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How to write a growth marketer job description


A growth marketer plays a critical role in helping your company attract new business and scale your revenue. So, it’s important you hire a top candidate who understands your company’s needs and can deliver great ideas for reaching new audiences.

Hiring the right growth marketer starts with writing a job description that describes the individual you’re looking for and explains why top marketers should work for your organization. It’s your chance to advertise your company and encourage the best talent to apply for your role.

To ensure your job description stands out, it’s important to know what information to include. In this guide, we’ll explain how to write a great growth marketer job description and share a free template you can use to get started.

What is a growth marketer?

A growth marketer drives customer loyalty and engages with new audiences. In contrast to traditional marketers, who focus on increasing brand awareness, growth marketers focus on the customer experience within your sales funnel.

To accomplish this, growth marketing strategists analyze data from past marketing campaigns and identify opportunities for future campaigns. Usually, growth marketers measure achievement by improved conversion rates and increased customer loyalty.

Key skills to look for in growth marketers

This role requires a variety of different skills, including:

  • Email marketing: This is one of the main ways growth marketers connect with customers. They should be familiar with common email marketing platforms and know how to implement A/B testing.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Growth marketers must be proficient in SEO best practices to help new audiences find your business online.

  • Social media management: They should also know how to engage with customers on social media and identify opportunities for holding marketing campaigns on social platforms.

  • Data analysis: Growth marketers must be comfortable analyzing large datasets to identify trends and opportunities for future campaigns.

  • Creativity: The best individuals are able to think creatively to develop unique marketing campaigns and suggest previously untapped audiences for your business.

How to write an effective growth marketer job description

Your job description needs to include two key components:

A detailed description of your desired growth marketer

Your job description should paint a picture of the growth marketer you want. You should cover not only the technical qualifications a candidate needs but also the type of person you want working for your business.

For example, if you’re looking for a go-getter who can lead your marketing efforts with little oversight, make that clear in your job description. If you want a growth marketer who can work collaboratively within an existing team, specify that.

The more detailed you can be in describing the growth marketer you want to hire, the more likely it is that the perfect candidate will apply.

Information about why a growth marketer should work for your company

Your job description should also positively depict what it’s like to work at your company. There’s a lot of competition for this role, so you need to tell potential applicants why your company stands out.

Not only should you include the role’s salary and benefits but also what else employees love about working at your company. For example, if you have a vibrant company culture or offer flexible work hours, be sure to include that information.

You should also mention your company’s mission and values. Growth marketers who share your values are more likely to apply and more likely to align with your culture when hired.

Growth marketer job description template

To help you write the perfect job description, here’s a template you can follow:

Company introduction

Your job description should begin with a brief overview of your company, including details about when it was founded and what products or services it offers. If your business is an industry leader or has won any awards, you can mention that here.

If possible, reference the role in your introduction. For example, you can explain how you envision growth marketing taking your business to the next level or unlocking opportunities in a new market.

Benefits of working with [your company]

The next section of your job description should emphasize the benefits of working for your company. This can be a bulleted list of perks, such as vacation time, remote work, parental leave, retirement contribution matching, health insurance, and more.

If your company has a positive work culture that candidates should know about, you can include that here.

Growth marketer job brief

[Company name]

Job Title: [For example, Growth Marketer or Senior Marketing Manager]

Reports to: [For example, Senior Marketing Manager or Chief Marketing Officer]

Position type: [For example, full-time or part-time; employee or independent contractor]

Location: [Remote, hybrid, or on-site]

[Compensation details]

Growth marketer responsibilities

  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns that encourage customer loyalty and conversion

  • Run A/B tests to identify optimal marketing tactics for different audiences

  • Improve and maintain our website’s SEO and search visibility

  • Plan, optimize, and manage paid search advertisements

  • Manage social media channels or work collaboratively with our social media manager

  • Develop creative content for email and social marketing campaigns

  • Analyze past marketing campaign data to improve conversions from future campaigns

  • Report to our [chief marketing officer] about ongoing marketing campaigns, conversion rates, and cost per conversion

Requirements/qualifications and training required

  • A [bachelor’s or master’s degree] or equivalent work experience in marketing, business, or advertising 

  • [3+] years’ experience as a growth marketer

Three things to avoid when writing a job description for growth marketers

Be sure to avoid these three common mistakes in your growth marketer job description to ensure you attract the best applicants.

Three things to avoid when writing a job description for growth graphic

1. Using biased language in your job description

It’s essential that your growth marketer job description is inclusive of all qualified applicants. You’ll not only get better candidates but also avoid running afoul of employment discrimination laws.

A common way that bias is introduced into job descriptions is through gendered or exclusionary phrases. Avoid gendered phrases such as “competitive” (which can discourage women from applying) and “support” (which is seen as female-oriented). You should also avoid phrases such as “digital native,” which can discourage older applicants.

2. Underselling your company

Competition for experienced growth marketing candidates can be fierce. So, it’s important to be explicit about why top applicants should want to work for your company. 

Make sure your job description includes a competitive salary range and a list of benefits. If you offer benefits that aren’t standard for your industry, highlight them.

3. Ignoring soft skills

Marketing skills like managing email campaigns, conducting A/B tests, and SEO are key to a growth marketer’s success. However, don’t forget to draw attention to soft skills, such as collaboration and communication in your job description.

Growth marketers need these soft skills to work effectively within the marketing team and to communicate needs and results to supervisors.

Next steps: Attracting and assessing growth marketer  candidates

Once your growth marketer job description is ready, you can post it on job sites to let candidates know about your open role.

As you begin reviewing applications, use skills-based testing to quickly find the best candidates. TestGorilla offers more than 300 expert-designed tests to help you evaluate growth marketers’ skills.

These include skills tests for:

There are also tests for soft skills:

Personality tests help you better understand how applicants will behave in your company’s work environment.

TestGorilla also lets you add custom one-way video interview questions to any assessment. Our guide to interview questions for marketing managers is a good place to start when developing questions for your growth marketing applicants.


How much experience should a growth marketer applicant have?

How much experience you require growth marketing candidates to have depends on the seniority of the role for which you’re hiring. Entry-level marketers may only need one to two years of experience while growth marketing managers may require five or more years.

Is a growth marketer the same as a social media marketer?

Growth marketers may have responsibility for designing campaigns on social media, but they’re not the same as social media marketers who are responsible for managing social media posts day to day. Growth marketers are responsible for email marketing, SEO, search advertising, and other forms of marketing beyond social media.

Hire the best growth marketer with TestGorilla

Hiring a top growth marketer can help your business build customer loyalty, engage new audiences, and increase conversions. To ensure you attract great candidates to your hiring process, it’s essential to write a compelling growth marketer job description that describes the person you want to hire and showcases the benefits of working for your company.

Once you have a qualified applicant pool, you can use TestGorilla to find the best growth marketer to hire. TestGorilla offers role-specific skills tests which you can combine with soft skills and personality tests, and one-way interview questions.

Try out TestGorilla today for free or sign up for a product demo to hire the best growth marketer for your business.


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