What is C# used for and which companies use it?

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Are you a non-technical recruiter confused about what C# is used for? If you are, it can be challenging to understand what C# is and why many developers and programmers use it.

Knowing this programming language’s main uses can help you narrow down the list of C# skills you’re looking for when hiring a developer.

Good news – we’ve got the answers you need. This article will explain what C# is useful for and which companies use the language for their projects.

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What is the C# language?

C# is an object-oriented programming language, and it was built based on the C language

The C programming languages feature static typing, and they are class-based and component-oriented.

definition of C# language?

Your programmers familiar with C++ and C should recognize the C# programming language; it’s open-source and popular among developers. 

What is C# used for?

Some of the C# uses that your developers should be aware of include:

  • Desktop application development
  • Web application and service creation
  • Microsoft application development
  • Game development 

C# can also be used for mobile application development and cloud-based service development. It is considered a multi-purpose programming language due to its flexibility.

When was C# created?

If you’re wondering when this popular programming language was created, the short answer is that Microsoft built the C# programming language in 2000. Two years later, the ECMA approved the language as an international standard.

Which major companies use C#?

Plenty of major companies use the C# programming language, some of which include:

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  • Microsoft: Microsoft software engineers use C#, as do innovators and specialists working on Azure application developments
  • Stack Overflow: Stack Overflow’s backend engineers use the programming language
  • Trustpilot: Trustpilot’s full-stack and senior front-end engineers use C#
  • Service Titan: Service Titan’s lead android developers use the language, as do DevOps engineers
  • City National Bank: Program analysts and senior, full-stack engineers at City National Bank use C#

Which industries use C# and for what purposes?

Did you know that many industries use C# for a variety of purposes, such as application building?

Here are just a few of the things C# is used for in the companies listed above that you should be aware of: 

  • Microsoft uses C# for web and game development
  • Stack Overflow uses C# for app development and web services
  • Trustpilot uses C# for web services and app development
  • Service Titan uses C# for web services and android app development
  • City National Bank uses C# for building cloud-based applications

The popularity of C# is increasing significantly – it is currently considered the 6th most popular programming language after Python, Java, C, C++, and JavaScript.

Many programmers have recognized the variety of C# uses and are busy building C# applications. The programming language is in high demand, and you may even encounter difficulties when searching for available and qualified developers.

A deep dive into the uses of C#

Let’s now look at the specific C# uses and explore why this programming language is so popular.

Some of the most important C# uses that enterprises benefit from include web app development, game development, workflow applications, and Windows services.

1. C# and web application development

Over the years, the C# programming language has been adopted for web and web app development. Some examples of web applications built using C# include Windows Installer XML, Microsoft Visual Studio, and FlashDevelop.

Enterprises are turning to C# for web applications because of its scalability, ease of maintenance, and object-oriented status.

2. Game development and C# uses

If you want to know the top answer to the question “what is C# good for?” – it’s considered the ideal programming language for developing games. For example, the games featured on the Unity Game Engine are made with C#. 

Developers build games with C# because of the seamless integration of C# and the Unity Game Engine.

3. C# for workflow applications

Your developers can use C# for workflow applications, which are types of task automation software. Most C# workflow apps use the .NET open-source developer platform but require C# for the development stage. Developers must install Visual Studio to build workflow app software.

4. C# for Windows services

Programmers can also use C# to create web services such as Windows services, which are communication-supporting software that facilitate interactions via networks. 

What are the advantages of using C# for projects?

Using C# for your projects has the following benefits:

  • Speedy development of projects
  • High scalability for programs
  • A large community of developers ready to support
What are the advantages of using C# for projects?

1. Faster development time for projects

C# has unique features that make coding faster for your developers than other programming languages. These include:

  • An extensive library
  • A static-typed language
  • A language that is easy to read

2. High scalability for programs

Do your developers need to increase the functionality of your program? C# enables them to scale and change the C# program due to its static coding features.

3. Huge community support

If your developers need a helping hand with the C# programming language, the huge community support will assist them. It’s a Microsoft product that offers professional support.

Use your C# knowledge to hire an expert C# developer

There’s no question that understanding C# can seem daunting for non-technical recruiters. But understanding the programming language’s main benefits, advantages, and uses can help you hire an expert developer for your organization. It also helps if you ask them the right C# interview questions during interviews.

Keep in mind the main C# uses and create a list of skills your applicants should have for the open role. Then you can test them using a skills-testing platform like TestGorilla – and you’ll soon hire the best C# developer for your enterprise to complete those critical projects. 

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