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How to write a job description for TensorFlow developers


Hiring a TensorFlow developer is an important step towards building machine learning and AI algorithms that can supercharge your business. A knowledgeable programmer can help you increase your team’s productivity, crunch big data, and much more.

Given the complexity of AI, it’s incredibly important to hire the right candidate. A poorly developed algorithm can yield inaccurate data or increase costs by requiring significant computational resources.

Hiring the best TensorFlow developer for your business starts with writing a strong job description. In this guide, we’ll explain how to kickstart your hiring process and provide a template to help you write the perfect job ad.

What is a TensorFlow developer?

A TensorFlow developer is an individual who can use the TensorFlow platform to build machine learning and deep learning models. TensorFlow is an open-source software developed by Google specifically for creating and training AI systems.

A TensorFlow developer can help your business build AI-powered automations that improve productivity. They can also create recommendation engines to increase sales or data analysis pipelines to give you more insight into your business.

Key skills to look for in TensorFlow developers

Here are some of the most important skills a TensorFlow developer needs to have:

  • TensorFlow experience: Expertise and prior experience in building machine learning models with TensorFlow.

  • Python or JavaScript proficiency: TensorFlow offers programming interfaces in both Python and JavaScript. Developers should be proficient in one or both of these languages.

  • Keras proficiency: Keras is a tool for building deep learning models using TensorFlow. Hiring a developer who’s proficient in Keras can enable your business to deploy more complex and scalable AI systems. Check out our comparison of Keras vs. TensorFlow

  • Data analytics: TensorFlow developers need to understand how to process and analyze data to train accurate, unbiased AI models. 

  • Collaboration: Developers work closely with data scientists, web developers, and project managers. They must be comfortable working in teams and be good at communicating about their work.

  • Attention to detail: Candidates should exhibit attention to detail to ensure AI models are trained with high-quality data and produce consistent, accurate results.

How to write an effective TensorFlow developer job description

An effective TensorFlow developer job description needs to clearly describe the programmer you want to hire and encourage them to apply for your role.

Describe the TensorFlow developer you want to hire

Begin with a description of the TensorFlow developer you envision working for your company. Include details about the types of models they’ll be tasked with building and whether they’ll work on their own or as part of an existing team.

After this overview, list the skills candidates must have. Be as specific as possible about the level of TensorFlow experience required, what programming languages they need to know, and whether they need to be proficient in libraries like Keras.

It’s also important to highlight soft skills in your job description, especially if the developer you hire will work in a team. They must be comfortable working alongside other developers and communicating with project managers.

Encourage top developers to apply for your role

Top TensorFlow developers are in high demand as a growing number of businesses seek to harness the power of AI. So, your job description needs to convince candidates to work for your company over others.

Your job description should include details about the salary you can offer as well as benefits like health insurance, retirement accounts, and paid time off. 

If you offer remote or hybrid work or flexible work hours, be sure to highlight it. Mention any other unique benefits your business offers, such as parental leave or childcare support.

In addition, include a description of your company’s mission and culture. Many developers seek out jobs at companies that share their values.

TensorFlow developer job description template

Customize the template below to write a compelling job description tailored to your organization.

Tensorflow developer job description template graphic

Company introduction

Begin your job description by introducing your company. Include when it was founded, what markets you serve, how many employees you have, and what products or services it’s known for. If your company has won any awards, this is a great opportunity to mention them.

A great way to make your job description stand out is to touch upon TensorFlow in your introduction. You can discuss how machine learning has already enabled breakthroughs at your business or how you envision AI models built with TensorFlow creating new growth opportunities.

Benefits of working with [your company]

After your introduction, explain the rewards a TensorFlow developer can look forward to at your business. Highlight monetary benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement match programs.

In addition, be sure to mention perks like remote or hybrid work flexibility, mental health services, childcare assistance, and any additional extras your company offers.

TensorFlow developer job brief

[Company name]

Job Title: [For example, TensorFlow Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, or Data Scientist with TensorFlow]

Reports to: [For example, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Senior Data Scientist, or Chief AI Officer]

Position Type: [Full-time or part-time; employee or independent contractor]

Location: [Remote, hybrid, or on-site]

[Compensation details]

TensorFlow developer responsibilities

  • Create machine learning models for computer vision, natural language processing, and other applications using TensorFlow 

  • Write error-free TensorFlow programs in [Python and/or JavaScript]

  • Assist with data acquisition for model training

  • Collaborate with DevOps and web developer teams to deploy models

  • Report project updates to managers and senior developers

Requirements/qualifications and training required

  • A [bachelor’s or master’s degree] in computer science, software engineering, data science, or a similar field – OR equivalent work experience

  • [2+] years’ experience as a TensorFlow developer

  • Experience programming in [Python and/or JavaScript]

Two things to avoid when writing a job description for TensorFlow developers

Make sure to avoid these two common mistakes in your TensorFlow developer job description.

2 things to avoid when writing a job description for tensorflow developers graphic

1. Introducing bias

A biased job description discourages diversity. Not only will you miss out on potentially great candidates, but you could also run afoul of anti-discrimination laws and face costly lawsuits or fines.

One of the most common ways that businesses unintentionally introduce bias into job descriptions is by using phrases that have gendered undertones. Phrases like “strong,” “driven,” and “aggressive” are examples of male-coded words that may discourage female developers from applying to your open role.

2. Not discussing your company’s values

Top candidates often want to work at companies that share their values. When writing your job description, mention what your company stands for beyond simply turning a profit. For example, a developer might look for a business that gives back to its local community, advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion, or strives for sustainability.

If your company has a mission statement, include it in your company introduction. You should also highlight your company’s positive, value-driven culture and any unique environmental, social, and governance initiatives it has launched.

Next steps: Attracting and assessing TensorFlow developer candidates

You can share your TensorFlow developer job description across online job boards, LinkedIn, GitHub, and social media. It’s also a good idea to hire a recruiter or to network with developers at online and in-person programming conferences to attract even more qualified applicants.

Once you have an applicant pool, you can quickly find the best candidates using a pre-employment screening platform like TestGorilla. 

TestGorilla takes a skills-based approach to hiring and has a library of more than 300 expert-designed tests to evaluate candidates’ programming skills, collaboration skills, personality traits, and much more.

Tests you can use to evaluate TensorFlow developers include:

Pair these technical tests with soft skills tests, such as:

TestGorilla also offers personality tests so you can fully understand how candidates approach work and how they’ll mesh with your existing team.

You can combine up to five tests to create a custom assessment for your TensorFlow developer applicants. In addition, ask one-way video interview questions to learn more about your candidates’ TensorFlow experience, and work styles.

Combining technical developer tests, soft skills tests, personality tests, and interview questions enables you to get deep insights into your applicants and hire the best TensorFlow developer.


Does my business need a TensorFlow developer?

If your business wants to harness the power of machine learning or AI, a TensorFlow developer can help. TensorFlow developers can build custom models that deliver unique insights into your business and identify growth opportunities. 

TensorFlow can also be used to build recommendation algorithms that help increase sales or natural language processing tools that can improve productivity.

How much do TensorFlow developers make?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a TensorFlow developer is $127,000 per year. Top TensorFlow developers can make up to $197,000 per year. Keep in mind this is a base salary and doesn’t include the value of benefits like health insurance or retirement match programs.

Hire the best TensorFlow developer with TestGorilla

A TensorFlow developer can help you leverage AI to identify bottlenecks in your business, increase sales, improve productivity, and more.

Writing a strong job description is the first step in hiring the best TensorFlow developer. You need to describe the candidate you want to hire and encourage them to apply for your role.

Once you have a pool of applicants, use TestGorilla to quickly identify the top candidates to advance to the next stage of your hiring process. TestGorilla offers hundreds of expert-designed tests to evaluate applicants’ programming and data analysis skills, soft skills, and personality traits.

Join TestGorilla today for free or book a product demo to hire the best TensorFlow developer for your business.


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