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Top 8 HireVue alternatives to interview and hire top talent

Hirevue Alternatives

HireVue is a video interviewing platform that uses AI to assess candidates’ performance. 

The company has been around since 2004, making it one of the pioneers of video interviews – and has started using AI to assess candidates’ answers since 2013, which is also one of its key features. This way, according to HireVue, you can predict applicants’ job performance and rate them before you spend time actually interviewing them on a live video call (or in person). 

However, not every candidate might be comfortable with the idea of being interviewed and assessed by an AI – and not every business might need exactly what HireVue offers. 

So, if you’re looking to switch to a different platform, or are considering HireVue but aren’t sure it’s the right fit, this article is for you. 

In it, we explore the top eight HireVue alternatives you should consider before you make up your mind.

HireVue’s limitations: Why switch to a different tool? 

So, why would someone want to switch to a different platform?

The answer is: It depends on what you need exactly. HireVue is a good choice for many companies but some might see the limitations of the platform as a deal breaker. 

We looked into some of the most common complaints users have. The ones that stood out were the following: 

AI might introduce bias into the hiring process

HireVue claims to reduce hiring bias by standardizing interviews and using AI to assess candidates. 

However, algorithms might actually perpetuate biases in their training data and even impact humans’ decisions after they’ve stopped using AI.

It might impact the candidate experience negatively

Not all candidates are comfortable with one-way video interviews as the first step of the selection process. 

Some might prefer a more personal touch when interviewing; others might not want to record a video as a first step of the recruitment process. Either way, you need to be mindful of the candidate experience and might wish to use another type of platform instead. 

Cost might be prohibitive

HireVue’s pricing options start at $35,000, which can be a prohibitive cost for many businesses out there, except for the larger enterprises. It also doesn’t offer a free trial or a free plan, meaning that your possibilities to test it are limited. 

Some users report connectivity issues

As with any video interviewing platform, HireVue requires an excellent internet connection to work well. 

However, a few users – interviewees and employers alike – have complained about connectivity issues on different reviewing platforms like GetApp and TrustRadius. While this might not seem like a big deal, it could impact applicants’ ability to apply at your job, skewing the results and introducing another level of bias. 

So, what alternatives to HireVue are out there and which one should you pick for your organization? 

Let’s look into the top eight HireVue alternatives. 

1. TestGorilla – best for its comprehensive skills assessments

If you’re looking to simplify your hiring process and evaluate your candidates’ skills objectively, TestGorilla is one of the top HireVue alternatives out there. 

With it, you can select up to five skills tests from its large test library (or build your own custom tests), and then send them to candidates to check whether they have what it takes to be successful at the role you’re hiring for. HireVue also offers many tests but TestGorilla’s test pool is more comprehensive.

Thanks to its large variety of tests, you can use it for technical and non-technical roles alike, and even for blue-collar jobs. Evaluate anything from conversion rate optimization (CRO) to JavaScript coding skills and from restaurant management to communication.

G2 rating: 4.5/5


  • 400+ candidate-friendly tests for any job role

  • Custom questions and asynchronous video interviews

  • Direct candidate invitations from the platform

  • Real-time assessment results and instant comparison between candidates

  • In-depth candidate reviews

  • Strong cheating prevention measures

  • Excellent candidate experience


  • No live video interviews

Free trial: Yes, free plan

Pricing: Starting from $499/month; free plan available

A screenshot of TestGorilla’s pricing page, showing the different plans.

TestGorilla offers four different plans, ranging from a forever free option to $1000/month.

TestGorilla vs. HireVue: 

TestGorilla offers a free version and flexible pricing options, which isn’t the case for HireVue – HireVue’s essential plan starts at $35,000, making it unsuitable for smaller businesses.

Additionally, TestGorilla’s test library is larger and enables you to evaluate applicants for more roles. Plus, candidates and employers love how easy it is to use the platform, which isn’t always the case with HireVue. 

Find out more in our toe-to-toe TestGorilla vs. HireVue comparison.

What users are saying about TestGorilla:

“I was very impressed by TestGorilla's free version of what we used as an aptitude test for job applicants. I took the assessment myself to know the full scope, and it was just the right amount of challenge. I also love the setup of the test results.” - Robyn W., Manager, Carrier Relations (via G2)

2. HackerRank – best for tech roles

HackerRank is another top choice when it comes to pre-employment skills testing and is specifically designed for technical roles – and software developers in particular. 

It features many pre-designed coding assessments that you can use to evaluate applicants’ abilities and also enables developers to hone their skills. 

You can also create your own custom tests with multiple-choice, coding, or essay questions, and easily integrate HackerRank into the rest of your HR tech stack.

A screenshot from HackerRank’s website, showing some of its available integrations.

HackerRank integrates with many ATS platforms like Greenhouse, Freshteam, JazzHR, and more.

G2 rating: 4.5/5


  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface

  • Plagiarism monitoring and detection

  • University hiring and early talent screening

  • Live coding interviews

  • Integrations with top ATS platforms and productivity tools


  • Tests are limited to technical roles

  • Questions are sometimes leaked into online forums, undermining the integrity of the tool

Pricing: Starting from $100/month

Free trial: Yes 

HackerRank vs. HireVue:

HireVue is a platform you can use for most roles, contrary to HackerRank, which is for technical roles only – but an excellent choice for those. 

HackerRank is also much more affordable, with plans starting at $100/month, compared to $35,000 for HireVue – plus, it also offers a free trial.

What do users say about HackerRank?

“It is user-friendly – everyone has been able to comprehend its functionality. Regarding customer support – our feedback is consistently acknowledged and accounted for.” - Sofia Z., from a Mid-Market company (via G2)

Find out more about top HackerRank alternatives and see how TestGorilla compares to HackerRank.

3. Codility – best for coding challenges

Codility is a solid pick if you’re looking to hire tech talent. Similarly to HackerRank and TestGorilla, it comes with a bunch of ready-to-go coding challenges that are perfect for spotting top-notch developers. 

It also enables you to build custom coding tasks and do live coding interviews. It gives hiring teams detailed reviews of candidates’ performance, which means that you can really dive deep into the data. 

G2 rating: 4.6/5


  • Large library of programming tests

  • The possibility to create customized tests

  • Live coding interviews with CodeLive

  • Anti-plagiarism tools to ensure test integrity

  • Many ATS integrations


  • A strong emphasis on algorithmic challenges, which isn’t ideal for some roles

  • No visible timer for candidates

Pricing: Starting from $100/month

Free trial: Yes

Codility vs. HireVue

HireVue is a bit like the Swiss Army knife of interview platforms, with features catering to all kinds of businesses. Codility’s strength is tech roles, especially when you want to uncover candidates with excellent coding skills.

Codility’s custom challenges and live coding sessions mean you can really see a developer in action. And candidates seem to like it, too – possibly more than being interviewed by an AI, as is the case with HireVue. 

Price-wise, Codility is the much more accessible solution, starting at $100/month.

What do users say about Codility?

“It's simple to use, has a lot of pre-made tests, and helps me filter out people below a certain level of ability.” - Damian C., from a mid-market company (via G2)

Find the best Codility alternatives and see how Codility and TestGorilla compare.

4. Spark Hire – best for streamlined video interviews

Spark Hire is a hit for teams looking for an easy video interviewing solution. Unlike HackerRank or Codility, which are all about tech roles, Spark Hire suits just about any job you need to fill.

This platform's got a bunch of ready-made video interviews that let you see and hear candidates before you decide to meet them. It also has a free trial and is super easy to use, according to its users, and has its own applicant tracking system. 

G2 rating: 4.8/5


  • One-way video interviewing with personalized video messages

  • Intuitive and easy to use interface that users love

  • Ideal for small-, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses 

  • Great for getting a feel for a candidate's personality

  • Integrates well with other HR tools and has a Google Chrome extension 


  • It doesn’t offer specific skills tests 

Free trial: Yes

Pricing: Starting at $149/month

A screenshot of Spark Hire’s pricing plans and their features.

Spark Hire offers flexible pricing options and a free trial. 

Spark Hire vs. HireVue

While HireVue tries to do a bit of everything, Spark Hire keeps it simple with video interviews that work for any role, and that enable you to get to know the person behind the resume. 

It offers better personalization options and overall, users seem to like it more, according to G2 (where it ranks at 4.8/5, compared to 4.1/5 for HireVue.

Plus, it’s kinder to your budget, with plans starting at $149/month and a free trial available. 

What do users say about SparkHire?

“We're able to interview candidates at scale in a simple click of a button. Not only do we get to put names with faces, we can also share more about our business and build our employer brand through our own videos that we share before and after a candidate's interview.” - Alyssa B., Director of recruiting (via G2)

5. CodeSignal – best for hiring software developers

CodeSignal is another top alternative for pre-employment testing, catering specifically to technical roles, much like HackerRank. 

It offers a variety of standardized coding tests that help evaluate the technical skills of candidates. Additionally, it provides a platform for developers to sharpen their coding skills. 

Users have the option to create custom tests; the platform also flags suspicious behavior (including AI) to protect the integrity of the tests.

G2 rating: 4.5/5


  • Intuitive interface and easy navigation

  • Assessments for over 70 programming languages

  • Advanced cheating prevention 

  • Gives developers a platform where they can improve their coding skills

  • Supports automated and live interview formats

  • Integrated development environment (IDE) to mirror real-life job experiences 


  • Primarily focuses on coding and technical assessments

  • Lack of transparent pricing information

A screenshot of CodeSignal’s website, showing some of the programming languages companies can test

With CodeSignal, you can test applicants’ skills in over 70 programming languages

Pricing: Custom, contact sales for more information

Free trial: Yes

CodeSignal vs. HireVue:

CodeSignal specializes in technical roles, offering in-depth assessments for these positions, which HireVue cannot match. 

CodeSignal is ideal for small- and medium companies, while HireVue targets enterprise clients. Users love CodeSignal’s simplicity and ease of use and say it meets their requirements very well. 

What do users say about CodeSignal?

“The problems are interesting to read and stated unambiguously, and the user interface is highly user-friendly.” - Zaid A., Quality analyst (via G2)

6. VidCruiter – best video platform with automated reference checks

VidCruiter is an advanced video interviewing platform that most users seem to love. It offers automated scheduling, pre-recorded video interviews, and live video interviewing, making it particularly suitable for remote hiring processes. 

VidCruiter also features applicant tracking and automated reference checks, which simplify your life as a hiring manager. The platform sends a questionnaire to the candidate’s references and you get honest feedback.

A screenshot from VidCruiter’s website with information about its automated reference checks

Need to check candidates’ references? VidCruiter can help you do the heavy lifting.

G2 rating: 4.8/5


  • Automated reference checks

  • Excellent customization options for recruitment workflows

  • Strong emphasis on compliance and security

  • Top customer support and user training


  • May require more initial setup and training compared to simpler platforms

  • No pricing information on the website and no free trial

Pricing: Custom pricing, contact sales for more information 

Free trial: No

VidCruiter vs. HireVue

VidCruiter offers more extensive customization options and a wider range of recruitment tools compared to HireVue, which focuses more on AI-driven assessments and video interviews.

HireVue may appeal to large companies looking to implement AI in their hiring process, while VidCruiter is a better option for those who need excellent support and strong customization options. Additionally, users say VidCruiter meets their requirements better.

What do users say about VidCruiter?

“With the help of VidCruiter, I was able to successfully run 7 processes in 2 years. Using VidCruiter has improved the quality of our processes significantly.” - Nicole R., Enterprise client (via G2)

7. eSkill – best for its customization options

With eSkill, you can assess candidates' skills across a broad range of industries and positions, from IT roles to admin positions, making it a top choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive platform. 

It offers a vast library of pre-built tests and you can also create custom tests to match specific job requirements. 

G2 rating: 4.5/5 


  • Extensive test customization options

  • Wide variety of test subjects and skill levels

  • Option to include simulations, such as typing tests and software proficiency

  • Excellent customer support


  • Interface might seem outdated to some users

  • No pricing information on its website

Free trial: No

Pricing: Custom pricing, contact sales for more information

eSkill vs. HireVue

eSkill focuses on a wide range of customizable skill assessments, making it ideal for roles where specific skills and proficiencies are critical. It offers a wide range of modular subjects to pick from.

HireVue uses AI to analyze video interviews, which gives you more insights into candidates' soft skills and personality traits – but it might also introduce bias into the hiring process.

A screenshot of eSkill’s Modular Subjects on its website

With eSkill, you can pick from many categories related to different roles and skills, ranging from retail to healthcare.

Curious about how eSkill compares to TestGorilla? Check out our eSkill vs. TestGorilla comparison.

What do eSkill users say about the platform?

“The user interface of eSkill is very easy to use and makes creating and sending tests to applicants seamless. The ability to upload or select from current content has helped my organization quickly create numerous tests.” - Alex F., enterprise client (via G2)

8. Mercer Mettl Assessments – best for its proctoring tools

Mercer Mettl Assessments helps you assess candidates’ core traits, such as their personalities and cognitive abilities, and their acquired skills, such as technical knowledge, programming skills, and more. 

The platform uses top-notch proctoring technology, which ensures the integrity of its tests, and is used not just by companies but also by educational institutions to assess students.

A screenshot from Mercer Mettl’s website, showing the different proctoring features of the platform

Mercer Mettl’s proctoring features are among the most comprehensive in the industry.

G2 rating: 4.4/5


  • Broad range of tests including technical, psychometric, and cognitive assessments

  • Strong anti-cheating measures with secure online proctoring

  • Customizable tests to fit specific job requirements

  • Good international support with assessments available in multiple languages


  • The platform can be confusing for new users

  • Setting up custom assessments takes lots of time

Free trial: Yes

Pricing: Custom pricing, contact sales for more information

Mercer Mettl Assessments vs. HireVue

Mercer Mettl Assessments offers more tests, making it a better fit for teams that need to assess technical and soft skills. HireVue focuses mainly on video interviews and behavioral analytics.

HireVue leverages AI technology to analyze non-verbal communication and verbal responses in video interviews, while Mercer Mettl Assessments focuses on candidates’ actual skills and technical abilities. Users find Mercer Mettl easier to set up and better at meeting their needs. Plus, HireVue has no free trial.

What do Mercer Mettl Assessments’ users say? 

“The ease of contact with the team and the speed of response are a great help. When modifications need to be made, they always arrive on time.” - Olga N., from a small business (via G2)

Want to know how this tool compares to TestGorilla? Find out more in our toe-to-toe Mercer Mettl Assessments vs. TestGorilla comparison.

The best Hirevue alternatives at a glance: A comparison chart

Looking for a quick comparison between all the options? 

Here’s our comparison chart to help you decide which one is the right fit: 



Free plan?

Top features



Starting at $35,000


AI-driven assessments, video interviewing, scheduling, analytics

Potential bias, cost, lack of transparency in AI decisions


Free plan + starting at $499


Comprehensive test library, strong anti-cheating measures, easy customizations

No live video interviews


Starting at $100/month


A wide range of coding tests and tasks, strong reporting features

Steeper learning curve for some users


Starting at $100/month


Real-life testing scenarios, plagiarism detector, candidate score reports

Can be expensive for smaller companies

Spark Hire

Starting at $149/month


Video interviewing, one-way interviews, interview scheduling

No specific skills tests


Custom pricing


Assessments for over 70 programming languages, advanced cheating prevention

Primarily focuses on coding and technical assessments


Custom pricing


Video interviewing, applicant tracking, automated reference checking

No free trial


Subscription-based, tiered pricing


Customizable tests, wide range of skill assessments, video interviews

Interface is a bit outdated

Mercer Mettl Assessments

Custom pricing


Remote proctoring, wide test library

User experience varies

Pick the best hiring and video interviewing platform

So, what’s the best alternative to HireVue?

Depending on what you need exactly, different platforms might serve you best. For example, VidCruiter stands out for its automated reference checks, while Spark Hire is a top choice for video interviews. 

However, there’s one platform that has it all: TestGorilla offers 400+ skills tests, a user- and candidate-friendly interface, customizable assessments, one-way video interviews, and strong anti-cheating measures. 

Plus, we’re all about eliminating bias from the hiring process – and HireVue might inadvertently add some, simply due to how AI models function at the moment. 

TestGorilla offers a forever free plan that you can try out today – or, you can also sign up for a free demo to speak to one of our team members to see whether our platform is the HireVue alternative your business needs.


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