How to hire Java developers with top programming skills test

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Do you need to find and hire Java developers for your organization?

Your hiring decision will be based on several factors, such as your applicants’ soft skills, values, and Java skills.

You won’t have to cope with complex recruitment processes if you know the best way to hire Java developers.

So, if you’re unsure which approach to take, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information.

In this article, we’ll share the secrets of hiring excellent Java programmers and give you tips on using the Java coding test to assess applicants’ skills.

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Why is Java a vital programming language for your business?

Java offers plenty of advantages for your software development company compared with other programming languages: It is easy to learn, versatile, and can be used to build web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Java’s application programming interface, which is included with the Java Development Kit, enables you to build apps more easily without having to understand the internal workings of every component.

Java even has various open-source libraries that contain plenty of resources for facilitating development, making the programming process quicker and more cost-effective.

If you decide to use Java in your software development business, you’ll need to hire Java developers who can use the programming language efficiently. Continue reading to find out which skills your hires should have.

What crucial skills should you look for when hiring Java developers?

It’s critical that your candidates have Java coding skills and understand how to develop distributed apps without errors or bugs.

crucial skills to look for when hiring Java developers

However, if your organization builds web applications, the developers may also need to be fluent in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. In addition, your applicants should be proficient in technologies like Java Server Pages and JavaBeans.

Remember to include the above skills in your job description to encourage only developers with the right skills to apply for the open role.

Hiring Java developers: Freelance and full-time

You may want to hire a freelance Java programmer, or a full-time developer for your business. Find out where to find them in the following sections.

How can you find a skilled freelance Java programmer for your business?

If you’re searching for a freelance Java developer for your company, two excellent freelance candidate sourcing marketplaces are Upwork and Fiverr.

With Upwork, you can search specifically for Java developers to hire for your business. You won’t have to pay until you make a hire, and you can verify your applicants’ skills by evaluating their work samples.

Fiverr enables you to find and hire Java developers with proven programming experience by matching your business to the best freelancers for your role. You can also evaluate your Java developers’ work samples and look over their reviews before hiring.

How can you find full-time Java developers for your business?

To hire Java developers for full-time positions, you may choose between a range of job boards and candidate vetting platforms, including Hired and Stack Overflow.

Hired gives you access to a vetted pool of talent looking for Java developer roles just like yours. You can look at potential candidates’ qualifications and hire Java developers based on their knowledge and skills.

With Stack Overflow, you can post job descriptions on the job board. Stack Overflow will display your ad, and you will receive applicants for your open position. You can also use Stack Overflow’s candidate search tool to find the right Java developers for your company.  

How can you hire Java developers with top programming skills?

Combining a skills-testing approach with interviews is the best way to hire Java developers with top programming skills.

Give your applicants skills tests once they begin to respond to your advertisement, and then invite those who perform best to an interview.

How to use a Java coding test in a skills assessment

Follow the steps below to use a Java coding test in a pre-employment assessment to comprehensively evaluate candidates’ skills.

steps on how to use a Java coding test in a skills assessment

1. Select skills tests, including the Java coding test, to create an assessment

Go to the TestGorilla skills-testing platform and select up to five skills tests, including Java coding tests, to make your assessment.

The following Java coding tests are available in TestGorilla:

2. Beat your competitors to exceptional talent with assessment customization

Assessment customization will help you hire exceptional talent before your competitors by ensuring applicants will remember your brand. Choose a color scheme and add your logo to the assessment to make it more memorable.

3. Invite Java developers to take the assessment

Now that you’ve built the assessment, invite Java developers to complete it.

You may find it easier to send them a link to the assessment, or you may prefer to invite applicants through the TestGorilla platform or your applicant tracking system. Whichever option suits you best, TestGorilla’s got you covered.

4. Select applicants when the results roll in

If your applicants’ results look promising, invite them to an interview. With TestGorilla, test results are calculated automatically for your convenience.

Interviewing Java developers: 5 tips to consider

Interviewing Java developers can be a challenging task, but here are five tips to make the process easier.

tips to consider when interviewing Java developers

1. Give applicants a clear introduction to your organization

Ensure your applicants know enough about your organization before you begin the interview. Tell them about the projects you’ve worked on and explain your role in the company.

2. Learn about the candidates’ work experience

Do your candidates have suitable experience? Make it a priority to ask them about their career goals and recent experience using the Java programming language.

 3. Ensure your list of questions matches the role you’re hiring for

You may overwhelm junior Java developers with expert-level interview questions, and you won’t be able to find out the full extent of experienced developers’ skills by asking them basic Java questions. Always ensure your list of questions is a good match for the role you’re hiring for. We’ve collected 100 common Java coding interview questions to help you. If the role requires knowledge of other tools, such as Docker or SQLite, make sure you ask about these too.

4. Hire Java developers by reviewing all of your applicants’ responses

Review your applicants’ responses with other members of your hiring team. You can also look at the assessment results and note which applicants have superior skills based on objective data.

5. Use the interview responses to create a training program

The skills of new hires may not always tick every box – they may lack some skills you need, so use their interview responses to find out which skills they want to develop. Then, work on a training program that addresses these skills.

Java developer salary: How much can you expect paying to hire one?

The amount you can expect to pay to hire a Java developer depends on their experience level.

For a junior-level Java developer, you’re likely to pay around $25 per hour. You’re likely to pay a mid-level developer about $49 per hour. 

In the US, the maximum salary you can expect to pay a new Java developer is about $58 per hour or $154,000 per year.

Hire Java developers: Mitigate stress and bias with skills tests

Despite the many skills you have to evaluate when hiring Java developers, don’t forget that skills testing will reduce stress and bias during the hiring process. When you build your skills assessment, ensure you include a Java coding test. Then start interviewing candidates to find the most suitable applicant.

Whether you’re looking for full-time or freelance Java developers, you’ll find that hiring is simple with skills testing.

Use TestGorilla to hire the best Java developers without stress and bias.  Get started for free today and start making better hiring decisions, faster and bias-free.

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