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Avoid unfair hiring

How to avoid unfair hiring practices at your organization

Unfair hiring practices are often the result of the unconscious bias of hiring managers. This can lead to hiring a less diverse workforce, which is likely to hurt the company and decrease its competitiveness.  We now know that organizations where diversity is a priority are up to 35 percent more likely to perform better than…

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Job description template

How to write great job descriptions [job description template included]

As a recruiter, your goals include sourcing, hiring, and onboarding top candidates. With the sheer amount of competition amongst various companies, when hiring the top talent, the ‘best of the best’ isn’t always easy to find. This article covers tips to help you write better job descriptions—and make sure you stick around until the end…

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Video interview software: How to conduct a one-way video interview

Is the one-way video interview the new phone interview? The first round of interviews used to be done over the phone. Now many hiring managers are turning to one-way video interview software to assess candidates more efficiently.  One-way video interviews (also known as asynchronous interviews) serve as an audition tape for interested candidates. They give…

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Talent analytics

How to use talent analytics in the hiring process

In 2017, The Economist boldly declared data as the new oil—and the world’s most valuable resource. But if data is the new oil, most HR teams are still figuring out how to refine it. One invaluable piece of HR data, talent analytics, is poised to revolutionize the recruitment process. But most HR teams still aren’t…

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Hiring mistakes

7 common hiring mistakes and how to avoid them

Hiring new employees is a complicated process. And there are several challenges that can trip you up if you are not careful. Here are the seven most common hiring mistakes you should try to avoid. Hiring mistake #1: Spending too long on the hiring process One of the hardest parts of hiring new staff is…

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How to hire a marketing manager

How to hire a marketing manager the right way

When deciding how to hire a marketing manager, it’s important to find a way to properly assess candidates and avoid expensive mishires. You don’t always have time to pore over resumes or conduct time-consuming interviews with unqualified candidates, so you’ll need to develop a process that will allow you to find and hire the best…

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Diversity in the workplace

Why being intentional about workplace diversity is a non-negotiable

Many recruiters, HR professionals, and leaders dedicate their careers to “cracking the code” on employee satisfaction and employee retention. In addition to reward and recognition programs and flexibility in the workday, many executives are discovering the importance of having diversity in the workplace. More and more, it has become a priority and is being acknowledged…

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Werving in het post-corona tijdperk

Werving in het post-corona tijdperk: 4 tips om je voor te bereiden op een nieuwe arbeidsmarkt

Aan de overspannen arbeidsmarkt van de afgelopen jaren heeft de coronacrisis abrupt een eind gemaakt. Reorganisaties en verschuivingen tussen sectoren zorgen ervoor dat de vijver weer groter wordt. In veel sectoren valt er weer wat te kiezen. En met de HR technologie van vandaag kunnen recruiters nu al een voorsprong pakken op het nieuwe werven…

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How to hire a marketing professional

How to hire a marketing professional

Your marketing team is responsible for making sure your company puts its best foot forward. The results of their efforts are customer-facing, so they have a huge impact on the way your brand is perceived. That’s why it’s crucial to get the right people in place. In this post, we provide a step-by-step guide on…

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How (and why) you should prioritize inclusiveness

Inclusivity and diversity are hot topics, now more than ever. And with good reason. Aside from the important moral argument, McKinsey’s 2015 research clearly shows that companies in the top quartile of gender and ethnic diversity are 25% more likely to perform above national industry medians. But a diverse workplace isn’t necessarily an inclusive workplace….

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Customer Service Skills

How to hire for customer service skills

It’s hard to think of an industry for which customer service isn’t a necessary part of doing business. And since customer service is the primary means through which your customers interact with your brand, it’s important to get it right. Not all companies have the resources to hire a dedicated customer service representative, but if…

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Hiring Process

How to optimize your hiring process with online skills assessments

One of the chief concerns when looking for talent is time to hire. The faster you can get through the hiring process—while still making excellent hires—the better. That’s because you’ll be more likely to hire top talent before your competitors, and the sooner you make a hire, the sooner you can start onboarding your new…

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