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A detailed guide on creating a production worker job description


Every manufacturing company needs reliable production workers at its plants. But it’s not easy finding, vetting, and hiring a great production worker. That’s why we’re giving you a job description template you can use to hire the best. 

But first, let’s define what a production worker and what they do. You’ll also learn about pre-employment skills testing below.

Who is a production worker?

A production worker is an employee responsible for maintaining the highest possible standards on the production line. They check for product defects, monitor the assembly line, and follow safety procedures to ensure no employees are harmed while working in the factory.

On top of this, they sometimes operate machinery such as forklifts to help with certain tasks. Qualified production workers are essential on the ground floor of any factory.

What skills does a production worker need?

What skills a production worker needs

A production worker should have the following skills: 

1. Attention to detail

Since production workers are responsible for monitoring the processes on the ground floor, they need to pay close attention to detail. The final products must be assembled flawlessly to satisfy customers. Therefore, production workers should be able to notice even the smallest defects in the process (and the product).

2. The ability to handle pressure

Working on an assembly line is no easy task. To succeed in such a loud and fast-paced environment, a production worker must be able to handle pressure. It’s especially important for them to respond quickly to critical situations, especially when it comes to safety regulations and preventing hazardous events on the factory floor.

3. Communication skills

Production workers also need excellent communication skills to co-operate effectively with their co-workers. They will have to communicate clearly and concisely on the factory floor because the production process movies rapidly and every second matters.

On top of that, they must actively listen to other employees on the assembly line to understand how to improve the production process on a daily basis.

4. Time-management skills

Factory floors and warehouses operate on strict deadlines, so a production worker requires impeccable time-management skills. They will have to meet deadlines while ensuring that products meet the highest standards of quality.

Therefore, when hiring a production worker, assess their time-management skills to ensure they can use their time effectively.

Production worker job description template for hiring

You can use the following job description template when hiring for the role of a production worker:

Job description template

Our company is looking for a production worker who will improve our factory’s production line. The candidate should be a hardworking individual who will uphold all the safety standards on the floor, keep the production area clean, monitor products on the assembly line, and promptly report any defects to the supervisor. 

The successful candidate will carry out their responsibilities quickly, consistently, and accurately. They will need to perform various tasks, such as handling machinery like trucks and forklifts. The candidate should be in good physical condition since they will have to regularly lift heavy loads on the factory floor. 

Tasks and responsibilities

As a production worker, you will be tasked with: 

  • Implementing safety standards

  • Ensuring that the workstation is clean

  • Helping with product assembly

  • Making sure that all employees follow production protocols

  • Operating machinery, such as trucks and forklifts

  • Reporting any issues that you find to your direct supervisor

  • Working on the production line

  • Ensuring that products are shipped on schedule

  • Checking stock levels

  • Completing any other tasks assigned by your supervisor 

Requirements and skills

A qualified applicant will meet the following requirements and have the following skills: 

  • Previous experience as a production worker or similar experience on a factory floor or warehouse

  • Knowledge of and experience with operating equipment and machinery

  • A detail-oriented mindset and the ability to notice defects and errors

  • Knowledge of safety procedures

  • Good physical condition (to lift heavy loads)

  • High school diploma/GED

  • Good teamwork skills

  • Communication skills 

  • The ability to handle pressure

  • Time-management skills

  • Willingness to do shift work

  • Basic math skills

  • Technical and mechanical skills

  • Organizational skills

If you meet these requirements, we invite you to apply for this role. 

Frequently asked questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hiring production workers: 

What is a production worker’s role?

A production worker assists in the assembly of products on a production line. They are responsible for monitoring the assembly line, following safety procedures, checking for product defects, and making sure that products meet a high standard of quality.

What skills does a production worker require?

It’s critical for production workers to have technical and mechanical skills, an understanding of how to operate machinery, basic math skills, teamwork skills, attention to detail, time-management skills, communication skills, and the ability to handle pressure.

Hire the most qualified production worker

When recruiting a production worker or production manager for your organization, ensure that you hire the best candidate. The simplest way to do this is by incorporating a pre-employment test into your hiring process. 

Pre-employment tests remove bias from the hiring process by evaluating all of your applicants objectively.

TestGorilla has helped more than 6,000 businesses implement pre-employment testing in their recruitment processes. Rather than relying on CV screening, these companies use skills tests to assess candidates’ skill sets objectively.

We have hundreds of pre-employment tests, such as our Mechanical Reasoning test and Attention to Detail test. Check out our test library to find those that are relevant for your open job position.


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