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How to write a Kotlin developer job description


Kotlin developers excel in a versatile language that simplifies software development. But it’s essential to hire the right person for your team or they might negatively impact productivity and collaboration. 

To attract Kotlin developers with the ideal blend of hard and soft skills, you’ll need a comprehensive job description that outlines the skills, responsibilities, and qualifications of the role. 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll explain how to write an effective job description for Kotlin developers, the key skills to look for, and the pitfalls to avoid. We’ve also included a template to kick off your hiring process. 

What is a Kotlin developer

A Kotlin developer designs, writes, and maintains software applications using Kotlin, a modern programming language. Kotlin is most used to develop apps on Android phones because of its easy-to-read code and strong safety tools. But it’s versatile and can also be used to create software for other platforms, like web applications and desktop software.

Key skills to look for in Kotlin developers 

An excellent Kotlin developer should have the following mix of hard and soft skills:

  • Kotlin basics: Understanding the main rules and structure of the Kotlin programming language.

  • App creation: Know-how to build and design applications, especially for Android phones.

  • Java knowledge: Ability to work with Java, another programming language closely related to Kotlin.

  • Design approaches: Familiarity with ways to organize and structure an app's functions and appearance.

  • Using tools and libraries: Comfort with certain tools like "Android Studio" and libraries such as "Kotlinx Coroutines" that help in building and enhancing apps.

  • Problem-solving: Ability to identify challenges and find efficient solutions, like optimizing code to improve app performance or troubleshooting issues in a complex application.

  • Team collaboration: Clear communication and the ability to work well with others, especially in fast-paced development environments.

  • Continuous learning: Being open to learning new skills and adapting to change, like attending workshops to stay updated on Kotlin’s latest features. 

  • Attention to detail: Making sure tasks are done thoroughly and avoiding mistakes, like conducting thorough code reviews to catch potential issues. 

How to write an effective Kotlin developer job description

To create an effective job description, clearly outline the skills and responsibilities of the role. Here are some strategies to get you started. 

Specify your unique Kotlin needs

Every project has distinct Kotlin skill needs. For instance, if your app centers around advanced UI animations, highlight that. For a data-intensive app, underscore the need for Kotlin data processing expertise. Engage with relevant teams to learn more about the role’s requirements, like the UI/UX design team or backend development team. Being specific will help you attract the best developer candidates.

Highlight your company culture 

Share your company culture and what makes it unique. This helps potential candidates assess their fit with your organization. Describe the work environment, touching on team dynamics and whether it's collaborative or fast-paced. Also, highlight your core values, such as valuing innovation, and set clear long-term goals. 

Use a template

A job description template helps you detail the role’s main responsibilities and requirements, ensuring you attract the right applicants. For instance, without a template, you might forget to mention vital skills like database management or preferred years of experience. Such missteps can lead to the wrong types of candidates applying.

Kotlin developer job description template

Use the template below as a basis for your job description.

Kotlin developer job description template graphic

Company introduction

Introduce your company, sharing details like its background, history, and the types of projects it has worked on. Highlight accomplishments, such as successful app launches, industry recognition, or exceptional milestones. 

Benefits of working with [Your company]

This section covers employee benefits related to pay, like competitive salary, healthcare, and paid time off. You should also outline non-pay-related benefits, such as learning and development opportunities and flexible work options. 

Kotlin developer job brief

[Company name]

Role Title: [For example, Junior Kotlin Developer, Senior Kotlin Developer, Lead Kotlin Developer]

Reports to: [For instance, Senior Kotlin Developer, Lead Kotlin Developer, Engineering Manager]

Position Type and Location: [Full-time, part-time, on-site, remote, or hybrid]

[Compensation details, including salary and benefits]

Job Overview: [A concise paragraph outlining the role's responsibilities, the indicators of success in the position, and how it fits into the organization]

Kotlin developer responsibilities

  • Develop efficient and functional Android applications by writing and maintaining Kotlin code

  • Design user interfaces (UI) and experiences (UX) to create a seamless and visually appealing app using Kotlin

  • Work with existing Java code and integrate it into your projects

  • Identify and resolve issues affecting speed and efficiency to optimize app performance 

  • Ensure the app performs well on various Android devices and OS versions

  • Conduct unit testing to identify and fix errors in Kotlin code, maintaining code quality

  • Work effectively with designers, backend developers, and others to achieve project goals

  • Clearly explain technical ideas to both technical and non-technical team members

Requirements/Qualifications and training required

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field, or equivalent

  • Minimum of 2 years experience in Android app development

  • Proven Kotlin expertise and software architecture understanding

3 things to avoid when writing a job description for Kotlin developers 

Avoid the following pitfalls when writing job descriptions for Kotlin developers. 

3 things to avoid when writing a job description for a kotlin developer graphic

1. Using unfamiliar jargon

Although Kotlin developers need to know technical jargon, avoid using terminology or acronyms that might not be universally understood. For example, instead of saying "Being skilled in JavaScript and CSS preprocessors (e.g., SASS)," you can say, "Having experience with web development languages like JavaScript and stylesheets like SASS." Keeping your job description accessible to a broader audience will help attract more qualified candidates.

2. Overlooking soft skills 

Kotlin developers are tech experts, but ensure to include important soft skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Otherwise, you might end up hiring developers who don’t fit well with your team.

3. Being too vague 

Don't be overly vague about the role's responsibilities or your company's expectations. Provide specific details about what the developer will be working on and the skills required.

For example, instead of saying "Contribute to app development projects," you can say, "Collaborate on building a chat application's real-time messaging features." This helps candidates grasp the role and attract better-suited applicants. 

Next steps: Attracting and assessing Kotlin developer candidates

Now that you've created a compelling job description, share it on prominent job boards, like LinkedIn and Indeed. Posting on company social media platforms, like X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook, is another way to attract high quality developer candidates. 

Once you’ve grown your applicant pool, it’s time to assess their hard and soft skills to hire the right developer. For the most accurate results, try TestGorilla’s pre-employment assessments. 

Using a combination of tests for Kotlin developers will give you valuable insight into candidates’ technical skills, soft skills, and personality types. Start by assessing candidates’ basic programming skills with our Kotlin (coding) entry-level algorithms test. Then, pair it with a soft skills test, like our critical thinking test, to assess cognitive skills. 

To learn more about candidates’ role-specific skills and personality types, combine our Kotlin skills test with the Enneagram personality test. These help assess their job-related abilities and workplace behavior.

If your role will focus more on mobile, follow our guide to evaluate mobile app developers.  


Where exactly should I post my job description? 

Post your job description on popular job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Stack Overflow Jobs. Also, share it on tech-specific platforms such as GitHub and relevant Reddit subreddits like r/Kotlin and r/androiddev. Don't forget to use your company's LinkedIn page and Twitter account to reach a broader audience.

How can I ensure my job description stands out in a competitive job market?

To stand out, use a compelling job title, describe exciting projects the Kotlin developer will work on, and emphasize your company's unique culture and values. Highlight opportunities for skill growth and career advancement. Mention any benefits like flexible work arrangements, training programs, or a strong work-life balance to attract top talent.

Hiring the right Kotlin developers with TestGorilla

You have the recipe for a great Kotlin developer job description: a mix of essential skills, a glimpse of your company's culture and perks, and a trusted template to assist you. The next step is securing the ideal candidate. 

TestGorilla’s assessment platform helps you pinpoint candidates’ skills and personality types so you only hire developers that elevate your team. 

Want to learn more about how TestGorilla can simplify your hiring process and connect you with top-notch talent? Start today by taking our product tour or signing up for a free account


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