you are hiring someone who can effectively write and implement code use TestGorilla’s Vue.js test along with the Clean Code test. It covers:

• SOLID design principles

• Code Simplicity

• Code Readability

• Software Design Principles

Cognitive ability test

To evaluate a candidate better, choose at least one of the Cognitive ability tests from our vast test library. For Vue.js developer candidates, we suggest at least one of the following.

  • The Problem-Solving test is a reliable way to evaluate your Vue.js candidates’ ability to define problems and analyze data points to offer solutions
  • Our Attention to Detail (textual) test assesses candidates’ ability to pay attention to textual details whilst working with and processing information
  • Use TestGorilla’s Critical Thinking test to identify applicants who have sharp analytical skills

Other technical tests

Programming skills requirements will vary based on a company’s tech stack, a term used to describe which software, coding languages, programs, tools, and services they’re using to build their site or application. To evaluate Vue.js developers better you can take them through our CSS test, the HTML5 test, or the JavaScript (coding): Data Structures and Data Types test.

A personality and culture test

  • Give your Vue.js candidates a Culture Add test to assess how their values align with your company’s
  • The Enneagram test maps your Vue.js candidates’ personalities in a nine-pointed diagram that describes their core beliefs and worldviews
  • TestGorilla’s innovative Motivation test can help you identify Vue.js candidates whose expectations align with the role you’re offering
  • Use the 16 Types personality test to understand your Vue.js candidates’ energy sources, lifestyle preferences, decision-making, and information-processing strategies
  • The Big 5 (OCEAN) test will help you evaluate your candidates’ openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability
  • For a deeper understanding of how your candidates express emotions, use the DISC test

Once you’ve built a complete skills assessment, inviting candidates is easy. Sit back and wait for the results to come in, and send reminders if you need to.

  1. Analyze the results, create a shortlist

After all of your candidates complete the assessment you’ve created for the job role, it’s time to analyze the results and shortlist candidates. You’ll be able to see names of top candidates based on their average scores. TestGorilla’s analysis tools will also help you go deeper to:

  • Rate candidates’ custom question answers and organize them based on this
  • Set and utilize a scoring benchmark to show candidate scores as percentile ranks
  • Click on a candidate’s name to get a detailed overview of their results
  • Add notes for each candidate, or give them a personal overall rating

If you’re hiring a Vue.js developer and have little technical coding knowledge, then don’t worry. You can learn more about interpreting coding test reports from our help center. You also have the option to email the coding report to one of your developers for review.

  1. Interview your shortlisted candidates

Take interviews of selected candidates to assess their soft skills. Some soft skills to look for in Vue.js developers are: communication, perseverance, open-mindedness and teamwork. 

Here are a few questions that you ask candidates during the interview.

  • What does your typical workday look like?
  • Can you share a situation where a project went wrong and how you reacted?
  • Can you describe your favorite coworkers and what you like about them? 
  • Who would you consult to solve a particular problem?
  • Do you think you have a few weak areas where you need to improve?
  1. Hire and onboard the top applicant

Give your new Vue.js developer a smooth onboarding experience. This will help them achieve a productive workflow as quickly as possible. 

If you’re hiring remotely, onboarding can be a challenge. Here are some tips for remote employee onboarding.

  • Share resources to help them learn about the company culture. It’s important that they understand your company’s values, mission, and vision in depth.
  • Introduce them to their team and organize one-on-ones to help them build connections. Pairing them with a buddy, ideally someone more senior, is always a good idea.
  • Give them access to all of the tools and software in your company’s tech stack. 
  • Help them work out logistics. If your developer is working remotely, make sure they’ve got all the equipment they need for a healthy work-from-home setup.
  • Start with small, non-critical tasks, and move slowly towards the more important things at a pace your new hire is happy with. 

Hiring made easy with TestGorilla

Hiring top-quality developers is hard, and this is equally true for Vue.js developers. Surveys suggest recruiting developers with the right skills will be one of the biggest business challenges in 2022. In such a scenario, skills-based hiring is the best solution that companies can adopt.

TestGorilla offers you world-class, pre-employment assessments to vet candidates effectively. Our data-driven approach provides you with greater insight into a candidate’s ability. Don’t let the CV speak for the candidate anymore. Save valuable time by letting our assessments do the hard work for you.If you’re a hiring manager or a recruiting professional looking to update your hiring practices, try TestGorilla’s services today. Sign up for free or choose a pricing plan that works for you. Speak to our sales team today and hire the best Vues.js developers in days.

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