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How to write a call center representative job description


Call center positions have high turnover rates, leading to work disruption and high hiring costs. As a result, call centers are always on the hunt for new representatives. 

However, ineffective call center representative job descriptions can attract ill-suited candidates who won’t last. This worsens the turnover issue and creates more competition amongst call centers that need new representatives. 

This is why your job description should stand out amongst the other call center job ads and attract candidates who can handle the pressures and do the job well.

Below, we share a guide that makes writing these job descriptions easy, along with a template you can use for your next open position.

What is a call center representative?

Call center representatives either take calls from customers or make calls to leads on behalf of a company. They may also communicate with customers through online chat. Also known as call center agents, these employees may:

  • Conduct surveys

  • Sell products or services

  • Answer customer questions

  • Resolve customer complaints or problems

  • Take customer orders

Call center representatives sometimes work in call centers or telemarketing departments. Many work from home.

Key skills to look for in call center representatives

Call center agents communicate with different types of individuals all day. They need these skills:

  • Strong verbal and phone communication skills

  • Customer service skills

  • Strong writing and typing skills for online chat support

  • Active listening skills for determining customer needs

  • Patience to deal with frustrated customers in a polite, professional manner

  • The ability to follow call scripts, if needed

  • Problem-solving skills to resolve customer complaints 

  • Time management and multi-tasking skills to handle high call volumes

  • Sales skills to sell and upsell to customers

  • Organizational skills for record-keeping

  • Perseverance for repeating demanding routines

  • Technical proficiency with call center systems, including customer relationship management (CRM) platforms

How to write an effective call center representative job description

To attract the right call center talent, follow this guidance:

How to write an effective call center representative job description graphic

Appeal to the correct level of experience

To appeal to entry-level call center representatives, focus on soft skills like communication, patience, and perseverance. Highlight any perks you offer. Entry-level call center positions tend to start at minimum wage, so mention any bonuses that make the job more attractive.

When you need someone with strong sales or tech skills, emphasize any possibilities for advancement at your company, including training or mentorship opportunities. This appeals to more experienced candidates.

Include specific details 

Be as specific as possible about the type of call center employee you need. Some employees may not want to do sales. Others may want work-from-home flexibility.

Include details about possible call volumes, busy times, and expectations. This will give candidates a realistic understanding of the role, and only those who feel they can succeed will likely apply. This means you’ll spend less time on candidates who won’t work out long-term. 

Keep it updated

The call center industry is changing fast. Many call centers are focused on an omni-channel experience, offering many ways for customers to contact agents. Your job description may need to appeal to candidates who can handle communication channels beyond phone and chat, such as email, text messaging, or social media. If your call center uses omni-channel communication, you must clarify this.

Many call centers are also turning towards AI and automation. If yours does, the job description should welcome applicants willing to work alongside this tech.

Call center representative job description template

Instead of creating a brand-new call center representative job description, grab this template. Modify it to meet your needs. 

Company introduction

In a few sentences, outline what your company does and its mission and values. Explain how call center representatives contribute to your company’s goals.

Benefits of working at [your company]

Be sure to point out any benefits of working at your company. Do you offer generous paid time off, a company break room, or any other benefits call center representatives may appreciate? List these.

Call center representative job brief

Job Title: [For example, Call Center Representative, Online Chat Agent, or Customer Care Representative]

Reports to: [For instance, Contact Center Team Leader]

Position type: [Full-time, part-time, contractor, on-site, remote, or hybrid]

[Compensation details]

Call center representative responsibilities:

  • Manage a high volume of inbound and outbound calls and online chats.

  • Determine every customer’s needs and find effective solutions, always striving for one-contact resolution.

  • Follow provided scripts for sales or customer support calls.

  • Act on feedback from training and management to improve call times.

  • Provide exceptional customer service.

  • Keep accurate records of all interactions.

  • Meet individual and team targets.


  • High school degree or its equivalent – or relevant experience or training

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Preferred qualifications:

  • [number]+ years of experience in a call center, conflict resolution, customer sales, or customer support role – or equivalent experience or training

  • Previous experience with CRM platforms 

3 things to avoid when writing a job description for call center representatives

Job seekers might consider these red flags, so avoid them in your job descriptions:

1. Not mentioning morale-boosting perks

Call center representatives might feel down after a day spent reaching difficult call targets and dealing with upset customers. Failing to show that your company offers ways to address stress can turn away experienced applicants who understand the job’s downsides. 

So, mention fitness programs, employee recognition programs, and anything else you do to support your call center representatives.

2. Failing to detail your communication structure

Poor communication at call centers can make call center representatives feel alone and unsupported. As a result, candidates might skip job ads that don’t mention communication structures because they might assume workplaces without these systems are chaotic, poorly organized, and unsupportive.

So, mention team meetings, regular check-ins, employee surveys, or other ways you keep communication open.

3. Not including social proof

When you don’t include social proof, standing out among the other call center job ads is harder. 

Emphasize any positive reviews you have from current call center agents to draw in more applicants. Consider mentioning the average length of time your representatives stay with your organization if it’s higher than average.

Next steps: Attracting and assessing call center representative candidates

Knowing how to hire customer service representatives or sales agents for your call center starts with a great job description. But it doesn’t end there. Once you have replies to your job ad, how can you tell which candidate is right for you?

Consider using TestGorilla. TestGorilla is a pre-employment assessment platform that helps you evaluate candidates objectively. You can combine up to five tests to create a single assessment for candidates. 

Our tests include role-specific tests like our Call Center Representative test. We also offer typing speed, situational judgment, language, and personality tests.

Using an assessment that measures various qualities will help you better understand each candidate. This way, you’ll increase your chances of hiring someone who can succeed at your company.

Want to learn more? Read our free guide on how to assess call center skills for more insights on making the right hire. 


Should my job description encourage applicants without call center experience to apply?

While call center experience is great, welcoming applicants from different backgrounds can help with high-volume hiring needs. You can use pre-employment assessments to discover which applicants possess the motivation and transferable skills you need.

How can my call center agent job description be compliant?

To comply with anti-discrimination laws that support fair hiring, you can’t post job descriptions that discourage candidates from applying based on characteristics like race or gender. 

For instance, some call center representative job descriptions ask “recent graduates” to apply. This language may violate anti-discrimination rules by discouraging older applicants.

Find skilled, motivated call center representatives with TestGorilla

You need an excellent call center representative job description to stand out amongst other job ads and attract candidates who can juggle all the responsibilities and pressures of the role. It should appeal to the right talent, showing them they can thrive in your workplace long-term. 

Once you’ve got a strong applicant pool, use TestGorilla’s pre-employment assessments to uncover the best candidates.

Want to learn more? Take a quick product tour to see exactly how TestGorilla can help you hire faster and smarter.


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