How TestGorilla helped IDP Education avoid costly mis-hires

How TestGorilla helped IDP Education avoid costly mis-hires

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IDP Education is a study abroad consultancy company and global leader in international education services. With offices in 32 countries and partnerships with more than 650 leading universities, its team of experts offers assistance to students worldwide.

Lara Mendoza is a Country Marketing Manager at IDP. After a series of unsuccessful hiring decisions, the marketing team needed to make new hires, so they were looking for a solution that’d help them accurately test candidates’ skills and personality fit. 


In previous months, IDP’s marketing team needed to hire for the same role twice. On both occasions, the new employees turned out to be unsuitable for the position and didn’t pass the probation period. This meant that the team needed to start the recruitment process anew, wasting time and resources. Different projects got delayed, and the team’s productivity suffered. 

Up to that point, the team was reviewing resumes manually, but this proved to be inefficient when assessing candidates’ skills and their alignment with the team’s values.  

To find the right match the third time, and improve the hiring process in the future, the marketing team decided to look for a solution that would help them understand their candidates better and reliably assess whether they had the skills needed to succeed in the role. They were also looking for a way to evaluate candidates’ potential to match the team dynamics and the company culture. 


Lara and the team needed a tool to help them check whether candidates actually had the skills indicated in their resumes. 

IDP Education’s marketing team decided to go with TestGorilla, as the platform had lots of good customer reviews and featured a few free tests. 

The team was most impressed by the culture and behavior tests, as they realized how important it was that the candidate’s values match the company’s. 

The marketing team now uses TestGorilla’s assessments as an additional step in their hiring process to find the best talent and make the right hiring decision each time. They’re impressed with the accuracy of the test results.

Recently, they used TestGorilla to assess two candidates for a Content Specialist role. The results ultimately impacted their decision on who to hire and so far the new employee has been doing amazing.


With TestGorilla, IDP Education’s marketing team was able to find the right candidates for the positions they needed to fill. The new employees have been doing very well and passed their probation period successfully. 

Reviewing candidates’ profiles is easier and more efficient: Lara and the team are now able to filter out unqualified candidates much faster than before and concentrate on their best applicants. 

TestGorilla enables them to assess candidates’ skills accurately and gain a deeper understanding of their behavior and values in order to find the perfect match. 

Lara estimates that the platform has saved IDP lots of time. In her words, they’ve saved “months that would’ve been spent on training the wrong person.”

With the time and resources they’ve saved since using TestGorilla, IDP Education’s marketing team has improved their training and onboarding process and enhanced the experience for newly hired employees. 

The marketing team is now well-equipped to make the right hiring decisions each time — and do that confidently and with ease.

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