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Strategic workforce planning featured image

Strategic workforce planning: How to leverage this talent acquisition strategy to prepare for the future

It’s hard to hire the right talent when you don’t know what your company needs. Let’s say two IT positions vacate and you spend some time filling the roles…only to discover three months later that your organization would have benefitted from hiring one in-house IT professional and outsourcing the rest of the work. This small discrepancy leads to unnecessary costs and the tough decision of which employee to keep. Strategic workforce planning prevents this by telling you your future needs now. Thi

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product designer interview questions featured image

26 product designer interview questions and answers

Product designers shape your products’ look and feel, ensuring they suit your customers’ needs and provide a great user experience. However, hiring a product designer without the right skills and knowledge can cause major issues with your products – like overwhelming visuals and inconsistent designs – that lead to customer dissatisfaction. In an interview, asking the right questions can help you avoid these problems, so we’ve compiled this guide covering 26 product design interview questions – p

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Remote employees: How to leverage this talent acquisition trend to expand your global reach

Since the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdowns, many companies are demanding a return to the office.  Google is a notable example, a company so determined to get hybrid employees in-office that it has started tracking physical attendance as a part of performance reviews.[1]  Unfortunately, this attitude is the exact opposite of what candidates want – job seekers expect remote work and flexibility. Remote employees are a powerful talent acquisition trend to leverage. Nationally, 11% of job ads off

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Build trust and create a cohesive workforce overcoming the 5 characteristics of dysfunctional teams featured image

Build trust and create a cohesive workforce: Overcoming the 5 characteristics of dysfunctional teams

We’ve all encountered dysfunctional teams before. They’re a source of office gossip, they miss opportunities for innovation, and the quality of their work falls over time. When you spot dysfunctional teams in the workplace, trying to blame a person is tempting. After all, retraining or replacing someone is easier than transforming a team dynamic. For example, you might reason that a dysfunctional team is a sign of the manager’s poor leadership skills. However, dysfunctional teams are not the fau

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How to hire a visual designer featured image

How to hire a visual designer to improve your company's brand identity

Visual designers are central in shaping how your audience perceives your brand. They craft elements that appeal to your audience and distinguish your brand from others in your industry. A poorly chosen designer can result in a mis-hire who misrepresents your brand identity and deteriorates your brand image. With your brand identity being such a crucial part of your company’s success, finding and attracting the right visual designer for your company – one with the perfect mix of creativity and sk

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how to hire an HR manager featured image

How to hire a skilled HR manager

Your organization’s growth and success depend on how well you manage your best assets – your employees.  Making sure everything employee-related runs smoothly and optimizing talent so your business can thrive is the responsibility of a human resources manager. So hiring an HR manager is an important task, and you need a strategic plan. To help you along, we’ve put together this quick guide to hiring a human resources manager that includes advice on how to create a great HR manager job descripti

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CSR strategy How to leverage it as a talent acquisition strategy and show candidates you care featured image

CSR strategy: How to leverage it as a talent acquisition strategy and show candidates you care

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) encourages companies to stay accountable, such as taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint or increase their diversity hiring. How you respond to issues like social unrest and climate change affects how people perceive your organization. It shows a job seeker your values and how important they are to you. A survey by Glassdoor found that 79% of candidates consider a company’s mission and purpose before applying for a job.[1] A CSR strategy doesn’t just

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How to hire a financial advisor featured image

How to hire a financial advisor: Skills to look for and how to test them

Financial advisors play a strategic role in their clients’ financial health and help them make important financial decisions that will have effects for years to come. So, if you’re looking to hire a personal financial advisor, finding the right person is crucial for your financial future. And if you’re looking to recruit an employee for your team, the same is valid for your clients’ financial well-being: The successful management of their investment portfolios will depend on the expertise of you

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How to hire a data engineer for better decision making featured image

How to hire a data engineer for better decision-making

By creating and maintaining infrastructure that allows for efficient data collection, storage, and retrieval, data engineers can power everything from real-time analytics dashboards to machine learning models – all which help you make informed business decisions. Although many data engineers are highly skilled, the current job market is a melting pot of fresh graduates, experienced professionals, and coding cowboys. In fact, finding a candidate with the right soft skills, personality, and techni

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Quant interview questions featured image

7 quant interview questions (+ answers to expect)

Hiring talented quantitative analysts (quants) can be a challenge for many organizations. The specialized skills required for this role, such as math, statistics, and programming, can lead to candidate shortages and create fierce competition between companies striving to secure top talent from a limited candidate pool.  To secure skilled employees for your organization, it’s crucial to adequately assess candidates and avoid the costly mistakes of mis-hiring, such as wasted resources, reduced pro

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Bias in hiring featured image

Bias in hiring: How talent assessments help you focus on what matters

Even when you’re careful to hire consciously, it’s hard to avoid the fact that biases are innate. They aren’t always easy to identify in the heat of the moment, especially when you’re under pressure to fill an open role quickly. But the consequences of hiring bias are real. Bias in hiring decisions could lead to expensive mis-hires based on a misplaced “gut feeling.” Or, in a worst-case scenario, it could even result in workplace discrimination – harming your workers and your ability to attract

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What is equal employment opportunity featured image

What is equal employment opportunity (EEO)?

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) is a principle that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. It guarantees fair treatment in employment decisions, such as hiring, compensation, and termination. In the US, various anti-discrimination laws protect EEO. Understanding these laws and your EEO responsibilities as an employer is crucial to avoiding potential fines and lawsuits.  This article explains how EEO benefits employees and employers and how you can comply with your o

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