TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI


Pre-employment testing is a great tool for delivering insights into a candidate’s job-specific skills, personality, and attributes beyond those listed in their resume. 

Hiring managers and recruiters can use these assessments to make confident, data-driven hiring decisions while removing unconscious bias from the process. 

But with a range of pre-employment testing providers to choose from, it can be hard to choose the right one for your business. 

In this article, we compare TestGorilla and Interviewer.AI, two providers in the pre-employment testing space, and explain why TestGorilla is the best choice for your business. 

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How does TestGorilla work? 

TestGorilla Homepage

TestGorilla is a top-rated pre-employment testing software that makes it easy to streamline your hiring process and find the best person for the job. 

With over 300 tests to choose from, you can use TestGorilla to assess a wide range of a candidate’s skills and abilities, including culture-add, personality, programming ability, and cognitive ability. 

TestGorilla also enables you to tailor each assessment to a specific role. This includes adding custom questions and one-way video interviews

On TestGorilla’s user-friendly platform, you can quickly see and compare candidate results and identify top performers. You can also easily download and share reports with your hiring team and add notes to aid the decision-making process. 

All TestGorilla’s tests undergo a strenuous quality control process before going live, so you know you can rely on the results. 

Plus, by focusing on the data, you reduce bias in your hiring process. This builds a more diverse workforce, fostering creativity and innovation while also improving employee productivity and engagement. 

How does Interviewer.AI work? 

TestGorilla vs Interviewer 01 home

Interviewer.AI is a video interviewing software that automates the candidate pre-screening process. 

The platform uses a combination of skills and personality tests, resume scoring, and asynchronous interviews to help employers find the right person for the job. Its features include:

  • WorkMap, a skills assessment that measures relevant candidate competencies against the primary skill set needed for a job. 
  • Resume scoring, which uses AI-powered features to measure how closely candidates’ resumes match the relevant job description.
  • An interviewing platform that uses AI expression and voice analysis as well as natural language processing to score candidates based on the content and delivery of their responses.

Interviewer.AI combines the results from these three tools to give an overall score for each candidate. It also provides specific insights into their cultural fit, communication skills, and professionalism. 

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Test libraries

When comparing pre-employment testing providers, prioritize one with an extensive test library. The more skills you can test for, the more precisely you can tailor an assessment to the role you’re hiring. 

A good test library includes personality, aptitude, culture-add, and job-specific skills tests. 

TestGorilla’s test library

TestGorilla Test Library

TestGorilla offers more than 300 tests that enable you to assess candidates’ personalities, coding abilities, situational judgment, cognitive abilities, cultural fit, languages, and job-specific skills.  

These tests are available via 11 localized websites, including Japanese, Spanish, and French, to help you find the best person for the job regardless of their location. 

What’s more, TestGorilla assessments are highly customizable. You can edit test questions and add your own, and even choose how candidates answer, including via video, multiple-choice, open text, and file upload. 

Interviewer.AI’s test library

TestGorilla vs Interviewer AI homepage

Interviewer.AI offers two levels of tests: job-specific skills tests and asynchronous video tests. 

WorkMap assesses essential skill sets for the role during candidate interviews. It can create assessments for over 20 job functions, like Finance and HR, to measure skills including analytical reasoning, attention to detail, problem-solving, and culture fit. 

However, Interviewer.AI doesn’t offer tests to assess language or role-specific skills, like coding ability. 

WorkMap can autogenerate interview questions based on specified skills or users can pick their own from the question bank. Candidates respond to these by registering the degree to which they agree with the statement. 

At the second level, Interviewer.AI’s one-way video assessments use AI to evaluate soft skills like professionalism, sociability, communication, and energy. 

The platform can also transcribe and analyze video responses in five languages, including English, Mandarin, and Spanish. 

Test libraries: Comparison chart at a glance

Cognitive ability testsYesYes
Situational judgment testsYesNo
Job-specific testsYesNo
Software testsYesNo
Programming tests (inc. coding challenges)YesNo
Language testsYesNo
Personality testsYesYes
Culture-add testYesYes
Your own custom testsYesYes
Custom questions per assessmentYesYes
Test recommendations for each job roleYesYes
Multiple tests per assessmentYesYes

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Functionalities for hiring developers 

If you’re hiring software developers, you need to find applicants with strong technical skills, including programming and coding proficiency in the specific languages your company works with.

When choosing a pre-employment testing provider, look for one that includes role-specific tests on coding, debugging, or language-specific concept challenges.

Hiring developers with TestGorilla 

TestGorilla offers a range of technical tests to help you find your next developer. These include tests that assess candidates’ proficiency with different web- and mobile-development frameworks, as well as algorithmic-thinking challenges. 

TestGorilla’s coding challenges are fully customizable, so you can set up specific, real-life problems candidates would face in the role. You can also record candidates’ responses to play back and gain insights into their working process. 

Hiring developers with Interviewer.AI 

Interviewer.AI doesn’t currently offer any specific tests to assist you with hiring software developers.  

Functionalities for hiring developers: Comparison chart at a glance

Web-development frameworksYesNo
Mobile-development frameworksYesNo
Algorithmic-thinking challengesYesNo
Debugging challengesYesNo
Language-specific concept challengesYesNo
Your own custom coding challengesYesNo
Code playback functionYesNo
Automated scoringYesNo

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Video interviews

Video interview features like custom video questions and live interviews offer useful insights into candidates’ communication and presentation skills. 

Asynchronous, or one-way, video interviews are a great way to pre-screen candidates before deciding who to interview in person. 

Both TestGorilla and Interviewer.AI offer video interview features. 

TestGorilla’s video interviews 

With TestGorilla, you can add up to 20 custom video interview questions to each assessment. These are a great way to engage your candidates and add variety to their assessment experience while learning more about their communication skills. 

You can set a maximum length for candidates’ responses to keep them short and sweet, and later add your comments to videos to assist with the hiring process. 

You can also set the number of times candidates can re-record their responses and we log their attempts for your records. 

Interviewer.AI’s video interviews 

Asynchronous video interviews are a key feature of Interviewer.AI. Users can select from the preset interview questions or add their own to assess specific skills or traits. 

The platform limits the total interview time to 10 minutes to keep candidates engaged and accommodate for slower internet connections. 

The platform then uses AI to transcribe and analyze candidates’ responses and score their communication, professionalism, energy levels, and sociability. 

Hiring managers can review video responses, or just read the transcripts, and assign their own scores. 

It’s unclear how many attempts candidates have to record their responses and whether Interviewer.AI tracks their number of attempts. 

Video interviews: Comparison chart at a glance

One-way video interviewYesYes
Custom video questions YesYes
Recording of candidates’ attempts YesN/A
Restrict maximum answer lengthYesYes
Recording and playback on any deviceYesYes
Rate and comment on video answersYesYes

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Candidate experience and company branding

Providing a positive candidate experience helps engage your candidates and encourage them to complete your pre-employment testing to the best of their ability. 

An enjoyable experience is also one candidates are more likely to share with others. Coupled with adding your company branding to the assessments, this boosts your profile as an employer. 

The candidate experience with TestGorilla 

We designed TestGorilla’s assessments with the candidate at the front of our minds. Our assessments are quick and easy to complete and candidates don’t need to create an account or log in. 

We also provide extensive support to help candidates complete their assessments as well as possible. 

You can also add your company logo and colors and customized intro and outro videos to TestGorilla assessments, reinforcing your branding and delivering a positive and memorable testing experience to candidates. 

The candidate experience with Interviewer.AI 

Interviewer.AI takes a candidate-first approach, with mock interviews for candidates to practice and prepare for virtual interviews. 

Interviewer.AI also offers several online help articles and is in the process of building a Learning Community with more interview tips for candidates. 

Interviewer.AI also gives employers the option to brand interviews and emails by adding company logos and graphics. However, it doesn’t seem that users can add custom intro or outro videos to their assessments. 

Candidate experience and company branding: Comparison chart at a glance

Your company’s intro or outro videoYesNo
Assessments branded with your company logo and colorYesYes
Customizable invitation and rejection emailsYesYes
No login required for candidatesYesNo
Help and support for your candidatesYesYes
Typical assessment length10-50 minutes30 minutes or less
Qualifying questions prior to assessmentYesNo

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Enterprise and startup friendliness

A pre-employment testing platform should support both small and large recruitment processes and grow with your business. 

Look out for features that help businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. These include API access, ATS integration, and compliance with GDPR. 

TestGorilla’s enterprise and startup friendliness

TestGorilla offers a scalable pre-employment testing solution. Our free forever plan is ideal for smaller businesses, giving you unlimited access to our 10 most popular tests. 

Equally, TestGorilla can help you with large recruitment drives. Features like bulk candidate upload and role-based user rights make it easy to manage tens or even hundreds of candidates at a time. 

Plus, with API access and ATS integration, TestGorilla seamlessly integrates with your existing technology to deliver a top-tier testing experience. 

Interviewer.AI’s enterprise and startup friendliness 

Interviewer.AI offers several candidate invitation options, including via social media, online job postings, or a link in an email. 

You can bulk-add candidates to the platform via a CSV upload and invite everyone at once by sending a single shareable link. 

Interviewer.AI also lets you assign user rights according to various roles, including admins, recruiters, and hiring managers. However, Interviewer.AI doesn’t appear to offer API access or ATS integrations at this time. 

Enterprise and startup friendliness: Comparison chart at a glance

ATS integrationYesNo
Multiple users and role-based rights managementYesYes
GDPR compliantYesYes
Multiple candidate invitation optionsYesYes
Public link to invite candidatesYesYes
Public links for each candidate sourceYesN/A
Bulk invite candidates (CSV/XLSX upload)YesYes
Track candidate states from invited to hiredYesYes
API accessYesNo

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Quality control

You rely on pre-employment testing results to make important hiring decisions, so it’s essential that they’re accurate and reliable. 

That’s why you need to look for strong quality control measures when choosing a pre-employment testing platform, including rigorous pre-launch testing and frequent question replacement. 

TestGorilla’s quality-control processes 

TestGorilla Quality control

TestGorilla tests undergo a rigorous 28-step quality control process that harnesses the expertise of psychometricians, subject-matter experts, peer reviewers, and copywriters. 

We also welcome and implement user feedback to enhance the testing experience for both customers and candidates.

What’s more, our proprietary algorithms review tests on a rolling basis to identify potential improvements. 

TestGorilla replaces questions after a certain number of uses to avoid overexposure. This means you can rely on your assessment results to help you hire the right person. 

Interviewer.AI’s quality-control processes 

TestGorilla vs Interviewer AI assessments

Interviewer.AI’s platform relies on something called explainable, or white box, AI. Designed to be transparent, explainable AI helps users understand the technology behind it and how Interviewer.AI arrives at its conclusions.

Interviewer.AI’s WorkMap platform bases its skill sets on industrial and organizational psychology, as well as industry knowledge.

Interviewer.AI says its video response assessments and resume scoring have an accuracy of above 80%. Interviewer.AI constantly reviews its technology to improve accuracy. 

However, it’s unclear whether Interviewer.AI regularly replaces questions or incorporates user feedback in its quality control. 

Quality control: Comparison chart at a glance

Proprietary algorithms that continuously improve quality of each testYesN/A
Extensive quality checks before tests go liveYesYes
Questions replaced after reaching exposure limitYesN/A
Customer feedback used to improve testsYesN/A
Test-taker feedback used to improve testsYesN/A

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Anti-cheating measures

Candidates that cheat during pre-employment testing gain an unfair advantage over others and could even invalidate your results by skewing the data. 

Strong anti-cheating features reduce the chance of this. Look for measures like timed assessments, candidate webcam monitoring, and IP-address logging to ensure your candidates’ test results are honest and reliable. 

TestGorilla’s anti-cheating measures 

TestGorilla offers a range of security features to prevent cheating. These include disabling copy-paste and randomizing the question selection to limit the opportunity for candidates to share questions and answers. 

We also log candidates’ IP addresses during the assessment to ensure that only the invited candidate can complete it. 

Plus, features like 30-second webcam shots (with candidates’ permission) and full-screen mode detection effectively discourage candidates from leaving the assessment to research a question or answer. 

Interviewer.AI’s anti-cheating measures

There is limited information available about Interviewer.AI’s anti-cheating measures. 

Its assessments are conducted during asynchronous video interviews which require the candidate to appear on screen, so recruiters can confirm their identity. 

Interviewer.AI also randomizes questions to limit the opportunity for candidates to pre-prepare their answers and users can set time limits for the tests.

Anti-cheating measures: Comparison chart at a glance

IP-address logging (to avoid multiple attempts by the same candidate)YesN/A
Logging of candidate locationYesN/A
Webcam snapshots (with option to turn on/off)YesYes
Full-screen mode detection (to avoid research during test)YesN/A
Randomized questions per testYesYes
Large question pool for each testYes (100+)N/A
Questions and answer not visible to employers to protect test integrityYesNo
Time limit on testsYes (typically 10 minutes)Yes
Copy-paste disabledYesN/A

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics features help you easily compare candidates and understand their performance in more detail. 

Analytics may also support onboarding and managing candidates by identifying their professional strengths, weaknesses, and potential.

TestGorilla’s reporting and analytics features 

TestGorilla Insights and Reporting Tests

TestGorilla provides detailed reports including individual candidate results and an overview of all candidates applying for a role. This makes it easy to compare results using a scoring benchmark.

In just a few clicks, you can download TestGorilla reports in PDF, CSV, or XLSX format to share with your hiring team. You can also add your own notes to aid collaboration during the hiring process. 

Interviewer.AI’s reporting and analytics features 

TestGorilla vs Interviewer reports

Interviewer.AI’s results and analytics are only available via its platform, not in downloadable reports. Users can see a thumbnail view of each candidate plus their detailed results and responses. 

Interviewer.AI also presents an overview of all candidates and ranks them automatically to identify top performers. 

WorkMap scores are available as soon as candidates complete their assessments while video interview results take 15-30 minutes to generate. 

Reporting and analytics: Comparison chart at a glance

PDF reports of assessments and individual candidatesYesNo
Excel and CSV reports of assessments and individual candidatesYesNo
Comprehensive overview of all current and past candidatesYesYes
Scoring benchmarks for candidates (including percentile rank scoring)YesNo
Add your ratings and personal notes for candidatesYesYes

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Customer support

Good customer service helps you hit the ground running, especially when using pre-employment testing for the first time. Responsive support is also essential for resolving any issues you or your candidates encounter when using the platform. 

Most providers offer at least one mode of customer support via live chat, email, or phone. 

TestGorilla’s customer support 

TestGorilla helps all new customers familiarize themselves with the platform during a free 30-minute live demo and onboarding training. This helps ensure you get the most out of your subscription. 

Customers can access TestGorilla’s customer support via email and live chat. We also have a dedicated help center with extensive customer and candidate guides, as well as answers to FAQs. 

Interviewer.AI’s customer support 

Interviewer.AI offers a demo for potential customers. Users can then contact support via the chat function on the platform or search for a topic on the online help center. 

Interviewer.AI provides a generic email address and phone number on its website, but it’s unclear whether this is for customer support or general sales inquiries. 

Customer support: Comparison chart at a glance

Live chatYesYes
Help centerYesYes
Email supportYesN/A
Training and onboarding tourYesNo
Phone assistanceNoN/A

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Pricing

Most pre-employment testing platforms operate on either a monthly or annual subscription basis. These subscriptions offer an increasing number of features depending on the price. 

Other platforms operate on a per-test or per-candidate pricing model. Some offer free trials or free plans giving users access to basic features. 

TestGorilla’s pricing 

TestGorilla Prices and plans

TestGorilla offers affordable pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. 

Our Free (forever) plan gives you unlimited access to 10 of our most popular tests, as well as essay and multiple-choice question formats. 

For larger businesses, TestGorilla offers three paid plans (billed annually):

  • Pay as you go: $312 per year, with access to all tests and 100 candidate credits
  • Scale: $3,900 per year, including custom tests and 1,500 candidate credits
  • Business: $24,600 per year, including API access and 12,500 candidate credits

TestGorilla can also provide custom quotes for organizations with larger testing needs. 

Interviewer.AI’s pricing

TestGorilla vs Interviewer AI pricing

Interviewer.AI’s pricing model works on a per-credit basis, where one credit equals one video assessment. 

Subscriptions start at $500 a year for 50 credits, up to three jobs, and one admin user. 

100 credits cost $850 a year. From this subscription upward, users have access to unlimited jobs and users. 

Interviewer.AI also offers a 14-day free trial. 

Pricing: Comparison chart at a glance

PlanPrice (billed annually)PlanPrice
Free$050 credits$500 yearly
Pay as you go$312 yearly100 credits$850 yearly
Scale$3,900 yearly500 credits$3,500 yearly
Business$24,600 yearly1,000 credits$5,500 yearly
3,000 credits$12,000 yearly

TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI: Ease of use

Your pre-employment tests should be easy to use for both your hiring team and candidates. This encourages candidates to complete your assessments and helps your hiring team quickly create, send, and interpret assessments. 

Keep an eye out for features like easy navigation, straightforward test creation, and a user-friendly interface. 

TestGorilla’s ease of use

Customers love TestGorilla’s simplicity and ease of use. With an intuitive user interface and clear navigation menus, TestGorilla makes it easy to set up and send out an assessment in minutes. 

It’s also straightforward to track candidates throughout the recruitment process via our quick overview page. 

TestGorilla is equally straightforward and convenient for candidates to use, with short assessments, clear instructions, and a mobile-friendly platform. 

Interviewer.AI’s ease of use

Interviewer.AI’s platform is organized and easy to navigate the key features. 

Users find Interviewer.AI straightforward to use with a clean interface. However, several users report errors in translated voice-to-text transcripts. 

Conclusion: TestGorilla vs. Interviewer.AI 

Both TestGorilla and Interviewer.AI use video features to conduct pre-employment testing that enhances the candidate experience. 

Both platforms offer tests to assess candidates’ soft skills and general skill sets. However, with over 300 tests covering a wider range of skills, including technical tests for developers, TestGorilla comes out on top. 

On top of this, TestGorilla offers extensive quality-control measures to continually improve its tests. Along with strong anti-cheating measures, this means you can rely on your results to make important hiring decisions.

Overall, TestGorilla’s wide range of customizable features and completely free plan make it a stand-out choice for your pre-employment testing. 

Streamline your hiring process with pre-employment testing 

Pre-employment testing is the ideal way to streamline your recruitment process and make better, bias-free hiring decisions. By finding the right person for the job, you can reduce employee turnover, saving your business time and money. 

As an affordable, top-rated pre-employment testing platform, TestGorilla is the perfect choice for your business. To find out more about our feature-rich platform, contact us for a free 30-minute live demo with a member of our friendly sales team.

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