How Axelerated Solutions improved quality of hire with TestGorilla

How Axelerated Solutions improved quality of hire with TestGorilla

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Axelerated Solutions is a Saudi Arabian IT & business consulting company that helps organizations optimize their day-to-day operations by building tailored solutions for the challenges they face. Their areas of expertise include IT infrastructure, cyber security, managed services, and system integrations. 

Their team of experts has extensive experience in different sectors and industries: telecom & service providers, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, military, and retail, as well as in the public sector.

Haitham Babeyeh, Axelerated’s Operations Manager, is responsible for running the company’s Managed Services department and the Project Management Office (PMO) department and was looking to optimize the company’s hiring process.


Before TestGorilla, Axelerated’s team used to manually screen a huge number of CVs for each position. After that, they’d schedule multiple interviews with shortlisted candidates, but Haitham felt the evaluation was too subjective and not reliable enough. 

Additionally, he needed a way to assess the skills of fresh graduates with limited experience and screen a large number of candidates quickly. 

The recruitment process was slow and inefficient, and Axelerated’s team wasted lots of time with unqualified candidates. Haitham also felt that the evaluation results were too subjective. 

For this reason, he wanted to find a solution that would help Axelerated optimize and automate the recruitment process, making it more efficient and objective. 


Haitham was looking to automate the screening, testing, and scoring process. He needed a platform that also had effective anti-cheating measures in place. 

TestGorilla fit these criteria at a reasonable price. It provided a way to administer multi-measure assessments easily, leverage pre-existing internal tests, and test candidates’ cognitive abilities. 

Haitham was particularly impressed with TestGorilla’s anti-cheating measures, branding customization features, and built-in tests. 

The platform also has a video response feature, which allows the Axelerated team to get a better feel for their candidates and a more in-depth overview of their strengths and capabilities. 

At the moment, Axelerated’s hiring process looks as follows: 

  • For each vacancy, they receive a large number of CVs
  • An assessment to test for the relevant skills is prepared
  • Candidates are invited to take the assessment
  • The Axelerated team reviews the results and the video responses
  • They invite the shortlisted candidates to an interview
  • Finally, they make a job offer to the best candidate(s)

Axelerated managed to optimize its hiring process with TestGorilla, as the platform allows them to screen applications quickly and efficiently, only spending time interviewing the most qualified candidates.


TestGorilla has helped Axelerated save a significant amount of time and money by reducing the time to hire and improving the quality of hire.

Hiring managers and interviewers no longer waste time on unqualified candidates and are now able to use their resources much more efficiently. As a result, they can make more hires and concentrate on training and mentoring to help make sure new employees have everything necessary to succeed in their roles. 

“We have a much higher passing rate for the probation period,” Haitham says. “And we’re now able to select the best candidates easily.”

In fact, 100% of the employees hired with TestGorilla’s help have passed the probation period successfully and are now successfully helping Axelerated and its clients achieve their business goals.

Thanks to TestGorilla, Axelerated’s team significantly improved their hiring process by making it more efficient, objective, and accurate.

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