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Transport co-ordinator job description for recruiting


Are you a hiring manager or recruiter looking to hire a great transport co-ordinator?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know in this article. You’ll learn exactly what a transport co-ordinator does (their job description), other names they go by, and their duties and responsibilities. 

Additionally, we’ll detail what qualifications to look out for and the best transport co-ordinator screening tests to make sure you don’t make a costly mis-hire.

Let’s begin.

What is the role of a transport co-ordinator?

Transport co-ordinators plan, co-ordinate, and oversee the shipping of goods from the point of packaging to the point of delivery. They are sometimes also known as transportation co-ordinators, transport supervisors, or logistics co-ordinators.

A transport co-ordinator is responsible for the timely and undamaged delivery of goods. They monitor deliveries based on shipment agreements, assign the fastest routes to drivers, and comply with deadlines.

Since they’re instrumental in the logistics of merchandise distribution, they may also provide advice on how to make the delivery process more efficient, such as ways to minimize defects and delays.

Transportation co-ordinators’ duties and responsibilities

  • Arrange efficient delivery routes and dispatch drivers

  • Use GPS to track truck locations to monitor drivers and find efficient routes

  • Act as the first port of call for drivers

  • Help load and unload goods from distribution trucks

  • Use radio frequency scanners to read barcodes, QR codes, RFID tags, etc., while picking and putting away orders

  • Audit goods for inconsistencies or defects

  • Safely store goods by following proper storage procedures (as outlined by the FDA and AATB)

  • Collaborate with senior employees, such as transportation managers, to find ways to make the transportation process more efficient (e.g., limit damaged merchandise and loading errors, increase load capacity)

  • Use time management software to improve on-time performance and automation

  • Oversee port clearance, such as load needs, loading/offloading capabilities, and shipping configurations

  • Check equipment in preparation for HAZMAT inspections when transporting hazardous materials

  • Perform quality control checks that follow ISO standards

  • Create and maintain transportation paperwork, such as driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR), trip reports, driver logs, and invoices

  • Report and maintain key performance indicators regarding mileages, fuel tax reporting, shipment details, stock levels, on-time delivery, and defects

  • Implement and contribute to warehouse management software (WMS)

  • Maintain and respond to complaints or feedback from clients and drivers, directing them to suitable parties if necessary

  • Review driver time sheets for payroll and create driver payslips

  • Document driver concerns and driver policy violations, referring to a senior employee if necessary 

Transportation co-ordinator qualifications

Transportation co-ordinator qualifications
  • Previous experience within the transport sector

  • Meticulous attention to detail

  • Good computer skills and the ability to learn how to use software quickly

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • Exceptional communication skills

  • Outstanding time management and organizational skills

  • At least a high school education

  • A degree in logistics, business management, or a related field is preferred

Transport co-ordinator FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about transport co-ordinators.

1. What is a transport co-ordinator’s most important duty?

A transport co-ordinator is in charge of all logistical operations in the delivery process. Their most important duty is ensuring goods are delivered on time and undamaged. 

They need to be excellent at sticking to deadlines because their company depends on them to help complete deliveries smoothly.

2. What are a transportation co-ordinator’s duties?

A transportation co-ordinator’s duties involve ensuring all logistical operations are carried out efficiently and follow legislation, policies, and procedures, such as port clearance and ISO standards.

They organize driver routes and hours, maintain key performance indicators, handle fuel tax reporting, and create transportation paperwork, such as DVIR.

3. What is the role of a transport supervisor?

Transport supervisors plan, direct, co-ordinate, and oversee transportation operations while adhering to legal requirements for road haulage. 

They are sometimes also known as transport co-ordinators, transportation co-ordinators, or logistics co-ordinators.

How to recruit a great transportation co-ordinator

As you can see, a transport co-ordinator’s responsibilities are far-reaching. Not only do they look after day-to-day operations, but they also need to be comfortable with creating and maintaining databases and paperwork. 

Furthermore, they must have great communication skills since they will liaise with drivers, clients, and senior management.

The best transportation coordinators can help senior managers make informed investment decisions and improve the efficiency of the delivery process.

On the other hand, an unqualified transport co-ordinator could negatively impact your business by missing deliveries and even breaking the law.

Therefore, as a recruiter, human resources manager, or hiring manager, you must thoroughly screen candidates for transport co-ordinator roles.

In addition to our Transport Co-ordinator test, we offer many tests that can help you hire the best transportation co-ordinators, including the Attention to Detail test, Communication test, Problem Solving test, and Time Management test. Browse our test library to learn more about these tests.

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