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How to write a warehouse supervisor job description


Warehouse supervisors have a lot of responsibilities. They must understand safety legislation, manage employee relations, have strong attention to detail, and more. The unique blend of skills needed for this role can make hiring tricky. 

You need a job description that balances the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications with the personality and traits of your ideal candidate. Failing to do this can lead to unqualified applicants, missed talent, and a hefty recruitment bill. 

In this article, we'll cover what to include in a warehouse supervisor job description, what key skills to look out for, and which pre-employment tests to use. 

What is a warehouse supervisor

A warehouse supervisor oversees all the daily tasks and behaviors in a warehouse. They are responsible for: 

  • Managing the warehouse team

  • Employee training

  • Ensuring targets are met

  • Managing schedules

  • Stock and quality control

  • Health and safety protocols

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Other warehouse operational tasks 

Warehouse supervisors are crucial in motivating warehouse employees to meet performance targets. They also help maintain a positive work environment. They need to be multi-skilled and prepared to meet rapidly changing deadlines. 

Key skills to look for in warehouse supervisors 

Key skills to look for in a warehouse supervisor graphic

Look out for candidates that exhibit these key skills.

  • Leadership skills. Warehouse supervisors need strong leadership skills to coordinate their teams safely and effectively. 

  • Problem-solving abilities. Warehouses can be fast-paced. Supervisors need to quickly identify and solve problems to keep operations moving. 

  • Technical knowledge. Knowledge of warehouse management software (WMS) and inventory tracking software is crucial.

  • Safety awareness. To prevent workplace accidents, warehouse supervisors must be up to date with safe working practices, safety certifications, and emergency procedures. 

  • Attention to detail. Supervisors must be aware of the bigger picture and small details. Minor errors can lead to big consequences in a warehouse environment.

  • Even-tempered. Warehouses can be high-pressure, stressful environments. You need someone who can keep their cool even when the situation is challenging. 

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How to write an effective warehouse supervisor job description 

Your job description should attract high-quality candidates and set expectations for the role. Here’s how to make your warehouse supervisor job description successful.

Include key performance indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are targets used by warehouse supervisors to measure the success of their team. The type of KPIs set will differ based on your industry. 

Your job description should include the KPIs used in your warehouse to clarify expectations early on. 

Specify necessary qualifications 

Applicants must have up-to-date safety and compliance certifications. Hiring a candidate without the right qualifications could be illegal.

Depending on your industry, candidates may need qualifications beyond what’s standard for the role – for example, food safety qualifications or hazardous materials handling certifications. 

Compare to your competitors

Check your job description against your competitors'. This way, you can see if it aligns with industry standards and is realistic.

You can find competitor descriptions on popular job boards like Linkedin or through specialized recruiters in your area. 

Warehouse supervisor job description template

Try using the below template to hire your next warehouse supervisor.

Warehouse supervisor job description template graphic

Company introduction

Include a brief overview of your company. This includes your industry, history, business values, mission statement, and company culture.

You should also include the benefits you offer, like healthcare, retirement plans, paid time off (PTO) allowance, and other perks. 

Warehouse supervisor job brief

[Company name]

Job title: [E.g., Warehouse Supervisor, Floor Manager, Warehouse Team Lead]

Reports to: [For instance, Warehouse Manager]

Job type: [Full-time, part-time, on-site, or hybrid. It would be impossible for a warehouse supervisor to be fully remote]

[Compensation information, including salary and benefits]

Warehouse supervisor responsibilities

This will vary based on your specific industry’s requirements. However, you should generally include:

  • Supervisory responsibilities. This includes creating and publishing schedules, managing absence and PTO, leading employee training, and delegating tasks.

  • Inventory management. This includes maintaining accurate stock levels, purchasing new inventory, completing cycle counts, and managing overstock. 

  • Warehouse organization. Warehouse supervisors should ensure the warehouse layout is optimized for maximum space. It also means implementing strategic product placements, bin locations, and storage methods. 

  • Safety compliance. This includes ensuring workers have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and are up to date with safety training. Also, maintaining safe working practices and ensuring all safety certifications are in date. 

  • Accurate reporting. Warehouse supervisors need to be able to create and analyze accurate reports. For example, KPI reports, absence reports, or stock-level reports. 

Requirements/Qualifications and training required

  • Must-have safety certifications like food safety or forklift truck qualifications. 

  • Two or more years experience in a warehouse environment

  • Previous management experience

3 things to avoid when writing a job description for a warehouse supervisor 

Avoid these common mistakes when writing a warehouse supervisor job description.

3 things to avoid when writing a job description for warehouse supervisors graphic

1. Overemphasis on academic qualifications

Many warehouse managers and workers gained their skills through hands-on experience and on-the-job learning. As a result, overemphasizing academic qualifications might deter qualified candidates who didn’t prioritize in-class learning. 

Recognize that a combination of both academic achievements and relevant experience can contribute to a well-rounded candidate. 

2. Using biased language

Warehouse jobs tend to be filled by specific demographics. However, you could miss out on top candidates if you're using the wrong language in your job description.

Use neutral language and inclusive terminology to attract a varied range of candidates. This will bring more diversity to the hiring pool and ensure compliance with equality laws.

3. Lack of flexibility 

Although it’s nice to have candidates with industry experience, don’t disregard those with supervisory experience from outside it. Transferable skills can be an asset to your business and can bring a different perspective to warehouse operations. 

Encourage candidates with different industry backgrounds to apply in your job description.

Next steps: Attracting and assessing Warehouse supervisor candidates

Once you’ve created your job description, it’s time to start finding and evaluating candidates.

Upload your job description to a popular job website or seek out specialist recruiters in your area. This will help you reach a wider pool of candidates and speed up your recruitment process. 

Once you have suitable candidates, you should assess who to invite to interview.

Pre-employment testing tools help you evaluate a candidate beyond what’s on their resume. This can help you determine who’s a good culture fit and who’s got the right skills.

TestGorilla has a library of over 300 scientifically validated tests, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. You can combine up to 5 tests to create your own custom assessment. You can also customize individual questions or add your own questions to the test library for a bespoke experience.  TestGorilla's warehouse supervisor test assesses inventory management skills, measures operating procedures and maintenance skills, and assesses how well a candidate performs daily warehouse tasks. 

For a more thorough hiring process, you could also try using:


What are the skills of warehouse supervisor?

Warehouse supervisors need to have great technical knowledge, leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and safety awareness. They must also be level-headed. 

What should a warehouse supervisor put on a resume?

Warehouse supervisors should include past experience, safety qualifications, and soft skills on their resume. 

What does a warehouse supervisor do?

Warehouse supervisors ensure the smooth running of warehouse operations. They’re responsible for all team leadership tasks in a warehouse environment. 

Find your next warehouse supervisor with TestGorilla

A job description is a candidate's first impression of your business, so you must make it count. Be sure to include the job title, a description of your business, the skills and experience you’re looking for, and the perks of working for you. Blending what you can offer employees with what skills you’re looking for will attract talented candidates who align with your mission. 

Once you’ve gained a pool of suitable candidates, you’ll need high-quality assessment tools to find the best of the best. TestGorilla has over 300 pre-employment tests in its library. Plus, with robust customization options, you can craft a pre-employment test to help you find the perfect candidate. 

Sign up for your free plan today and find your next warehouse supervisor. 


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