TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar

TestGorilla vs HR avatar

Pre-employment screening software is invaluable for all hiring managers. It removes the bias from recruitment by objectively measuring candidates’ qualities and skills, far beyond what their resume shows. 

With pre-employment screening tools, you can understand a candidate’s personality, abilities, capabilities, and skill set without any subjective distractions.

But with so many pre-employment screening tools on the market, how do you pick the best one for you? In this article, we compare two of the most popular: TestGorilla and HR Avatar. 

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How does TestGorilla work? 

TestGorilla streamlines the recruitment process, making it easy to find the perfect candidate for every role. 

The top-rated software offers more than 280 pre-employment tests that cover everything from motivation, culture fit, and personality types, to coding skills and people management.

TestGorilla Homepage

TestGorilla offers valuable insights into your candidates’ abilities and skills thanks to features like one-way video interviews, customizable questions, live coding assessments, and situational judgment tests.

With TestGorilla, you can easily compare candidates’ responses and overall rankings with helpful summary reports and analytics. 

TestGorilla’s collaborative tools make it easy for your team to work together to find the right candidate. You can add notes to each candidate’s profile and export reports in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats to share with others. 

With TestGorilla, you can quickly find the perfect candidate for your open position. Get started today with our free plan

How does HR Avatar work? 

HR Avatar is a pre-employment assessment platform that helps companies evaluate job applicants for various roles, including entry-level, customer service, managerial, and technical positions. 

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar

HR Avatar offers a catalog of job-based pre-employment screening tests to predict a candidate’s performance in a specific role. For example, if you’re hiring an accounting manager, HR Avatar can recommend an assessment package tailored to that role. 

HR Avatar’s assessments are highly interactive and customizable, using features like animations, simulations, and interactive scenarios to assess candidates’ skills.

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Test libraries

Both TestGorilla and HR Avatar offer a diverse library of tests to choose from. These cover areas such as language skills, situational judgment, and job-specific questions to help you make better hiring decisions.

TestGorilla Test Library

TestGorilla’s test library

TestGorilla’s test library comprises more than 280 pre-employment screening tests. These include: 

  • An Enneagram personality test
  • Customer-service skills tests
  • Advanced coding quizzes
  • Situational judgment tests
  • Language tests

In addition, you can customize questions to your company and role, add your own questions, or even create your own tests. You can also choose how you’d like candidates to answer, with formats such as:

  • Video answers
  • File uploads
  • Complete coding exercises
  • Multiple-choice quizzes
  • Open-ended and essay questions

TestGorilla’s assessments are perfect for international recruitment campaigns with localized websites in 11 languages, including French, German, Japanese, and Arabic. 

HR Avatar’s test library

HR Avatar offers cognitive ability tests, situational judgment tests, and job-specific tests, plus employers can create their own. There’s also a wide range of personality and culture tests to help determine whether a candidate would be a good fit.

TestGorilla vs. HR Assessments library

However, some of the drawbacks of HR Avatar are that the platform doesn’t offer programming tests and you cannot add custom questions to ready-made assessments. This is particularly limiting when you’re hiring software developers or engineers, as you won’t get a full picture of their skill set. 

HR Avatar offers pre-employment testing in 13 different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian. 

Test libraries: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
Cognitive ability testsYesYes
Situational judgment testsYesYes
Job-specific testsYesYes
Software testsYesYes
Programming tests (including coding challenges)YesNo
Language testsYesYes
Personality testsYesYes
Culture-add testYesNo
Motivation testYesNo
Your own custom testsYesYes
Custom questions per assessmentYesNo
Test recommendations for each job roleYesYes
Multiple tests per assessmentYesNo

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Functionalities for hiring developers

Software developers and engineers are more in demand than ever before. With such a diverse range of skills within the industry, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right people. 

Look out for pre-employment screening platforms that test for job-specific, technical skills including program debugging, algorithmic-thinking challenges, and cloud-computing tests. 

Hiring developers with TestGorilla

TestGorilla’s wide variety of tests include:

  • Programming and debugging tests
  • Custom coding challenges
  • Tests on web- and mobile-development frameworks
  • Debugging challenges
  • Algorithmic-thinking challenges

TestGorilla also offers tests for frameworks like Flutter, as well as programming languages such as Python, SQLite, C, C++, and many more! 

You can record candidates’ answers to coding tests and follow their process step-by-step. 

You can easily customize tests to fit your company’s specific needs, ensuring the successful candidate is well-equipped to handle your development team’s workload.

Hiring developers with HR Avatar

HR Avatar does not offer any tools or functionalities to support hiring developers.

Functionalities for hiring developers: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
Coding languagesJavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C, C#, C++, SQL, Kotlin, Ruby, TypeScript, Go, R, Scala, and SwiftNone
Web-development frameworksYesNo
Mobile-development frameworksYesNo
Algorithmic-thinking challengesYesNo
Debugging challengesYesNo
Language-specific concept challengesYesNo
Your own custom coding challengesYesNo
Code-playback functionYesNo
Automated scoringYesNo
Live peer codingNoNo

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Video interviews

Video interviews are a great way to connect with candidates and get a feel for their personality styles and thought processes. 

Many pre-employment test platforms offer features including one-way interviews, live two-way interviews, and the option to record video answers to questions. This is a great way to speed up hiring and also optimize international recruitment as you don’t need to take into consideration time-zone differences. 

TestGorilla’s video interviews

With TestGorilla, you can customize every aspect of the video interview, including:

  • Questions
  • Response style
  • Response time
  • Number of recording attempts 

The length of candidates’ video answers can be limited to as little as 60 seconds, making it easier to assess results in batches.

In addition, TestGorilla saves these videos so you can review them at your convenience on any device. You can also add notes and comments on the videos for yourself or your team.

HR Avatar’s video interviews

HR Avatar offers one-way video interviews that you can record and play back on any device. This is a good option for remote or hybrid recruitment teams. 

However, HR Avatar doesn’t allow you to customize video questions, rate answers, or set a maximum time for the recordings. This may be problematic when hiring at scale. 

Video interviews: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
One-way video interviewsYesYes
Custom video questions YesNo
Recording of candidates’ attempts YesNo
Restrict maximum answer lengthYesNo
Record and play back on any deviceYesYes
Rate and comment on video answersYesNo

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Candidate experience and company branding

Creating a positive recruitment experience for candidates is key to attracting the best talent. One way to achieve this is by applying consistent professional branding across all pre-employment tests and assessments. 

Of course, factors such as test length, candidate support, and mobile responsiveness are also important. These elements all contribute to a memorable experience for test-takers.

The candidate experience with TestGorilla

TestGorilla places great importance on candidates’ experience. Assessments are:

  • Quick and easy to complete
  • Accessible and convenient (no need to create an account or log in)
  • Mobile-friendly

If you decide to do so, with TestGorilla you can keep candidates up-to-date throughout the assessment and recruitment process by sending them regular notifications.

What’s more, company-branding features help your business stand out. With TestGorilla, you can:

  • Add your company’s logo and brand colors to assessments for a professional look
  • Include an intro and outro video for a personalized touch
  • Choose a URL to redirect candidates to after the assessment for a seamless experience

The candidate experience with HR Avatar

HR Avatar’s platform is mobile-friendly, which can enhance candidates’ experience. However, there are no customization options to further optimize the user experience. 

Candidate experience and company branding: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
Your company’s intro or outro videoYesNo
Assessments branded with your company logo and colorYesNo
Customizable invitation and rejection emailsYesNo
No account or login required for candidatesYesNo
Mobile-friendly testsYesYes
Help and support for candidatesYesNo
Typical assessment length10-50 minutesNo data
Qualifying questions prior to assessmentYesNo
Redirecting candidates to a URL of your choice after finishing an assessmentYesNo

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Enterprise and startup friendliness

All businesses, from startups to large enterprises, have distinct hiring requirements. 

It’s important to choose a platform that can accommodate your recruitment needs as your business grows. Look for a pre-employment testing platform that integrates with ATS systems, offers API access, and is GDPR-compliant, as a minimum.

This will enable you to easily track your ideal candidate from resume submission to the final hiring stage, ensuring a seamless and legally compliant recruitment process.

TestGorilla’s enterprise and startup friendliness

TestGorilla’s assessments are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. The software is scalable, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

For enterprises seeking to streamline recruitment processes by using bulk actions, TestGorilla is an ideal solution. Our platform is GDPR-compliant and offers a range of helpful features, including ATS integrations, API access, role-based rights management, and more.

TestGorilla is also an excellent option for startups looking to grow their team. Affordable plans (including a free forever plan) and company-branding features can help your business stand out and attract top talent.

HR Avatar’s enterprise and startup friendliness

While HR Avatar’s platform is suitable for small and large businesses alike, there are no specific tools to support business growth. 

Enterprise and startup friendliness: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
ATS integrationYesNo
Multiple users and role-based rights managementYesNo
Multiple candidate invitation optionsYesNo
Public link to invite candidatesYesNo
Public links for each candidate sourceYesNo
Invite candidates in bulk (CSV/XLSX upload)YesNo
Track candidate stages from invited to hiredYesNo
API accessYesNo
Bulk actions to manage candidatesYesNo

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Quality control

Quality control is crucial in pre-employment testing as it ensures the test results are accurate and fair. This means you can rely on them to make informed, intelligent hiring decisions.

Quality-control measures like replacing questions frequently, soliciting and implementing feedback from test-takers and employers, and conducting extensive quality checks before tests go live can all increase the validity and reliability of the tests. 

TestGorilla’s quality-control processes

TestGorilla implements a rigorous 28-step quality-control process. All tests and questions are created by psychometricians and subject-matter experts and undergo a thorough review and testing before they’re published.

To maintain the validity and reliability of assessments, TestGorilla limits the number of times a question appears in a test. This helps prevent questions leaking online.

We strongly believe that continuous improvement is key, so we also gather feedback from candidates and customers to identify areas for improvement. 

HR Avatar’s quality-control processes

HR Avatar does not offer any quality-control features to support the validity of its pre-employment tests. 

Quality control: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
Proprietary algorithms that continuously improve the quality of each testYesNo
Extensive quality checks before tests go liveYesNo
Questions replaced after reaching an exposure limitYesNo
Customer feedback used to improve testsYesNo
Test-taker feedback used to improve testsYesNo

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Anti-cheating measures

Cheating gives candidates an unfair advantage in pre-employment screening tests, which can result in mis-hires. 

Anti-cheating measures ensure that test results accurately reflect a candidate’s true capabilities, skills, and personality. These measures can include:

  • Setting time limits
  • Drawing from a large pool of questions
  • Randomizing the order of questions
  • Full-screen mode detection
  • IP-address tracking

By using anti-cheating measures, pre-employment assessments create a level playing field for all candidates and help you identify the best candidate for your role.

TestGorilla’s anti-cheating measures

TestGorilla offers extensive options to prevent cheating. You can:

  • Disable copy-paste 
  • Randomize questions
  • Set time limits
  • Track IP addresses

TestGorilla also regularly rotates questions and removes them from the pool once overexposed.

Plus, TestGorilla enables you to take webcam snapshots of candidates during an assessment (with their consent), ensuring that they are taking the test alone. 

Lastly, our IP-address monitor flags any attempts to access a test link using multiple IP addresses, ensuring the candidate is taking the test by themselves.

HR Avatar’s anti-cheating measures

HR Avatar does not offer any anti-cheating measures. 

Anti-cheating measures: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
IP address tracking (to prevent multiple attempts by the same candidate)YesNo
Tracking candidate locationYesNo
Webcam snapshots (with the option to turn on/off)YesNo
Full-screen mode detection (to prevent research during the test)YesNo
Randomized questionsYesNo
Large question pool for each testYes (100+)No
Questions and answers not visible to employers to protect test integrityYesNo
Time limit on testsYes (typically 10 minutes)No 
Copy-paste disabledYesNo

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics help you understand your applicants’ test results. This data allows you to easily compare candidates and identify those most qualified for the job.

TestGorilla Insights and Reporting Tests

Additionally, test data can assist with managing and motivating your future or current employees by giving you a better understanding of their personality traits and motivations.

TestGorilla’s reporting and analytics features

With TestGorilla, you can easily understand each candidate’s test results with detailed yet straightforward reports. Share these easily with your team or ATS tracking system in PDF, XLSX, and CSV formats.

Compare candidates’ results using TestGorilla’s scoring benchmarks and filter candidates by score and qualification, among others. You can also add custom notes and your own ratings.

HR Avatar’s reporting and analytics features

HR Avatar offers a comprehensive overview of all current and past candidates, as well as a scorning benchmark for you to compare applicants. 

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar

However, HR Avatar does not have the option to export reports, and you can’t add your own notes or rankings to reports. 

Reporting and analytics: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
PDF reports of assessments and individual candidatesYesNo
Excel and CSV reports of assessments and individual candidatesYesNo
Comprehensive overview for all current and past candidatesYesYes
Scoring benchmarks for candidates (including percentile rank scoring)YesYes
The possibility to add your ratings and notes to reportsYesNo

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Customer support

Employing a new pre-employment testing software can be daunting, especially if you’re a small business or new to these tools. That’s why it’s essential to have reliable customer support to help you navigate any issues.

Support options may include phone, email, and live chat. However, some products go the extra mile by providing live training sessions and personalized onboarding tours to help you and your team get up to speed quickly.

TestGorilla’s customer support

TestGorilla offers a personalized training and onboarding tour to all new customers, to help you feel confident you’re using the product to its full potential.

The dedicated customer support team is available via email and chat to answer any questions you may have. If you need additional guidance, the FAQ and help center contains frequently asked questions and extensive guides that cover everything from picking the right tests to understanding results. 

HR Avatar’s customer support

You can contact HR Avatar via a lengthy contact form on its website or call up. However, the platform doesn’t seem to be offering any additional customer-support options. 

Customer support: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
Live chatYesNo
Help centerYesNo
Email supportYesYes (via a contact form)
Training and onboarding tourYesNo
Phone assistanceNoYes

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Pricing

Most pre-employment testing software uses a per-user-per-month pricing structure. However, certain platforms charge annually or offer pay-as-you-go plans, with rates that depend on the size of your organization. 

Additionally, if you’re working with a tight budget, some platforms provide a complimentary plan to help you get started.

TestGorilla’s pricing

TestGorilla uses a candidate credit system: one credit per test you invite a candidate to. Each plan comes with a certain number of credits, and you can add more later at an additional cost. 

TestGorilla Prices and plans

TestGorilla offers four pricing plans to suit all types and sizes of business (billed annually): 

  • Free (forever) plan: Includes 10 tests, including personality tests, and 10 customizable questions
  • Pay as you go: $312 per year. Includes access to more than 280 library tests and unlimited account users. 100 user credits per year ($0.90 per additional credit).
  • Scale: $3,900 per year. Includes everything in the Pay as you go package, plus customizable tests, PDF reports, ATS integrations, and more. 1,500 user credits per year ($0.70 per additional credit).
  • Business: $24,600 per year. Includes everything in the Scale plan, plus a customized onboarding demo, API access, and more. 12,500 user credits per year ($0.55 per additional credit). 

In addition, we can create a bespoke package for large enterprises. Reach out to our sales team today to discuss your needs. 

HR Avatar’s pricing

HR Avatar uses a candidate-credit system. Each candidate credit covers everything you need to screen one candidate, including unlimited tests, employer reference checks, and video interviews. Tests must be completed within 90 days. 

TestGorilla vs. HR cost

Pricing of candidate credits is as follows:

  • 1 candidate credit: $50
  • 10 candidate credits: $350
  • 25 candidate credits: $785
  • 50 candidate credits: $1,430
  • 100 candidate credits: $2,660
  • 500 candidate credits: $12,300

Pricing: Comparison chart at a glance

TestGorillaHR Avatar
Free$0No free plan
Pay as you go$26 monthly1 candidate credit$50
Scale$325 monthly10 candidate credits $350
Business$2,200 monthly 25 candidate credits $785
Large EnterpriseCustom50 candidate credits $1,430
100 candidate credits $2,660
500 candidate credits $12,300

TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar: Ease of use

A user-friendly pre-employment assessment platform puts candidates at ease and makes your hiring team’s job easier when reviewing results.

Look for features such as a clear and intuitive layout, easy navigation, and simple, easy-to-follow instructions to ensure a smooth and convenient experience for candidates and employers alike.

TestGorilla’s user interface and ease of use

TestGorilla’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The intuitive design helps you quickly get to grips with the platform and start creating your first assessment within minutes.

Result reports are also easy to read, with engaging visual elements and information arranged in a logical, hierarchical order. 

We know your and candidates’ time is valuable, so individual tests are designed to be completed quickly – most within 10-15 minutes. Assessments consist of up to five tests, so the total assessment length will depend on the number of tests. 

Additionally, TestGorilla offers you the option to keep candidates updated on their progress via email throughout the recruitment process to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

HR Avatar’s user interface and ease of use

HR Avatar offers a simple, streamlined user interface, and tests can be completed on a mobile phone as well as on a desktop computer. 

Conclusion: TestGorilla vs. HR Avatar

TestGorilla and HR Avatar both offer a range of assessment tools to help you select the best candidate for your role.

However, TestGorilla’s extra features give it an edge over HR Avatar. TestGorilla offers many more tests and far more customizations. 

HR Avatar doesn’t offer any coding or development tests for hiring software engineers, which shouldn’t be overlooked: Even if you don’t need to hire developers today, you might need to do that in the future.  

TestGorilla also offers a more comprehensive support package and more options for reporting and analytics. Its free plan is a game changer, enabling small businesses to access high-quality pre-employment tests for free and find their perfect candidates.

Streamline your hiring process with pre-employment testing

Pre-employment tests are invaluable in the recruitment process: they remove bias, save you time, and provide more reliable insights into a candidate’s skills, abilities, and personality. 

TestGorilla’s wide variety of tests, easy-to-use features, comprehensive reporting, and exceptional customer support can all help you choose the right candidate, every time. 

Ready to take your hiring process to the next level? 

Give TestGorilla’s free plan a try and see for yourself how pre-employment testing can revolutionize the way you hire.

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