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IT manager job description template to hire the best

Written by Raji Oluwaniyi

Job descriptions are fundamental for successful hiring because they determine how much attention your job post will get and the quality of your applications. Therefore, it is necessary to take extra care when drafting one to recruit top-notch IT managers.

Using a good template is a great way to ensure accuracy in your job description and help you attract qualified candidates. Additionally, there are some factors you must consider to draft a compelling IT manager job description and make it accessible to candidates.

This article will explore why a good job description is essential for hiring IT managers and what you should consider when drafting one. We’ve also included an IT manager job description template to help you hire the best for your company.

What is an IT manager job description?

The phrase “IT manager job description” comprises two entities: “IT manager” and “job description.” To understand what an IT manager job description should include, we must first understand what these two entities mean.

An IT manager oversees all computer-related operations at an organization. The role ranges from coordinating Information Technology (IT) activities to implementing computer systems.

Exceptional IT managers have great project-management, problem-solving, and communication skills, all of which are essential for working with their IT teams to meet the organization’s needs.

A job description is a document that states all the requirements and conditions attached to a specific job. They should catch the attention of qualified candidates and convince them to apply for the post.

An IT manager job description therefore summarizes the roles, responsibilities, and working conditions of an IT manager. It describes what it takes to succeed in the role and the organization, as well as the position’s benefits.

Typically, an IT manager job description comprises five major sections: the company overview, a short job description, the IT manager’s roles, skills required for the role, and the benefits for the successful candidate.

How well you write your IT manager job description largely determines how many applications you’ll get and how qualified the applicants will be. So, while drafting it, you must ensure that the job description is clear and comprehensive.

Why do you need a job description to hire an IT manager?

A compelling IT manager job description can help you attract top talent to your organization.

Why do you need a job description to hire an IT manager?

Below are some additional reasons why a job description is key for hiring effective IT managers:

  • A well-drafted job description helps draw the attention of skilled IT managers to your job post.

  • It can also help you gauge candidates’ suitability for the role. Comparing the skills outlined in the job description with those of your candidates helps you identify top talent.

  • It ensures that your recruitment is productive and helps prevent hiring errors.

  • It helps prevent underqualified candidates from applying.

  • It enables candidates to self-evaluate to check their fitness for the role, saving you the stress of going through underqualified applications.

Things to consider while drafting an IT manager job description

Once you’ve understood what an IT manager job description is and why it is critical to recruitment, the next step is to write one for your own hiring process.

Things to consider while drafting an IT manager job description

But before you begin drafting your job description, there are a few things you should note:

1. Define your company’s needs first

Defining your company’s needs means identifying what your company is looking for. This entails deciding on the number of IT managers you need to hire and determining the qualities you expect from the incoming employee.

2. Carry out a job analysis

This step differs from defining your company’s needs because here you embark on in-depth research on the skills, duties, and qualifications of IT managers. A job analysis also tells you about the annual salary of IT managers, so you know what remuneration applicants expect.

3. Select the platform where you’ll post the job description

Your posting platform is your audience and plays a large role in determining the quality of the applications you’ll get. Platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor are excellent for helping you reach skilled IT managers.

4. Ensure that your sentences are simple and understandable

Using clear language and correct grammar ensures that your candidates can understand the job description. As such, it is a good idea to edit and proofread your job description before posting it to remove any errors and make sure it reads well.

5. Use keywords appropriately in your job description

Your job description will rank higher in search engines with the right keywords. Using effective keywords will help you get top talent before competitors and give you a higher chance of recruiting them into your company.

IT manager job description template

Once you’re ready to start drafting your IT manager job description, you can use this template as a guide. We’ve also included tips on writing each section to make them more accessible and comprehensive.

[Job title]

  • This is the main header of your job description, and since you’re hiring an IT manager, you must state it accordingly

[Company overview]

  • Ensure that the company overview is a short (4-5 sentences) and basic introduction that gives the candidates an idea of what your company does

  • You may include your goals, history, and some important individuals in your organization

[Job overview]

  • The job overview should be short (4 sentences long) and precise so applicants get the essential information quickly

  • It should include how the IT manager’s duties fit with your organization’s goals

[Duties and responsibilities]

  • Outline the duties the IT manager is expected to carry out once employed

  • You should list the duties from most important to least important

  • Sentences should be complete and gender neutral

[Company benefits]

  • List all your company’s offers (non-monetary), including opportunities you offer, connections, an insurance plan, and any other incentives

  • State the pay you’re willing to offer

[Qualifications and skills]

  • State the required experience (usually, IT managers have two to three years of experience)

  • Include the required skills (for example, project management and communication skills)

  • Computer and management skills 

  • Add your preferred qualifications

Compelling job descriptions attract outstanding talent

With our template, you don’t have to worry about how to structure your IT manager job description, and you can easily find IT managers that meet your company’s standards. This template optimizes the process of writing a job description, minimizing your chances of mis-hiring.

You should also add a pre-employment test right after the job description for your candidates to take as soon as they apply. That way, you can filter your applicants to find the best for your organization.

At TestGorilla, we provide a library with a variety of tests that help you evaluate your candidates based on skill and experience. Since you’re hiring IT managers, you can use our project management and problem-solving skills test to optimize your hiring further.

Visit our website and sign up for free to get started.


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