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Skills-based job description templates for every role

Are your job descriptions designed to attract the best talent, or just candidates with the best resumes?

These skills-based job description templates will help you prioritize role-relevant skills and competencies, so your listings attract a diverse pool of truly qualified applicants.

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Skills-based job descriptions: By industry

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DevOps and IT

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Production and Manufacturing

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Accounting and Finance

Icon representing marketing

Marketing and Growth

Icon representing sales and customer service

Sales and Customer Service

Icon representing data science

Data Science and Analysis

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Management and Administration

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Healthcare and Medicine

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What is a skills-based job description?

A skills-based job description focuses primarily on the abilities and competencies required for a position – rather than emphasizing the need for specific education or work experience. unlike a traditional job description, which often lists compulsory qualifications – like degrees, years of experience, or previous job titles. It outlines the skills needed to perform the job effectively – like technical skills or cognitive abilities. 

How to prepare job descriptions for a skills-based hiring approach

With competition for top talent becoming increasingly fierce, the importance of a well-written, compelling job description is greater than ever. When you take a skills-based approach to hiring, you have to ensure these listings are crafted to prioritize the skills or competencies required for the position. Here's how you can get started writing skills-based job descriptions for any role.

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How to create a skills-based ideal candidate profile

Creating an ideal candidate profile requires significant research on the part of your HR team with added input from relevant hiring managers. A well-researched job description template can fasttrack this process, providing a pre-defined list of knowledge areas, technical skills, personality traits, and other attributes that are most relevant for the job. Here's how you can create a skills-based ideal candidate profile.

Skills-based job descriptions: Commonly asked questions