Accounting Manager Job Description

Accounting Manager Job Description

Accounting Manager Job Description

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Accounting managers: what are they?

Accounting managers are responsible for overseeing and managing accounting teams, ensuring financial reports and statements are delivered on time. 

They analyze, write, and follow legal requirements as part of their accounting manager role. They will also recommend improvements to the company’s processes.

To ensure that companies fulfill their obligations, they prepare accounts according to accounting regulations and within established deadlines. They also analyze, audit, track, record, and implement systems for financial reporting.

Most accounting managers will have staff reporting directly to them. They assign work to these staff and oversee daily activities. They’re also in charge of enhancing team performance and maximizing individual contributions. 

Role of accounts managers (responsibilities and duties)

  • Delegating accounting responsibilities or projects to a company’s accounting employees
  • Recruiting, educating, and inspiring accounting employees
  • Establishing a company’s financial and accounting procedures after consulting with financial heads
  • Assessing, creating, and enhancing departmental controls, systems, and practices to improve accuracy and productivity
  • Ensuring proper and timely completion of month-end and year-end reports
  • Checking financial statements for compliance with corporate and country laws and requirements
  • Providing the company’s external auditors with accounting and financial reports and data
  • Verifying that a company’s financial operations adhere to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • Preparing and submitting corporate tax reports to the country’s revenue authorities
  • Examining financial accounts to look for any fraud or mistakes
  • Keeping thorough and accurate financial records
  • Taking part in reconciliations and audits as necessary
  • Helping other departments with goal setting, strategy creation, and decision making 
  • Keeping abreast of recent financial industry trends and developments

Accounting manager qualifications

  • A Finance or Accounting bachelor’s degree – MBA or a CPA is preferable
  • Proven professional history as a finance manager, accounting manager, or accounting supervisor
  • Understanding of U.S. GAAP, as well as other accounting concepts, procedures, standards, rules, and regulations
  • Willingness to abide by all business, national, state, and municipal rules
  • A strong commitment to driving and attaining outcomes, and strong leadership abilities
  • The ability to mentor young employees and deliver performance management strategies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong command of management, finance, and accounting fundamentals
  • Outstanding math abilities
  • Advanced skills in MS Office, databases, bookkeeping/accounting software, and other financial systems
  • Accuracy, precision, and the capacity to evaluate large volumes of data

Accounting manager FAQs


1. What do accounting managers do?

The role of accounts managers is to make sure an organization reports its financial records correctly within legal requirements. 

Other accounting manager responsibilities include creating and maintaining processes and systems. This helps them analyze company financial datal and suggest business improvements or efficiencies to company heads.

2. What does a good accounting manager look like?

A good accounting manager can digest and analyze complex financial data. Their recommendations become instrumental for company leaders to make informed decisions. 

They’re also meticulous about accuracy. It’s their responsibility to provide correct financial data, and making mistakes could be costly. 

3. What kind of staff will an accounting manager work alongside?

An accounting manager will likely have several people who report directly to them. These can be, for example, junior accountants or bookkeepers. 

They will also work with senior accountants specializing in tax filing, cash forecasting, or other related responsibilities. 

And they will report to the heads of finance to advise on how a company can be more profitable and efficient.  

Recruit a great accounting manager with skills testing

As you can see, an accounting manager’s responsibilities go beyond just reporting figures. 

The best accounts managers will be instrumental in driving a company forward by helping business owners make informed decisions. They can advise a course of action based on numbers and not speculation.

A bad accounts manager could seriously harm a business. As a result, as a hiring manager, human resources manager or recruiter, you must thoroughly screen candidates for accounting manager roles.

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