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Haitham Babeyeh, IT professional, Axelerated Solutions IT services

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Go beyond technical excellence, find all-round talent

Top-notch technical skills are essential. But the best candidates offer so much more— like a sharp mind for critical thinking and powerful people skills. Our vast library of over 400 tests lets you test it all.


Problem Solving

This Problem Solving test evaluates candidates’ ability to define problems and analyze data and textual information to make correct decisions. This test helps you identify candidates who use analytical skills to evaluate and respond to complex situations.
9 min

Time Management

The Time Management test evaluates candidates’ ability to manage their time well in a professional environment. Through typical workplace scenarios, this test assesses how well candidates can prioritize, plan, execute, and reflect on tasks and projects.
9 min


Rooted in Oldham & Hackman’s Job Characteristics Model, this online Motivation test measures the extent to which your candidates’ expectations align with your job offer, based on a customized survey that you and the candidate both fill out.
15 min


This online Communication skills test assesses your candidates’ skills in communicating clearly and effectively using professional etiquette. This English communication skills test assesses candidates in both written and verbal communication, as well as non-verbal cues and active listening.
8 min
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Assemble world class professional teams fast

Top-tier professional services need top-tier professionals. TestGorilla ranks your candidates according to their skills and lets you quickly shortlist the best.

These companies use TestGorilla and see huge benefits

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LILAB boosts new employee retention up to 90%

Based in Peru, Lima Innovation Lab (LILAB) is a leading software company dedicated to creating innovative digital solutions. From the start, their team of over 100 people has been committed to providing the best service in the digital technology field. We spoke with Dayana Castro, recruiter at LILAB.

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How Axelerated Solutions improved quality of hire with TestGorilla

Axelerated Solutions is a Saudi Arabian IT & business consulting company that helps organizations optimize their day-to-day operations by building tailored solutions for the challenges they face. Their areas of expertise include IT infrastructure, cyber security, managed services, and system integrations.  Their team of experts has extensive experience in different sectors and industries: telecom & service providers, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, military, and retail, as well as in the public sector. Haitham Babeyeh, Axelerated’s Operations Manager, is responsible for running the company’s Managed Services department and the Project Management Office (PMO) department and was looking to optimize the company’s hiring process.

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How TestGorilla helped Papaya Gaming build a robust hiring process

Papaya Gaming is a mobile games company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Papaya Gaming team turns the most exciting and popular games into real money, skill-based tournaments.  Orit Stern is Papaya Gaming’s Head of Support. She and her team often hire customer support roles remotely and needed a reliable way to vet candidates. 

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Numbers don't lie. Studies show that resumes are less effective than all forms of skills-based hiring. Replacing resumes with talent assessments leads to better talent, reduced mis-hires, a faster hiring process, and much more.

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