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The importance of clean code: 9 things to look for while hiring your next developers

Written by Raji Oluwaniyi

As a recruiter, perhaps you’ve asked this question:

“What is clean code, and why is it important to hire developers who understand clean coding practices?”

Imagine this scenario: You have to test an app’s functionality or run maintenance on software after deployment but can’t understand the code. It would be frustrating knowing the system can read the code while you can’t because the code isn’t clean and easily understandable.

Clean code is foundational to developing programs you can easily analyze. As such, it’s a critical skill for every developer to create value and enhance your service while saving you time and money.

Top-tier developers must be able to write concise, high-quality code that other programmers can understand. The aim of this article is to explain the benefits of clean code and hiring developers who can write it.

We will also share some specific things to consider when hiring your next great developer, such as how to test their critical-thinking and communication skills. On top of that, we’ll show you how to use TestGorilla’s Clean Coding test to streamline your recruitment process. Let’s begin.

What is clean code?

Definition of clean code

Clean code is code that is easy to read, understand, and modify. It is efficient and bug-free, which makes it simple for other programmers to maintain.

The bottom line is that clean code enables you to create high-quality software that works great, is easy to maintain, and provides your app’s users with a great experience that is unhindered by bugs and other issues.

Why is clean code important?

There are many benefits of clean code to developers and your company as a whole.

It enables other programmers to easily read and understand code written by another developer. This makes it simple for them to quickly modify each other’s code to improve your software.

It’s also easier to test and discover errors when the code is clean, which helps your developers work more efficiently. Furthermore, it makes it simpler for your developers to protect your system from security breaches.

In addition, clean code is easier for your developers to maintain and use longer since they don’t have to take extra time to understand the code before working with it themselves.

9 things to consider while hiring your next developer

9 things to consider while hiring your next developer

In the US alone, the number of software developers, software testers, and quality assurance analysts is expected to increase by an average of 162,900 per year until 2031. So what should you look for in this large pool of prospective employees? 

Here are the key factors you should consider when hiring your next developer:

1. Dedication to their work

Dedicated developers will always go above and beyond for your organization regardless of the complexity of the task you give them. These programmers are willing to put in the time and effort needed to ensure their code is easy to read and comprehend. 

Their dedication motivates them to create and maintain your applications using the latest technologies and methodologies. Thus, they ensure that your software is modern and keeps up with the latest trends to deliver the best possible user experience.

2. Emotional intelligence

The best developers are all-rounders. You need someone who is skilled in coding, has empathy and a good sense of humor, and is logical. 

During recruitment, most employers make the mistake of looking only for brainiacs who have a high IQ and can code. However, they likely neglect to assess soft skills and other traits that are vital for success in the workplace.

Developers with emotional intelligence become leaders in your workplace by handling complex business situations and resolving conflicts. Further, they promote creativity by inspiring team members to put their best feet forward, improving the quality of your software.

3. Creativity

Developers are trained to build their technical skills. However, technical skills alone aren’t enough to create software that will help your business stand out from competitors. 

You need creative developers who can devise solutions if the standard way of doing things doesn’t work out. To deliver the best software, your organization needs programmers who can innovate and think outside the box.

4. Domain expertise

Domain experts are pros in a particular field. So, if your company is seeking to hire a front-end developer with top CSS skills or a web developer proficient in JavaScript, you should focus on assessing their domain-specific skills. 

This streamlines your search so that you focus only on applicants with knowledge directly relevant to your open role. These professionals can easily apply their expertise to your organization’s benefit.

5. Critical thinking

At its core, software development is about finding solutions to problems. To create clean code, your developer needs to have the right critical-thinking skills to ensure their code works smoothly before sending it forward. 

Developers who apply critical thinking make better decisions. This, in turn, improves the code they produce.

6. Adaptability

Technology across all platforms is constantly changing. New programming languages are constantly being created to provide modern features, improve efficiency, and enhance the user experience.

Your developers need to continuously adapt to these changes in technology, or their skills will become redundant over time. The needs of customers also change, meaning your developers have to adapt their products to meet new demands.

7. Solid communication 

Developers with strong communication skills can communicate more easily with other team members in the workplace to ensure they produce the best results.

Teams with better communication are more engaged and productive. Communication also promotes understanding so that developers are aware of what is expected of them.

8. Teamwork skills

Top developers have team-player qualities because they often work in groups and collaborate with colleagues. Your developer must be able to connect with their team members professionally and personally to produce the best results.

9. Proactiveness

According to ORBELLO, 14% of startups fail because they don’t have the right team. The right developers are proactive and have the enthusiasm to take on and solve challenges.

They are also focused on their growth and continuously developing their skills. Thus, they will willingly take on more responsibilities and tasks that might seem daunting for other developers.

Revamp your developer recruitment strategy with TestGorilla

Given the benefits of clean code, developers with the right clean coding skills will provide many advantages to your organization. They’ll ensure that your business doesn’t incur extra expenses because of unclear and inefficient code. 

Our Clean Coding test is a reliable tool for hiring talented developers who will improve the quality of your software with their knowledge of writing clean code. If you’re ready, sign up for free today and revamp your hiring.


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