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How to write a mobile app developer job description


Mobile app developers are responsible for the development and maintenance of Android and iOS mobile applications. They’re crucial for any company that works with app development, and hiring a talented individual will help you maintain a productive workplace and meet client expectations. 

Writing a strong mobile app developer job description is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. An inaccurate description can lead to unqualified applicants applying or a lack of applicants altogether, and you may miss out on leading talent. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to putting together the perfect mobile app developer job description to help you attract talented individuals.

What is a mobile app developer? 

A mobile app developer is a skilled individual who specializes in creating mobile applications for devices like smartphones and tablets. They possess technical skills that enable them to design, develop, and deploy apps for Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms. 

Key skills to look for in a mobile app developer

Some of the most important skills to look for in a mobile app developer include the following: 

  • Proficiency in programming languages like Java, Swift, Kotlin, and JavaScript

  • Familiarity with development environments like Xcode, Android Studio, or React Native

  • Database management skills for storing and retrieving app data

  • Experience working with APIs 

  • Ability to test and debug application code

  • Working understanding of version control systems like Git

  • Familiarity with mobile UX best practices

  • Strong understanding of mobile app security to keep user data and sensitive information protected 

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking abilities

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with team members

  • Ability to adapt with evolving industry standards and emerging technology trends

How to write an effective mobile app developer job description

To write a clear, effective mobile app developer job description, consider the details of the role and provide the information applicants must know. Here are a few tips. 

Use a clear job title

By using a clear job title, you can specify exactly what position you’re hiring for. Titles like “Android Developer” or “Junior Front-End Mobile Developer” provide much more information than a simple “Mobile Developer” and will draw in the right candidates.

Clearly outline the role’s key responsibilities

Mobile app developers have extremely variable skill sets, and many specialize in specific languages or operating systems. So, you should clearly outline what you’re expecting of candidates to ensure they have the appropriate skills and experience. 

Pay specific attention to the tasks, technologies, and platforms your developers will work with. If you’re hiring a Flutter developer, for instance, be specific about the versions of Flutter and related tools they'll need expertise in.

By using inclusive language without bias towards any race, religion, gender, or other demographic, you can encourage a diverse group of people to apply. Emphasize your commitment to fair hiring practices, and avoid gender-specific terms or biased language. 

In addition to helping you attract more applicants, this ensures you’re complying with non-discrimination laws. 

Mobile app developer job description template

Here’s an example of what your job description should look like. You should modify it so that it’s specific to your company and position. 

Mobile app developer job description template

Company introduction

Here, add a short overview of your company, central values, and long-term business goals. Outline anything that makes you a standout employer, explain why you need a mobile app developer, and provide a brief description of your future hire’s position in the company. 

Mobile app developer job brief

[Company name]

Job Title: [For example, Junior Android Developer, Senior iOS Developer, Front-End Mobile Developer, or Back-End Mobile Developer]

Reports to: [For example, Head of Development, Project Manager, Development Team Lead, or Scrum Master]

Position type: [For example, full-time, part-time, on-site, remote, or hybrid]

[Compensation details] 

Mobile app developer responsibilities

  • Collaborating with team members to design the overall structure and layout of the app

  • Writing clear, efficient code that’s maintainable and meets client specifications

  • Working with frameworks and libraries to make app development more efficient

  • Developing, testing, and deploying apps for Android, iOS, or via cross-platform frameworks

  • Debugging and optimizing apps for speed, efficiency, and overall performance

  • Implementing appropriate security measures to ensure sensitive information within the app is protected

  • Documenting all code in a way other team members can understand


  • Bachelor’s degree or professional certificate in computer science or a related field (or equivalent training)

  • Fluency in Java, JavaScript, and Kotlin 

  • Minimum of two years’ working experience in a related role

  • Familiarity with mobile development frameworks, techniques, and best practices

Preferred qualifications

  • Master’s degree in computer science or a related field

  • Experience with cross-platform development and frameworks

  • Minimum of five years’ experience in a related role

  • Experience integrating mobile apps with cloud services like AWS

3 things to avoid when writing a job description for mobile app developers

Here are three crucial mistakes to avoid so your mobile app developer job description is as clear and descriptive as possible. 

3 things to avoid when writing mobile app developer job description graphic

1. Failing to account for remote applicants

In many cases, mobile app developer positions are suitable for remote workers. When you don’t address the potential of remote work in your job description, you may miss out on several highly qualified candidates who want to work from home. 

2. Requiring formal education or training

There are many pathways to becoming a skilled mobile app developer, and requiring a formal education or training can discourage potentially qualified candidates from applying. Consider including these qualifications as preferred rather than essential requirements. 

3. Not providing information about compensation 

Mobile development is a competitive field, and you’ll have to offer an attractive salary and benefits package to encourage talented individuals to apply. Failing to clearly outline compensation in your job description can lead to fewer applicants and less-qualified applicants. 

Next steps: Attracting and assessing mobile app developer candidates

After writing your mobile app developer job description and posting it on job boards and in other places where interested candidates can see it, wait for applications to come in. Once you have a pool of applicants, you should begin assessing them. The best way to do this is with a combination of custom mobile developer interview questions and pre-employment skills testing. 

TestGorilla is a leading assessment platform that enables you to create custom screening assessments with a combination of custom questions and up to five tests from its comprehensive library. 

There are various role-specific tests, including the Android Development Using Java test, the Swift (Coding): Entry-Level Algorithms test, and the JavaScript (Coding): Entry-Level Algorithms test.

You’ll also find numerous behavioral and personality tests that you can use to assess how well candidates will fit with your organization’s values and long-term goals. Using a combination of tests is the best way to gain comprehensive insight into your candidates – which is far more than you’ll learn from screening their resumes.


How much experience should I require in my mobile app developer job description? 

The amount of experience required depends on your position. For entry-level positions, you may accept candidates with little to no experience. On the flip side, you’ll want to require at least three to five years of experience for senior roles. 

Is a bachelor’s degree an essential requirement for mobile app developers? 

Although many companies require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement for mobile app developer positions, it’s not essential. There are numerous bootcamps and professional certifications available that teach the required skills, and you should take these into account alongside traditional degrees. 

What salary should I offer in my mobile app developer job description? 

According to Indeed.com, the base salary for mobile app developers ranges from $83,697 to $186,079 per year, with an average of $124,797 per year. This depends on the developer's experience and skills, along with the position’s responsibilities. 

Hire leading mobile app developers with TestGorilla

A clear, strong mobile app developer job description can help you attract the right candidates. To write a strong description, you must understand the requirements of your role and what information you should include. 

Once you’ve posted your description and received applications, you’ll need to assess and manage candidates. The best way to do this is with TestGorilla’s pre-employment testing platform. It offers more than 300 soft skills, hard skills, and personality tests, which you can use to craft the perfect screening assessment. 

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