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13 Codility alternatives for hiring the best developers


Although you found Codility has plenty of advantages, you noticed that it also has a few drawbacks. So, you’ve been looking for Codility alternatives to assess your developers.

This skills testing platform was designed in 2009 with remote, qualified candidates in mind. If you’ve used it, you know that you can use its online coding tests to assess your software developer candidates’ proficiency while keeping the time-to-hire low and staying objective when hiring. 

But it has some downsides as well. It doesn’t feature a broad range of tasks, and monitoring the results can be cumbersome. It’s not very user-friendly if you have a large number of candidates, and some tasks might not challenge candidates enough.

Codility pros and cons

So, before we take a look at why an alternative to Codility might be better, here’s a quick comparison table that compares all of your available options:

A table comparing Codility alternatives

Why should you look for Codility alternatives?

The main reason you should look for an alternative to Codility is that although it’s a well-established skill-testing platform, it has a few areas that could be improved. Let’s look at some of Codility’s other drawbacks in more detail.

Manual library imports required

If you want to import libraries to use them as part of the code, you will have to do so manually. There is no automatic function for this, which can cost you more time.

No visible/displayable timer for candidates

Codility lacks a displayable timer or clock to show candidates how much time they have left on their test. So, despite the broad range of coding tasks it includes, it’s missing an important feature that would make the testing process fairer to candidates.

It’s a challenge to create customized tests

Yes, you can create customized tests with Codility, but this can be a challenge. You’ll need to create your algorithms yourself, which can also take time. Other technical skills testing platforms make this process simpler.

Codility’s tests might alienate some candidates

The lack of variety in the question styles offered by Codility might alienate candidates, and since the platform’s questions are essentially algorithm-based brainteasers, this might ruin the candidate experience.

What are some top Codility alternatives?

So, if you’re sold, it’s time to consider some top Codility alternatives. To help with your decision, here are some of the best alternatives to Codility that you can use to hire the right software developers for your team.

1. TestGorilla

screenshot of TestGorilla homepage


Where Codility fails to offer a wide range of coding test assessments, TestGorilla has plenty to offer. Monitoring the results of your candidates’ tests is effortless, as is creating custom coding questions. You can also integrate the platform with various applicant tracking systems, which makes applicant tracking easy.

TestGorilla is a comprehensive skills testing platform that equips hiring managers and recruiters with the best tools to assess candidates, giving them the most robust picture of their candidates.

In addition to one-way interviewing options, the platform offers in-depth candidate assessments, such as cognitive ability tests, critical thinking tests, file upload custom questions, personality tests, tests to assess culture add, multiple-choice questions, and essay questions.

screenshot of TestGorilla test library for .net developer

an overview of TestGorilla’s test library

What’s also unique about TestGorilla is its vast range of coding tests. The platform doesn’t just offer Python, TypeScript, and C# coding tests. It also includes different types and levels (entry-level and intermediate) for each of the programming language tests that you can select from to assess candidates.

Since all coding tests are created by subject-matter experts, non-technical recruiters with no prior knowledge of the subject can hire tech talent with confidence while avoiding hiring bias due to the reliable accuracy of the test results. 

Notable unique features of the TestGorilla platform

screesnshot of how to make an assessment in TestGorilla

how to make an assessment in TestGorilla

TestGorilla’s notable unique features include:

  • Skills tests that are created and frequently improved by subject-matter experts

  • Customizable coding questions to test candidates’ knowledge

  • Anti-cheating features, such as copying and pasting prevention and webcam snapshots

  • Grading automation to save time and prevent human error

  • Customizable assessments to represent your brand

Get started with TestGorilla today for free.

2. DevSkiller

screenshot of DevSkiller homepage


DevSkiller is a technical skills testing platform that offers some of the most precise assessments and has features to detect candidate plagiarism. 

What’s unique about the DevSkiller platform is its RealLifeTesting methodology, a feature that ensures that the tests reflect the conditions under which your candidates would be working in the open position. It measures the real-world job performance and coding skills of your candidates.

The DevSkiller platform also makes it simple for non-technical HR professionals and tech recruiters to conduct technical interviews online while helping organizations make bias-free hiring decisions with its accurate and reliable skills tests.

With DevSkiller, you can easily test candidates of different seniority levels, as well as a range of job-specific skills for different developer roles, from tests for software engineers to mobile developers and full-stack developers.

Notable unique features of the DevSkiller platform

Here are some of DevSkiller’s unique features:

  • Available in several different spoken languages

  • Coding exercise migration is possible

  • Candidate scores are calculated and ranked automatically

  • Tasks are ranked by difficulty level, as are candidates’ scores

  • Integrations with several HR tools and applicant tracking systems are available

3. iMocha

screenshot of iMocha homepage


The iMocha platform is powered by artificial intelligence. Live interviewing capabilities, assessments that you can customize, and proctoring features make iMocha a comprehensive and user-friendly technical skills testing platform.

You can use iMocha not only for testing candidates’ skills but also for upskilling existing employees by creating tailor-made training courses that help them develop their weaker skills.

iMocha’s video interviewing options enable hiring managers and recruiters to learn about their candidates’ soft skills.

Its extensive library is impressive, featuring over 2000 skills tests. The platform also offers integrations with a few applicant tracking systems to make applicant monitoring easy.

Notable unique features of the iMocha platform

iMocha has several unique features, including the following:

  • Available in a vast range of spoken languages

  • A dashboard feature that provides an overview of candidates’ scores

  • Effortless exporting of assessment results

  • Adjustment of skills assessments’ difficulties

  • Proctoring and anti-cheating features

4. HackerRank


Noticing whether candidates have plagiarized their code submissions is simple with HackerRank, thanks to its proctoring controls, and there are many more advantages to this platform. 

Unlike Codility, HackerRank offers coding tests of various difficulties. Additionally, every assessment has been validated by studies, as they are also field-tested.

Code submissions take place on an interactive platform that also integrates an interviewer scorecard and enables interviewers to import the code submitted by applicants for separate tasks. Live interviewing is also possible with HackerRank.

Notable unique features of the HackerRank platform

The following features make HackerRank unique:

  • Several applicant tracking system integrations

  • A broad range of coding tests to choose from

  • Automatic scoring of candidates’ tests

  • The option to build your coding tests 

5. CodinGame

screenshot of CodinGame homepage


CodinGame offers recruiters gamified technical candidate screening. Customize your questions effortlessly, and choose from a broad selection of tests for different programming languages.

Candidates will be invited to complete multiple-choice coding questions as well as game-style coding puzzles.

If you’re a non-technical recruiter, CodinGame is one option that makes recruitment simpler, more effective, and fun.

Notable unique features of the CodinGame platform

CodinGame has some unique features that make it stand out:

  • A gamified candidate screening process

  • Available in French and English

  • A selection of detailed coding tests that match real-world coding challenges

  • Video recording options to monitor the length of time candidates take to solve problems

6. TestDome

screenshot of TestDome homepage


TestDome features more than 160 skills tests, all of which can be customized with ease. They also offer a money-back guarantee if you discover any answers to their skills tests online.

One of TestDome’s handy features is its test score automation. You don’t need to calculate scores manually, saving you time and helping you avoid human error when analyzing the performance of your candidates or making a candidate comparison.

Some of the programming languages and framework skills tests available on the TestDome platform include Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and Go, to name a few.

Notable unique features of the TestDome platform

These are some of the unique features of the TestDome platform:

  • In-depth reports that break down the results into each technical skill

  • Plenty of different options for applicant tracking system integrations

  • The ability to make comparisons between your benchmark/reference solution and candidates’ responses

7. HackerEarth


HackerEarth’s huge selection of tools makes candidate assessment for technical roles easy. The platform’s tools, which include coding assessments for screening and a real-time coding editor for interviews, can also facilitate the upskilling of your current software developer employees.

Monitoring your developer candidates’ test results and applications is easy with HackerEarth. Use its integration feature to effortlessly track the results as you receive them.

Create custom questions to thoroughly test your candidates or, as a non-technical recruiter, choose from over 13,000 questions and more than 80 skills tests to assess candidates with ease (even if you have limited knowledge on the subject you’re testing).

Notable unique features of the HackerEarth platform

HackerEarth’s notable features include that it makes it easy to:

  • Share feedback with other recruiters in your organization

  • Integrate the platform and software with applicant tracking systems

  • Assess more than 41 different programming languages

8. Mercer | Mettl

Mercer Mettl

Quality coding evaluation is what you’ll get from the Mercer | Mettl technical skills testing platform. From planning your assessments to screening your candidates and preparing for interviews, Mercer | Mettl is a quality platform that covers all the bases of technical skill evaluation.

Upskilling your organization’s employees is made simple with Mercer | Mettl. Simply use a technical skills test to find out your employees’ weaker skill sets, and use the data to create an in-depth training program that addresses these skills.

Unique to Mettl is their gamified online hackathon that features a leaderboard and can be used by recruiters and hiring managers to create a more engaging onboarding process.

Notable unique features of the Mercer | Mettl platform

Check out some of the unique features of the Mercer | Mettl platform:

  • It’s available in a vast selection of spoken languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese

  • Its proctoring features ensure candidates don’t cheat when completing assessments

  • It includes an option to sort between candidates who have been graded and those who have not

9. Adaface

screenshot of Adaface homepage


From front-end to back-end, mobile to DevOps, databases, and other IT technical skills tests, Adaface offers a broad selection of assessments. The platform features over 40 different skills tests related to programming that help recruiters evaluate more than 700 job-related skills.

Several specific programming skills tests are available on Adaface, including tests for Python, Swift, PHP, JavaScript, Java, and C#. Some of its framework knowledge skills tests include Spring, React, Django, Angular, and HTML/CSS tests.

Notable unique features of the Adaface platform

Here are some of the notable unique features of the Adaface platform:

  • The chatbot feature helps you save time when screening applicants

  • Custom tests are available in addition to Adaface’s 40 different programming tests

  • It includes a recommended pass/fail benchmark and comprehensive reports to facilitate decision making

10. Geektastic


Geektastic provides a technical skills testing platform that facilitates the process of offering feedback and reviews to candidates. Behind Geektastic is a team of expert coders who assess the coding responses provided by candidates line by line.

The platform offers technical tests for programming languages and frameworks, and tracking candidates’ responses is simple with its applicant tracking system integrations.

Notable unique features of the Geektastic platform

The following are some of Geektastic’s special features:

  • A comprehensive code reviewing tool 

  • A simplified feedback process that provides insight into your candidates’ soft skills

  • A peer reviewer option offered by Geektastic

11. Xobin

screenshot of Xobin homepage


The Xobin platform boasts over 500 technical coding assessment questions. It also lets recruiters and hiring managers conduct live video interviews and makes screening automation and shortlisting effortless.

Proctoring is another feature that makes the Xobin skills testing platform ideal for testing candidates. 

You’ll benefit from Xobin’s easy integrations with applicant tracking systems, the over 35,000 unique questions in its question bank, and the ability to create an unlimited number of customized questions to ask your candidates.

Notable unique features of the Xobin platform

Take a look at some of Xobin’s notable advanced features:

  • A built-in applicant tracker to facilitate applicant monitoring

  • Asynchronous video interviewing

  • A feature that lets you randomize your skills testing questions

12. Filtered

screenshot of Filtered.ai homepage


Filtered is a skills testing platform that makes virtual interviewing simple, too. This platform features an anti-cheating/fraud detection option that alerts you if a candidate copies and pastes a response.

Filtered offers video interview options and a vast selection of coding test options, so you can choose the skills you’d like to test and effortlessly evaluate your candidates.

You’ll notice that Filtered can be integrated with many applicant tracking systems, making it easier to monitor candidates’ applications and assess them.

Notable unique features of the Filtered platform

Some of the unique features of Filtered are:

  • Candidate authentication features via GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab, meaning candidates have to log into these accounts before completing a test

  • Tools and reports that indicate skills gaps within your organization

  • Available in English, Chinese, and Spanish

13. Byteboard

screenshot of Byteboard homepage


As a skills testing and interview platform all in one, Byteboard makes it simple to assess technical candidates’ skills.

One of the advantages of this platform is that it’s monitored by experts in the software development field. The range of areas it assesses includes front-end, software, mobile, data, and site reliability engineering skills.

Use Byteboard with applicant tracking systems, and select from programming language skills tests, such as PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, C++, Go, C#, and JavaScript (Node.js) tests.  

You’ll have access to skills test reports and interview evaluation data related to your candidates’ applications, making it simpler for you to evaluate and make decisions.

Notable unique features of the Byteboard platform

Here are some of the notable features of the Byteboard skills testing platform:

  • Skills profiles for every candidate who completes a skills test

  • A selection of calibrated questions that are created with a comprehensive development process and are user tested

  • Accurate and handy recommendations that consider your organization’s values

Choose a reliable Codility alternative to hire the right developers for your team

As you can see, there is a broad range of Codility alternatives to choose from! While this might mean that you’ve got a difficult choice to make, keep in mind that some of the ideal features of a technical skills testing platform are:

  • Anti-cheating or proctoring features

  • Applicant tracking system integrations

  • Live or asynchronous video interviewing capabilities

  • A large selection of technical skills tests

  • Customizable tests to match your brand

  • Custom coding questions 

Look out for these features in your technical skills testing platform. The Codility alternatives listed above will help you narrow down your choices, and you’ll find the right skills testing platform for your tech hiring requirements. 

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